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Offer: Girls/women quality shoes s 39/6 (Se17/SE11 borders) Gifted - Black leather handmade worn but vgc.style would suit child/teen or young at heart grownup. Size 39 eur or 6 uk. Quite comfortable.need to go quickly .collect anytime contact free from safe outdoor area. Please give time you want to collect and a contact number..mine is 07422979816
Photo of free Girls/women quality shoes s 39/6 (Se17/SE11 borders)
Offer: Pair cushion covers 45 x 45 cm (Se17/SE11 borders) - Brand new still in wrappers zipped standard size .plain and simple easily cleaned maybe for garden conservatory or assisted living home. Unwanted gift as we dont use cushions my partner moaning too much stuff in house and they are too good to bin. Collect anytime contact free please give contact number and time you want to come. Or contact 07422979816 anytime
Photo of free Pair cushion covers 45 x 45 cm (Se17/SE11 borders)
Photo of free Pair cushion covers 45 x 45 cm (Se17/SE11 borders)
Photo of free Pair cushion covers 45 x 45 cm (Se17/SE11 borders)
Request: Womens clothes approx size 10/12 (SE17) - Needed for person with no income early retired just been given a room and struggling to get essentials items and nothing summery prefer covered items long trousers. Maxi dresses eg. Must be suitable for age 40+ Can collect within 3 mile radius from elephant and castle on foot as used to long walks. Happy to collect single items as every little helps.for own use only .contact me anytime on 07422979816 if you want to rehome anything thanks Offer: 2 ,girls white school shirts age15 (SE11) - Overall good condition still got all buttons, long sleeved , non iron easy care worn by size 12 adult female as weekend job uniform now surplus as job gone for good.. collect anytime contact free from our safe outdoor space. Smoke and petfree home. Quick collection and local collectors preferred.contact 07422979816 anytime Request: Womens clothes approx size 10/12 (SE17) - Needed for person with no income to buy anything. Please no sleepwear, no beach/holiday items and nothing skimpy.prefer smartish covered items long trousers. Maxi dresses eg. Can collect within 3 mile radius from elephant and castle on foot as used to long walks. Happy to collect single items as every little helps.for own use only .contact me anytime on 07422979816 if you want to rehome anything thanks Offer: Ladies clothing items (SE11) Gifted - All used but ok condition gym trousers , tee, several jumpers fit size 14approx ineed to get rid of and charity shops closed far too good for the bin. I deal for someone who needs clothes to wear at home . Contact free collection from our private outdoor space please contact 07422979816 ,if interested Request: Set of 3 or more mugs (SE11) - As long as they look 3the same everything else not important.I had abeautiful set of 3 blue ones the only nice thing I own and one ow lost its handle .I am not a clumsy person someone dipped it in oily sauce and it slipped off a surface. I really want a set of 3 to be proud of again .can collect from anywhere within 3 km radius from elephant and castle as no cash for transport. Hope someo e can help thanks 07422979816 Request: Mens shoes black size10 ,or around (SE11) - My partner needs work shoes he paying off important bills so canmot afford a pair.I work part time right now and have health costs so cannot help either. If anyone has spare pair please contact me on 07422979816 can collect most times thanks Request: Mens outdoor warm jacket size m/l f (SE11) - Looking for a good condition mens warm outdoor jacket prefer parka or puffa style size m or l.for a relative . contact 07422979816 thanks Request: Unwanted. calender or diary 2020 (SE11) Received - Any size type. I am self employed for different clients and I need one to write the different clients and jobs in for every day to avoid double booking and know when available when work comes in. Right now I barely earn enough to cover bills so every little helps. Contact 07422979816 can collect most times elephant and castle Request: Working vacuum cleaner (SE11) Received - Needed for low income household needs to be working properly .head of household saving up for super expensive one all we have is pan and brush.I suffer from a chest complaint that is getting worse from dusty flat already had to give up one of my jobs .I need a vacuum cleaner or I will never improve .can collect anytime please contact 07422979816 thanks Request: Mens black shoes size10 (SE11) - Need fir a family member as work shoes theirs are falling apart and not much money in the house right now if anyone can help let me know cam collect most timesany offer appreciated thanks 07422979816 Offer: Smart ladies autunm coat black size (SE11) - Originally m & s bought at a charity shop ,A line 3/4 length a very generous size 10 well used but still lots life left. Machine washable al buttons there.side pockets would go as maternity wear as smock style with fitted bit ending above waist. Needs to go asap.contact 07422979816 anytime Offer: Zwomens dresses must go asap size 1 (SE11) - Perfect condition I short sleeved smart bodycon from select and o e sleeveless navy blue very smart. To fit size 10/12 hardly worn and washed. Current owner u able to wear them anymoredue to. Change in health and appearance. These are short dresses end above the knee collect anytime please contact 07422979816 Offer: Small thick wooly rug 90 x 60 cm (SE11) Gifted - Very good condition From smoke and petfree home but might need vacuuming our home is currently coping without a hoover. Quite heavy material great quality old fashioned little thing maybe suitable for garden shed or hallway. Want it gone asap can be collected anytime contact 07422979816.
