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Request: Commode and Wheelchair (Hougang) - Dear Freecyclers May I have your recommendation and advice please? My mother in law suddenly could not walk yesterday due to severe pain and cartilage worn out on her knee joints. She is due for an operation on 21 April. May I have your advise where could I borrow a commode and a wheelchair for her please? Thank you very much! Thank you for reading. Have a great day! Offer: IKEA Shelf/Storage Unit (Hougang) Gifted - Preloved KALLAX Shelf/Storage unit in white to offer. Condition: 7/10 Width: 30 3/8 " (77 cm) Depth: 15 3/8 " (39 cm) Height: 57 7/8 " (147 cm) Collection only on weekdays evening/night. Request: Interior wall paint (Hougang) Received - Hi Freecyclers, if anyone has any left over orderless interior wall paint (any neutral or light colours) to let go, I would love to have it please. Thank you! Offer: Kitchen Items (Hougang) Gifted - Some glassware, ceramic and porcelain plates/bowls, glass casserole, claypot, glasses to give away. Offer: Children Toys and Books (Hougang) - Two bags of assorted toys and books to give away for any one who needs it. Suitable for toddler. Offer: Various Items (Hougang) - Have many items to offer as decluttering for CNY. Kitchen items like juicer, tall glasses, grater, big sieve for washing vegetables/fruits at basin and baking items and more Clothes for ladies, men's and children. Bed linens for children Big Bath Sheets/towels Children toys and games Will be more to go to come as I'm still packing and no photos, sorry. Most items are in very good condition and a few not for fussy. All to donate to one person and could collect earliest at my convenience. Offer: Various Items (Hougang) Gifted - 2 huge bags of various items to offer. Kids toys, sand toys, kids cutleries, ladies clothes size S and kids clothes and costume play for 3-10 years old. Offer: Assorted Items (Hougang) Gifted - 2 huge bags of various items to offer. Kids toys, sand toys, kids cutleries, ladies clothes size S and kids clothes and costume play for 3-10 years old. Offer: Recipes and Health Books (Hougang) Gifted - One bag of recipe books, health And body books and two literature books. Will donate to library if no one takes by this weekend. Offer: Girls Clothes and Shoes (Hougang) Gifted - Suitable for 5 to 10 years old Offer: Kitchen Household Items (Hougang) Gifted - 2 small Endo stainless steel 18/10 saucepan of 18 cm in diameter, need some cleaning/descaling before use, can be used for induction cooker or stove. New baby blue/white dish tray 1 fibre glass serving tray made in France 2 serving tray in brown woven pvc leather, slight peeling New and used kids plate of various sizes Ceramic/clay double boiler for tonic soup 3 wine glasses All in good condition and some new. All to one person, to be collected by this weekend if not will go Salvation Army. Offer: Ladies Clothes (Hougang) Gifted - Repost as an offeree MIAed. Ladies Clothes (XS to L). Has repacked into few bags to offer 3 people. XS to S (3 big bags) M (2 big bags) L (1 big bag) Offer: Stainless Steel Items (Hougang) Gifted - Re-offer as too many. Stainless steel small/mini round food or snack storage containers with covers - around 7-8 pcs Stainless steel deep cooking pots with cover - 2 pcs of different size A heavy duty plastic bluish green dish rack/strainer for use in sink. All in good condition, some quite new. Offer: Ladies Clothes (Hougang) Gifted - A box of ladies clothes (size S to L) from very reputable good brands, generally in very good condition but some not for fussy. Has some assorted girls and kitchen items too. Offer: Clothing (Hougang) Gifted - Ladies S to L Mens M to L Offer: Toys and Floor Puzzles (Hougang) Gifted - Assorted toddler toys and floor puzzles. Offer: Bedding and Bed Linen (Hougang) Gifted - 2 sets of bed linen (sheets and pillow cases) for single mattress 4 cot sheets Baby cot blanket Offer: Girls Clothing (Hougang) Gifted - 6 to 10 years old Offer: Girls Clothing (Hougang) Gifted - Newborn to 3 years old Offer: Bedsheets (Hougang) Gifted - Single bedsheet set and cot sheets In good condition. Offer: Goodbaby Playpen (Hougang) Gifted - Goodbaby playpen good condition Offer: Toys (Hougang) Gifted - Soft toys, Barbie dolls, word puzzles for toddlers. Offer: Solid Wood Baby Cot (Hougang) - Solid Wood Baby Cot Offer: Ladies Fashion (Hougang) Gifted - Big bag of ladies clothes size large, belts and necklaces. Some clothes are still brand new with tags on. All very good to excellent condition (for new ones). Offer: Household and Kitchen Items (Hougang) Gifted - Big bag of assorted household and kitchen items. Some/mostly are new/unused. All in good condition. Some are reoffered items. Includes dinnerware, hot flask, new tumblers, new silicon moulds, new teapot, new fork spoon and more. Priority to earliest collector. Thank you Request: Used Bath Towels (Hougang) Received - Hi, does anyone has used bath towels which you wish to let go/throw? Would love to take over and could collect around northeast location. Thank you. Offer: Boys and Girls Clothes (Hougang) Gifted - On behalf. One big bag of boys clothes and some girls clothes Boys clothes good for 4-5 years old Girls clothes good for 6-7 years old Offer: Children and Adult Books (Hougang) Gifted - Two bags of children books and adult books to give away. Children books include English and Chinese story books suitable for primary one onwards Adult books include recipe book. Not for fussy as these are hande downs and some has aged spots. Offer: Built in Oven (Hougang) Gifted - Cuizino Built in Oven. Used and tripped whole house twice. Oven has been cleaned. Physical condition 8/10. Do reply if any one would find it useful or willing to send for repair and use. If no taker, will send to Mr Bin by this Friday. Thank you. Request: Oven (Hougang) - Dear Freecyclers Does anyone has a working oven for baking use to bless please? Would love to take over as my oven has spolit. Thank you