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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: peg-type clothes pins (North Plainfield) - About 50 clean, unused peg-style clothes pins. Bought them for children's crafts, but I bet you could also use them to hang clothes on a line! Offer: aquarium supplies (North Plainfield) Gifted - 2 watertight (I tested) 10-gallon tanks and many accessories/supplies for raising tropical fish. One tank was a spare, so only one hood light, filter, pump, heater, etc.. Minor hard-water deposits which can be removed with vinegar and/or salt (followed by careful rinsing). Includes water-testing chemicals which may not be safe for children unless supervised by adult.
Offer: wedding bubbles (North Plainfield) - 33 small (about 2" tall) unopened bottles of bubble liquid.
Offer: wedding planning books (North Plainfield) - The Knot Book of Wedding Lists The Bride's Survival Guide Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer Offer: plastic mugs (North Plainfield) - 4 large plastic mugs from picnic set
Offer: rowing machine (North Plainfield) - Walton Rowbiciser. Has been in storage, but tried it and it seems to be in working condition.
Offer: picnic basket (North Plainfield) - Excellent condition.
Offer: old electric chadelier (North Plainfield) - 18" diameter base. Painted black (paint peeling). Must be rewired. (Ancient wiring is disintegrating.) All hanging parts intact, though not visible in photo.
Offer: small animal cage (North Plainfield) - 32"x20"x16". Top lifts off base. Latchable hinged top and latchable door in front. Clean and in perfect condition except for some minor staining on floor. (Could probably be removed with Brillo pad and elbow grease.)
Offer: wedding bubbles (North Plainfield) - 33 small (about 2" tall) unopened plastic bottles of bubble liquid.
Offer: aquarium for small animals (North Plainfield) Gifted - 10-gallon aquarium with secure screen cover for small animal cage. Water bottle and feeding bowl available as well. Offer: woven wood picnic basket (North Plainfield) - Traditional woven wood picnic basket with wooden lid. Excellent condition. Offer: German language textbooks (North Plainfield) - A Practical German Review Grammar German: A Comprehensive Course for College Students Offer: American literature tetbooks (North Plainfield) - High school/college level: The Bedford Reader Literature: an intro to reading and writing (Roberts & Jacobs) American Litereature: The Makers and the Making (vol. 1) Offer: One more French textbook (North Plainfield) - Dis Moi (part of earlier Viens Voir/C'est ca series) Offer: French language textbooks (North Plainfield) - ALM French Level One ALM French Level Two Viens Voir (also workbook and tape manual) C'est ca (also workbook and tape manual,practice sheet woorkbook)