Photo of free Small thick wooly rug 90 x 60 cm (SE11)
Request: Clothes rail or small wardrobe asap (SE17) Received - For person with developmental disability whose wardrobe just collapsed and whose hoiusing provider wants to refer her into care if the bags of clothes dont get sorted.no income at moment cannot buy anything if anyone can help any help appreciated call 07422979816 anytime Offer: Beautiful uniqlo autumn smart blaze (Nr elephant lnd castle) Gifted - Size xs to fit size 8/10. Dark grey woolen mix in perfect condition quality item as too small for large built current owner.beautiful garment worth a lot .needs to go asap as current owner has far too many clothes as lacks insight due to disabilities ,live in landlord wants clutter gone or she will go into. Care. She wants her stuff gone but charity shops often bin out of season stock and this blazer too good for the bin. Collect anytime contact 07422979816 thanks
Photo of free Beautiful uniqlo autumn smart blaze (Nr elephant lnd castle)
Offer: vax bagless hoover works ok (SE11) Gifted - 2000 watt, small cute model, I works but works a bit slow sometimes. I have a new one comjng this one must go this weekend pls send sms to 07422979816 thanks Request: Proper kitchen bin (Elephant and Castle) Received - Desperately needed for low income working home, at the moment we only have a small cracked scratched plastic one that come from a student squat, its ugly and cannot be cleaned properly so still smells from the previous home, cannot afford to buy a new one. Not fussy about colour, size or make but must be in good condition and clean. Can collect from anywhere within the London area, contact 07422979816 if you can help Request: Mini cooker /oven (Elephant and Castle) Received - Desperately needed as I have to have freshly cooked nutritious meals, I am on a lot fo supplements due to poor diet. At my current flat there is only a small faulty microwave and a camping stove I cannot afford to buy a cooker as no regular job at the moment and my savings went on keeping the lease as owner not paying their bills. /If full size electric cooker only close to SE17/SE11 as no budget for delivery. Can collect portable one myself but MUST be clean, can collect most times. contact 07422979816 thanks. Request: Double Duvet with no ttea/coff (Elephant and Castle) Received - Need double Duvet preferably 13.5 tog or more machine washable with no tea/coffee stains. Our one has these stains I cannot get them cleaned my partner wants it gone. We are both in low paid temp work right now and struggling to afford basic groceries. The house is freezing I have medical problem that makes me feel the cold more so a blanket won't do. Can collect anytime best to sms me on 07422979816 Offer: Skechers ladies shape up trainers to fit (SE11 4) Gifted - black in colour good condition. Was given tehm as a gift as could not afford to buy winter footwear but these are actually designed to make walking more effort. My job is 1.5 km from station up hill and I ariive exhausted. they are not for everyday wear . need to go asap 2 mins Kennington stn collect anytime phone 07422 979816 Offer: Cover for Ikea Lycksele sofabed white (SE11 4) Gifted - White plainn cover for IKEA Lycksele sofabed, quite discoloured and needs a good clean. this was the cover that our secondhand Lycksele came with but we got a new dark velvet cover now which is far more practical. if anyone can use it please contact me on 07422979816. its quite light to carry. 2 mins Kennington stn quick collection preferred Request: Bag of Girls/young womans clothes (Elephant and Castle/can travelanywhere) - for a young lady who is struggling to built up her life again after losses and homelessness and ill health (working part time and making do with very little no benefits) am in dire need of casual type clothes, in good condition size 10/12 also would love some seasonal footwear (size 6)can collect from anywhere within greater London as I have travelcard anyway. if you are moving room/house or got some gifts that dont fit please let me know and if you can help at all please contact 07422979816 anytime I can come at very short notice thanks in advance hope to hear soon Request: Used online shopping packaging (Nr Newington Butts) - Need to end away most of my belongings one by one the packing costs are unmanageable please if anyone has used mailbags don't have to be padded or these online shopping bags especially bigger sizes please let me know can collect anytime it would be a huge help contact 07422979816 if you got any even a few accepted thanks in advance and Happy New Year Offer: Womens bootcut jeans nice light blue to (Nr Newington Butts) - got a lovely pair of jeans as a gift they look as new but I don't wear bootcuts at all , nice mid blue mid low rise to fit a 10 quick collection preferred I am around all day today mail me or contact 07422979816 no technology for piccies sorry. contact 07422979816 collect anytime Request: Winter type duvet dooublre or kingsize (Nr South Nank) Received - Need a winter quality (13.5 tog or even thicker) as all I have got is a thin summery one and the house is freezing I wake up at night feeling cold.... iprefer a double but kingsize also ok no singles please can collect most times travel not a problem . it needs to be clean and not need laundering as do not have the resources for this. please contact 07422979816 as I have no home Internet access Happy new year and hope to hear soon. Offer: BRAUN kettle faulty switch otheriwise gr (SE11) Gifted - BRAUN jugkettle white clean was working fine until recently the switch clicked. it can be repaired easily instructions online but as I have developmental disabilitiies i cannot do it and got a new one .this one cluttering up the flat needs to go , too good for the bin. its an australian model so needs a plug adapter (was expensive).which I will supply quick collection . Sorry but we are a busy household and cannot meet collectors at stations or make any special arrangement for them, you must be able to come to our address to collect and provide a mobile number please contact07422979816 Request: Black /dark tops and jumpers (Elephant and Castle) - hi, I am doing some events work and its outdoors or in old warehouses and frrrreezing! We have to layer up uniform rule only dark plain colours black is best or dark grey, I don't have much of those and the work is part time so my entire pay goes on rent, travel and basic food. anyone of you has any items it will be huge help. Can collect travel no problem single items welcome! I am medium sized but smaller also ok as don't want them too baggy . Am 170 tall, 68 kgs pretty common size. collect most times. contact 07422979816 Request: Working mobile phone with ok battery (Nr South Bank) Received - looking for old working mobile phone the simpler the better. For person with neuro disability currently struggling with a very faulty vintage smartphone with constantly flat battery which seizes when receiving calls or calls numbers at random when moved while on which is embarrassing.. Must have working battery and not be registered to a network as this incurs high call costs recipient living on very little , on special tariff with EE .can collect most times, contact 07422979816.