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Free: Lock sets (Countryside) - Two sets of handsets and deadbolts. One of the handsets is not keyed alike and I don’t have the key for it
Photo of free Lock sets (Countryside)
Photo of free Lock sets (Countryside)
Free: Novelty Reindeer (Countryside) Gifted - Battery powered reindeer will dance to and sing “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer”. Grandma not amused! Still works but leans to the right and circles to the right when walking. I think stuck in storage too long. Free to good home. Batteries not included.
Photo of free Novelty Reindeer (Countryside)
Free: Collagen supplements (Countryside) Expired - A tube you mix with water. 20 left Couldn’t get used to the taste
Photo of free Collagen supplements (Countryside)
Free: Gift card (Countryside) Gifted - This is for a vendor on Amazon. They make bedding type things.
Photo of free Gift card (Countryside)
Free: Going keyboard stand (Countryside) Gifted - State window of time you can pick up please
Photo of free Going keyboard stand (Countryside)
Free: Small drone (Countryside) Gifted - Missing some trim pieces but works. Has rechargeable batteries, and I was able to get one charged and it flew
Photo of free Small drone (Countryside)
Free: Light fixture (Countryside) Gifted - Works fine, just dusty.
Photo of free Light fixture (Countryside)
Free: Candelabra standard and CFL bulbs (Countryside) Gifted - These have the smaller base for use in candelabra style light fixtures. But some standard incandescent and Compact fluorescent bulbs. Some candle tip shape and some round. All working when pulled. We don't have anything that needs this size anymore. Free: Compact Flourescent Bulbs (Countryside) Gifted - 9 various light bulbs, 60 - 100 watt equivalents. Working. We just replaced the last of ours with LEDs. Standard size base Free: Disney bookends (Countryside) Expired - One needs some super glue work though
Photo of free Disney bookends (Countryside)
Photo of free Disney bookends (Countryside)
Free: Rubber band loom supplies (Countryside) Gifted - Is this still a thing? A bunch of already created pieces, some extra bands and books. No loom though
Photo of free Rubber band loom supplies (Countryside)
Photo of free Rubber band loom supplies (Countryside)
Free: Sony mega CD player (Countryside) Gifted - No remote. Worked last time I used it but just gathering dust now
Photo of free Sony mega CD player (Countryside)
Free: Denon receiver (Countryside) Gifted - Network connection does not work. No remote nor power cord
Photo of free Denon receiver (Countryside)
Free: Teeter Hangups (Countryside) Gifted - Works fine, I just don’t use it anymore Let me know what day you can pick up please.
Photo of free Teeter Hangups (Countryside)
Free: Office chair (Countryside) Gifted - It sits, rolls and goes up and down - basics are good A little worn though. Recovered arm rests can be replaced. A small tear in the seat area.
Photo of free Office chair (Countryside)
Free: Asus Chromebook (Countryside) Gifted - Please read completely So this works at times but I’ve had repeated times where it won’t boot and I’ve had to reinstall the os. I’m guessing the flash memory might have issues. So knowing the issues, if you’re ok with that, please put “as is” somewhere in your reply with a day you can come by to pick it up this weekend. Thanks
Photo of free Asus Chromebook (Countryside)
Free: Flower seeds (Countryside) Gifted - Old seed packs. Not sure they are still viable or not. Let me know what day you could come by for pickup please.
Photo of free Flower seeds (Countryside)
Free: Rotisserie parts (Countryside) Expired - Motor and other parts from a Farberware rotisserie were no longer have.
Photo of free Rotisserie parts (Countryside)
Free: Extra large shredder (Countryside) Gifted - Works. Dusty as we kept it in the garage
Photo of free Extra large shredder (Countryside)
Photo of free Extra large shredder (Countryside)
Free: Large box for playhouse (Countryside) Gifted - Got a new grill and box is designed to be turned inside out for a playhouse. Let me know if you would like this before I recycle it.
Photo of free Large box for playhouse (Countryside)
Photo of free Large box for playhouse (Countryside)
Free: Bankers boxes (Countryside) Gifted - Good shape
Photo of free Bankers boxes (Countryside)
Free: Stapler (Countryside) Expired - Doesn’t work anymore but in case you need this for parts. The pawls that lift the spring don’t engage.
Photo of free Stapler (Countryside)
Free: Glass jars (Countryside) Gifted - All are 24 oz size, from sauce and peaches mostly. Some official Mason jars. Otherwise headed to recycle
Photo of free Glass jars (Countryside)
Free: Insulated shipping box (Countryside) Expired - Styrofoam cooler in a box if anyone needs it? From honey baked ham we received. Clean
Photo of free Insulated shipping box (Countryside)
Free: Old computer stuff (Countryside) Gifted - Old routers, network cards and cables, even an old laptop.
Photo of free Old computer stuff (Countryside)
Free: Old queen mattress (Countryside) Expired - Not sure if these are popular as used items. Pretty old but overall good shape. Non smoking pet free home. Otherwise going out with trash this week.
Photo of free Old queen mattress (Countryside)
Free: APC ups (Countryside) Expired - Work was getting rid of these and I won’t need all. I have already taken out battery for recycling but I can show you the battery I ordered as replacement.
Photo of free APC ups (Countryside)
Free: 4 flower pots (Countryside) Expired - One is losing some of its glaze. 6” diameter
Photo of free 4 flower pots (Countryside)
Free: Desk or (Countryside) Gifted - Not exactly sure which way to categorize. Refinished by others earlier but does have some laminate (on side) coming loose now
Photo of free Desk or (Countryside)
Free: Pressure washer (Countryside) Gifted - Works, but kind of surges.
Photo of free Pressure washer (Countryside)