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Offer: egg cartons (Clintonville area) - I have about half a dozen Styrofoam egg cartons. Who might use them? Offer: 3-ring binders (Clintonville area) - I have about a dozen 3-ring binders in various colors. All in good condition. Offer: gallon jugs (Clintonville area) - I have about a dozen clean plastic gallon water jugs. I hate to put them in recycling if someone can use them. Request: power mobility chair (Bexley area) Received - Need a power mobility chair to an obese woman just recently diagnosed with spine issue. She does not qualify for Medicaid and has no insurance. The need is urgent. Offer: Plastic jugs (Clintonville area) - Anyone have use for one-gallon plastic water jugs. We get them with distilled water and I hate to fill up the recycle bin with them if someone could use them. They are clean. I have at least ten at this point. We get them every couple of weeks. Request: baby stroller (Clintonville area) - I want a baby stroller for my great-granddaughter so that when I babysit for her at my house I can take her outside. Request: baby stroller (Clintonville area) - Need a stroller for my 4-month old great-granddaughter. If your kids have outgrown their stroller could we give it extended life? Offer: styrofoam egg cartons (Clintonville area) - I have a foot high stack of Styrofoam egg cartons. Since Cols. doesn't recycle Styrofoam I'm hoping to find someone who can use them for something. You could start your vegetable/flower seeds in them!