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Request: Canberra - Old blankets for pet bedding - These dont need to be in great shape. Just 1 or 2 that can he used for dogs to lie on. Request: Cane dog basket - Canberra - A few years ago a lovely freecycler gave us a cane basket that her cat did not like. Ours dogs love it and we would like a second one. We have tried a few pet barn stores and Powell's stock foods with no luck. Does anyone know where in Camberra we might be able to get one. We would need a medium size. A photo is attached to show what I mean. Request: American pennies made after 1982 - Canberra - The pennies will be used in a battery for a yr 12 chemistry assignment, so they may become a bit corroded. Offer: The Body Shop Mango Handcream - Mawson Gifted - Unopened. Still in box. Unwanted gift. Offer: Boys size 4-5 clothing- Mawson - Wrong time of year but they could fit someone who will need 4-5 in springtime. Bag of boys lightweight long pants, a couple of shorts and T-shirts. Mostly play condition but a couple of nice almost new. Request: Copper Sheet - Southside - Does anybody happen to have some copper sheeting? Only needs to be a small piece. No bigger than 15-20cm. For the physics assignment again!! Would be very appreciated. Request: Old Microwave (doesn't have to be working) - Southside - My son needs a microwave to pull apart for a physics assignment. He needs some insulated copper wire inside it. Hoping someone has one. Offer: Family and Kids games - Mawson - A few games. How to host a murder, Pictionary, Cranium, Card scrabble, Deck of Cards and a game called World Bingo. To go as one lot. I can leave out for people to collect. Offer: Kids puzzle 4-6yrs - Uriarra Village or Mawson - Ravensburger CARS pixar puzzle. There are 3 x49 piece puzzles in this. Request: Ball bearings for physics assignment - Southside Received - Our son is still working on his physics assignment to build a generator/ alternator. It was delayed with all the interruptions from COVID. He needs some bearings. The bearings for ball bearings not the ball part. Like the attached image. He needs 2 of them and needs them to be different sizes. For.this project he is not allowed to purchase anything new. Hoping someone has something and much thanks if you do. Offer: Mini toddler jumping castle - Mawson or Uriarra Village - This has been stored for a while but only used 2 or 3 times. It was given as a gift but our kids were a little beyond it when they received it. Was all working well last time we used it. I can take photos if needed. Offer: Children's Posters Map of World and Number- Mawson or Uriarra Village - These are for preschool aged children. The photos show a crease but otherwise they are in good condition. They come in a plastic sleeve. Our kids loved looking at them. Request: Large Garden Pots 50cm or Larger- Southside - We are always on the lookout for large pots of any kind for our school kitchen garden. They can be plastic or terracotta. Southside preferred but can pick up from anywhere. Request: Copper wire and other materials for Physics Assignment Southside - Wondering if anyone can help. Our son has a physics assignment. He has to source materials that are not commercially available so cant buy them from the usual places. He needs - 2 strong magnets. As strong as possible. - Lots of copper wire - A conducting metal rod. Can be any metal. We have tried the green shed which we thought would be an easy answer. We think we may have found the magnets he needs but still need the metal and copper wire. Prefer southside but can collect anywhere. Request: Lemon myrtle leaves- Southside - Hi, a long shot but does anyone have fresh lemon myrtle leaves? I just need 3 or 4. I would need to get them tomorrow or wednesday morning. Request: Old washboard/ scrubbing board - Southside - I'm trying to get in contact with Alma Quick about the washboard. She offered me one and I think my reply message is not getting through. Or her message is not getting back. How can we contact each other. Request: Old washboard/ scrubbing board - Southside - Probably unlikely but does anyone have and old hand clothes washboard/ scrubbing board. Or an old mobile phone. Or an old flat iron/ sad iron. We are trying to put together a collection with yr 1/2 kids at school and looking into past and present. For loan or to keep. AM happy to pick up anywhere but southside is preferred. Request: Glass doors or windows (Canberra) - We are wanting to build a glasshouse for our school kitchen garden. If anyone has any unwanted kitchen doors or windows, I would happily collect.