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Offer: Ticket Fordham/New Haven (10471) - My dad didn’t use this metro north train ticket for SENIORS between Fordham and New Haven. It is worth $7 and expires 3/17/20. I’m happy to mail it to you.
Offer: Bus ticket from Newark airport (10471) Gifted - My father did not use his Bus ticket from Newark Airport to port authority NYC. it’s good until Feb 21 2030. It’s worth $30. I can mail it to you if you want it.
Offer: Old manual Argus camera (10471) Gifted - I know nothing about the camera. It’s fairly clean inside and out. Parts may be missing. I have no idea if this works.
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Offer: Weaning storybooks for toddlers (10471) Gifted - Three story books for toddlers featuring kids who are weaning from nursing: --- "Loving Comfort: A toddler weaning story" --- "Nursies when the sun shines" --- "Sally Weans from Night Nursing" All three are softcover. I would be happy to mail these to you if that's easiest. Offer: Children's books in Korean (10471) Gifted - 15 children's books and workbooks in Korean. Pick up in Riverdale. Last stop on 1 train. Offer: Children's books in Korean (10011) Gifted - a bakers dozen of children's books and workbooks in Korean, left by a Korean school in Manhattan. Pick up next week during school hours in Chelsea. Request: white noise machine? (10011) Received - Anyone have a white noise machine to give away? Offer: 100 back issues Adbuster's (10011) Gifted - Most of you don't know what I'm talking about. But one of you is keenly interested! I have almost every issue of Adbuster's magazine, from inception up to about 3 years ago, to give away. I'm guessing about 100 issues. These are in good shape, if dusty. No rush to pick up, and you can collect in stages if you don't have a vehicle. Pick up in Chelsea. Offer: 20 years of Adbusters magazine (10011) Gifted - Most of you have no idea what I'm talking about. But one of you is keenly interested. I have nearly every edition of the print version of Adbuster's magazine from its inception, up to about 3 years ago. This amounts to about 100 magazines. Maybe more. Two heavy crates worth. No rush in pick up, and if they are too heavy to take in one shot, we can arrange multiple pick up times. Offer: wine mailer boxes (Riverdale - 10471) Gifted - I have 6 used wine mailer boxes to offer. These are of Australian manufacture. The older ones are styrofoam; the newer ones are cardboard. Each has worked to successfully mail a bottle of wine from Australia to the USA. Not any of them has been damaged in transit. These are built to withstand the Postal system. But maybe you just need them to move your wine into your new apartment? I can also give them to you from Chelsea, where I work. Offer: Crib / toddler bed (Riverdale - 10471) Gifted - Million Dollar Baby manufacture, dark, solid wood crib (two levels) converts to toddler bed. We have all parts, hardware, and instructions. We got this through freecycle 3 years ago. It had been already used by 3 children, and ours added a 4th usage. The crib is still in solid shape, and good for a few more children! We gave away the mattress, so you'll need to purchase your own. The crib is in pieces; you'll need a car to pick up.
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Offer: used bubble mailers (Riverdale - 10471) Gifted - approximately 20 used bubble mailers of various sizes. two possible pick up sites: Riverdale or Chelsea.
Offer: light maple toddler bed (Riverdale - 10471) Gifted - light maple solid wood toddler bed comes with mattress and waterproof mattress cover. Originally got this through freecycle. Now our girl has outgrown it. Very nice bed. Bed is currently disassembled, but we have all parts, hardware, and instructions. You'll need a car for pick up.
Offer: ketchup/sweetener/butter packets (Chelsea - 10011) - Leftover from a teacher workshop, ~500 ketchup packets, 50 butter packets, 200 sweetener packets, 100 pepper packets (sorry no salt), and some plastic knives, stirrers, and tongs for serving. Also about 5 very large unused aluminum roasting pans, fine for roasting food.
Offer: Giant glass science beakers (Bronx - 10471) Gifted - These glass beakers are heavy, huge and seamless: great for making terrariums! I am offering two that are 12" X 12" and one that is 18" X 6". These are beautiful, but not for a home with small children; these are NOT made of safety glass. When they break, they shatter into a million razor-sharp shards. You'll need a car for transport; not good on the subway. We are in the Bronx (10471).
