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Offer: Farmer's Dog Dog Food 12 packets (6 turkey, 6 beef) - I am going to lose money on this but I don't want it to go to waste. Don't have space in my freezer, can't return it,etc. So I can offer it all to one person, or if three of you respond, I can give you two each( two turkey, two beef). To spread the wealth so to speak, Need a response ASAP as they are currently frozen and in insulated packaging, but won't stay that way long. Offer: potatoes and onions, cucumbers - I have a couple of sets, a couple of cucumbers. Just picked up Share Food Network order and probably won't be able to eat them and don't want them to go to waste. Offer: Little Tykes toy chest Expired - My son has long out grown this, Has a small crack in the lid, but still has a lot of life/use left in it. Have wiped it down with Clorox wipes, so it is sanitized, ready to go. Offer: Hearing aid batteries Expired - My husband recently tried hearing aids, resisted then and we returned them, but have a bunch of batteries left over for who ever wants, needs them Offer: four grey carpet car mats Expired - Recently got new Weather Tech floor mats, so these are in pretty good shape, although one would need to be flattened a little. Offer: Cookware: Amounts to a Complete set Expired - Finally got my self a complete set of Cookware, only took 40 years! Anyway, this offer is for three frying pans(two are non stick, two sauce pans, and a Dutch oven(also non stick) Offer: Safeway Monopoly Shutterfly coupons Expired - Have lots of different ones, but we never use Shutterfly Offer: Two ATT cordless phones Expired - Each have one base, not even sure if they work. One is Vtech. Offer: Keyboards: Two wireless(Microsoft), Two corded (One Dell, Other is generic) Gifted - Not sure if these work, will be taking to Transfer center if no response Offer: Amazon Basics Shredder Expired - Works okay, can be a little noisy, sticks some what when shredding. Request: 8 x 11 2020 Wall Calendar, like Washington Post,etc. Expired - I need a 8x 11 wall calendar, like from the Washington Post. to fill a kitchen organizer, if any one has one they are not using. Thanks for your consideration Request: Christmas Ornament organizer box Expired - Getting ready to put away Christmas ornaments and would like a box to do that in an organized manner. Could probably still buy one, but since these are ornaments my son "found" would rather not spend the money. Offer: nightstand, light colored, one drawer Expired - It is a little worse for wear, but still functional. Offer: Bag of coke rewards bottle caps Expired - Good for a school collecting them Request: Needed to borrow, Nail gun Expired - I am planning on redoing my kitchen floor and need to borrow a nail gun for the trim. Would rather not have to buy one for this one job Offer: Thanksgiving side dish items Expired - I have some of the ingredients for Thanksgiving side dishes. Mashed potatoes(instant), Stuffing mix(box), corn bread muffin mix(box), cream of mushroom soup(for green been casserole), Pineapple(for candied yams) for anyone who is in need. Offer: Five clear(builder grade?) expandable curtain rods, various sizes, some hardward Expired - We just got new blinds and these came with the condo when we bought it 24 years ago, but are still in pretty good shape. So there are two with long ends(about 3 inches,) two with medium ends(about 2 1/2 inches) and one short(about 1 1/2 inches) Offer: 36"(2 18") bifold panel doors Expired - This includes hardware. Were the doors to my laundry closet, but no longer fit because washer/dryer stick out too far. Offer: RCA 18" TV(not flat screen Expired - This TV is 33 years old. It was a wedding present, But it still works, we just decided to finally upgrade to a flat screen. Great for someone who doesn't have a TV, or rec room,etc. Offer: Parts for NuWave oven Expired - Have the base, pan insert, rack etc. My power dome died and I bought a whole new unit. Didn't find out until afterwards that I could have just gotten a replacement power dome. I am going to try and sell the replacement dome that I just got fairly recently. Offer: Thomas the Tank Engine item Gifted - Rideon, blanket, pillow, ball, couple of picture books. Best for age group 2-4 Offer: Two pictures Gifted - Images in photos Offer: CD/DVD clamshells Expired - My son found a fairly large box full of these and we would be willing to break them up according to the number needed. Offer: Egg Cartons Expired - I have about a dozen egg cartons. Good for someone who has chickens, or for school crafts. Offer: Tickets for RV/Camping Expo in Chantilly,VA Expired - I won some tickets from a local radio station and it doesn't look like I am going to be able to go. Would especially like them to go to someone who is affected by government shutdown(like my husband), so that you can do something fun and relatively inexpensive and possibly explore the RVing lifestyle. Starts today and goes until Sunday. Offer: Kale Expired - We got an edible arrangement at my office today, we ate the fruit but not the kale. So if anyone has a rabbit or are interested in it for yourself left me know. Not a lot but enough for a serving or two. Offer: screen top for 40 gal tank, Light for same, Feeder and basking rock for bearded dragon Expired - These are items that are left over from a tank that we received from another freecycler, but didn't need for our aquatic turtle. Offer: various electornics: computer keyboards, game controller, etc. Expired - 2 wireless keyboards, one with mouse Nintendo GameCube WaveBird w/no receiver 2 Xfinity controllers Offer: Coke rewards bottle caps Expired - I have two bags of Coke rewards bottle caps for anyone who would like them Request: 40 gal turtle tank/aquariam Received - If anyone has one that they are no longer using, please let us know. We accidentally cracked the bottom of our current tank while trying to clean it out and really can't afford a new one. Plus our turtle will have to stay in our bathtub until we can get one. Thank you for your consideration