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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Windows XP Operating System CD (Belmont) Gifted - Anyone have any use for this? Request: 25 Watt Yellow Light Bulbs (Belmont) Received - Looking for the transparent "party light" bulbs in yellow. Thank you! Request: Scanner (Belmont) Received - Looking for Scanner for local police, fire, rescue, etc. Thanks! Offer: 40+ Bubblewrap Padded Envelopes (Belmont) Gifted - Used, but clean and dry. Various Sizes. Offer: Aircraft & AM Bands Radio (Belmont) Gifted - Realistic Model 12-601 1980's. Needs 9 volt Battery. Top of antenna broken off. Tested and received an AM station. VHF likely works too.
Photo of free Aircraft & AM Bands Radio (Belmont)
Offer: Children's Magazines (Belmont) Gifted - #5 Odyssey Magazine #2 National Geographic Kids very good condition Request: Plant Paradox Cookbooks (Belmont) Withdrawn - Looking for any of the Plant paradox Cookbooks by Steven Gundry. Thank you! Offer: NASCAR Illustrated (Belmont) Gifted - about 28 issues from 2005-2007. Most in excellent condition.
Photo of free NASCAR Illustrated (Belmont)
Offer: Messanger Bag, Black C4K Logo (Belmont) Gifted - Good condition, clean. Used inside hanging up to store papers.
Photo of free Messanger Bag, Black C4K Logo (Belmont)
Offer: Watches (Belmont) Gifted - 12 inexpensive watches, some never used, all need new batteries, one has a broken band. Also a digital lap timer and a couple of extra bands. Including a photo.
Photo of free Watches (Belmont)
Offer: Space Shuttle Toy and Track (Belmont) Gifted - Battery powered space shuttle runs on track. New condition still in some of its packaging.
Photo of free Space Shuttle Toy and Track (Belmont)
Offer: Keys (Belmont) Gifted - 10 metal keys on a split ring. Meadowbrook Hardware employees gave to my son to play with when he was little. Makes a great toy. Offer: Wooden Musket (Belmont) Expired - Wooden Musket, was a toy but may be useful as a theater or other costume prop. It's a light weight solid piece of wood with no moving parts, no metal parts. About 4 feet long.
Photo of free Wooden Musket (Belmont)
Offer: Purchased VHS Movies (Belmont) Gifted - Approx 50 new condition purchased VHS Movies. Photo is of about half of them, to give an idea of the type of titles. (Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, The Third Man, Bridges of Madison County, Forrest Gump, etc. etc.) Qyo3w
Photo of free Purchased VHS Movies (Belmont)
Offer: City Leaf Bag filled with Packing Paper Gifted - Clean and dry. In Belmont. Offer: Metal Gift Box of Crayons New (Belmont) Gifted - Never Used, 2 boxes of crayola crayons in decorative gift box.
Photo of free Metal Gift Box of Crayons New (Belmont)
Photo of free Metal Gift Box of Crayons New (Belmont)
Request: Blank CD's (Not DVD's please) Received - Also looking for CD cases. Thank you! Offer: New Resmed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows (Belmont) Gifted - 1 is Size Medium, 1 is Size -XSmall
Photo of free New Resmed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows (Belmont)
Offer: CPAP Resmed Mirage Quattro Masks (Belmont) Gifted - 1 is size small,1 is size med.
Photo of free CPAP Resmed Mirage Quattro Masks (Belmont)
Request: City Leaf Bags Received - Looking for unused City Leaf Bags. I don’t think the City is distributing them this year. If you have some unused from prior years, I’d love to have them. Thank you, Annette Offer: HP Ear buds Gifted - Black in-ear ear buds with inline volume control, foam covers. They work. Similar to this: In Belmont. Offer: Quantum Leap Pad with 4 modules approx 3rd - 5th grade Gifted - Like this: Worked when last used. Modules are Solar System, Math, Science, and Math/History/Geography/Science/Language Arts Sample/Combo Module. In Belmont. Offer: Nature's Answer Female Complex 800mg blend Gifted - Unopened, Exp 2/23. Received as a free bonus with a vitamin order. In Belmont. Offer: 7 cardboard Egg Cartons Expired - Contained organic eggs. In Belmont. Offer: Trick Pen Expired - Looks like a ball point pen, but when you click the top you get a mild shock. Tested it and it works! In Belmont. Offer: Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit Gifted - This: Probably never used, has supply of paper blanks for folding. In Belmont. Offer: Cartoon Drawing Kit Gifted - This: Some supplies used. Remaining a couple of pencils, some tracing paper, book, and guides to trace. In Belmont Offer: TechLink Walkie Talkies for Kids - Please Read Gifted - Worked well when last used, but unsure if they still work. Need new batteries. They have separate mics attached to the walkie talkies with a coil of wire, like officials used to wear the mics clipped to their collars. Back to battery compartment on one of them is missing, black electrical tape holds the batteries in. In Belmont. Offer: Vintage Stacraft Battle Chest Game Gifted - Looks like this: Contains 3 CD’s and 3 books. Box is beat up and torn. We received from another Freecycler years ago and never used. In Belmont. Offer: Hot Wings Airplane Drawing Kit Gifted - Tracing paper and 2 of the colored pencils missing. Plenty of drawing paper left, and the book is intact. In Belmont.