Offer: old fashioned jelly strainer (Bronx - 10471) Gifted - Aluminum jelly strainer with fitted wooden pestle. no stand. see photos. I'm located one block from the last stop on the 1 train in the Bronx, about 40 minutes from Times Square.
Offer: double cooking mixer blade (Bronx - 10471) - I don't know the brand this attaches to, but someone out there will know. See the photo. It's a sturdy double blade electric mixer attachment. I hate to just recycle it. I'm happy to mail it to you, if you want it.
Offer: Antique Hamilton Beach hand mixer (Bronx - 10471) - This beautiful tiny Hamilton Beach "Mixette" mixer probably needs a cord replacement, and certainly needs two mixing blades, which might be standard (?). If you're an aficionado for early modern housewares, this sweet thing is for you! I'm at the last stop on the 1 train in the Bronx, about 40 minutes from Times Square. I'd also mail it to you, if you're keen.
Offer: Singer sewing machine model 7174 (Bronx - 10471) Gifted - This Italian-made Singer sewing machine was designed for NYC public school students to learn on, so its basic, and heavy duty. I know it works bc I've used it. However, the power cord is missing, and I cannot locate a replacement on line. I've included photos of the plug into which the cord attaches. It is a special 4-prong cord, rather than the standard 3 prong we're familiar with. Also, the bobbin holder is missing, but I'm sure that is standard, bc I've used a standard bobbin in it. I'm one block from the last stop on the 1 train - about 40 minutes from Times Square.
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Offer: packing boxes (10471) Gifted - about 20 moving / packing boxes, medium and large, in clean condition, from pet- and smoke- and bug-free home. some bubble wrap as well. Offer: bubble wrap (Chelsea 10011) Gifted - 55 gallon bag of clean bubble wrap. Available until 6/26 only
Request: Yogurt maker (Bronx 10471) Received - Looking to try making yogurt. Would like to try a yogurt maker. If yours isn't getting any action, maybe consider giving it to me? :) Offer: individually packaged creamers & butters (Chelsea, NYC 10011) Gifted - Left over from an event, these individually packed ultra pasteurized creamers & butter tubs (about 50 of each approximately) have been refrigerated continuously, and are looking for consumption. Pick up in Chelsea any morning between 9:15 and noon weekdays. Please note: the butters are in a pretzel bag, just to not waste another baggie.
Offer: 2 lg bags bubble wrap (Chelsea, NYC 10011) Gifted - 2 huge bags of sturdy bubble wrap
Offer: Deco standing lamp - not working (Riverdale, NYC 10471) Gifted - This beautiful lamp is for parts, stage, or restoration only. It has zero electrical wiring or parts. Before I recycle it, I am wondering if anyone in the freecycle community is interested? It has capacity to support two bulbs.
Offer: 20" range (stove / oven) (Riverdale, NYC 10471) - Three year old range (stove top & oven combined) works perfectly. We renovated and got a larger one. Brand is unknown (but we do have the booklet in a file somewhere for you). Pick up is from an elevator building. Best would be this weekend, but we can arrange another pick up date as long as its soon. You need a van or truck to move, and you need the human power to haul. Offer: refrigerator - 3 years old (Riverdale, NYC 10471) - We've renovated our kitchen and gotten a larger fridge. This is a inexpensive brand (no idea what it is) but its not given us any trouble since we moved in 3 years ago. It came fairly new with the apartment. It works perfectly. We're in an elevator building, but you need to move it into a truck or van yourself. This weekend would be great for pick up, but we can discuss other days as well, as long as pick up is soon. Offer: baby grand piano (Chelsea, NYC 10011) - Used baby grand piano (Wm. Knabe Baltimore) in need of a little TLC. Free to whomever wants to come, disassemble (piano is at end of narrow school hallway), and haul away. Located at 333 W. 17th st, between 8th and 9th aves. first floor. Please contact anothna@nyclabschool.org or this TrashNothing contact. Request: Baby gates (WestChester, Bronx or Manhattan) Received - Need 2 baby gates to secure a courtyard and upper deck. Thanks! Offer: Curb alert: small safe! (Greene & Broome in lower Manhattan) Gifted - This is in the trash! The keys are inside. I image pick up will be Saturday early AM.