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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Wallpaper Steamer Stripper (BN25) - If you please have a spare that works I’d be grateful thank you. Offer: Plastic plant pots (BBN25 2pg) - Bin bag full
Offer: Glass tv stand 100cm (BBN25 2pg) Gifted - Used condition but good.
Offer: Basin 800 wide from ikea (BBN25 2pg) Gifted - Crazing in basin! Fits 800 vanity but best for garden in my opinion.
Request: Waterbutt & Stand (BN25) Received - Hi If anyone has a spare I’d like to put it to good use please. Thanks Offer: 3+2 brown leather sofas (BN25) Gifted - Great condition. Free must go today or tomorrow morning.Can’t deliver
Offer: Epsom printer (BN25) Gifted - Working. Paperfeed sometimes sticks but goes. Ink ok.
Offer: Breeze blocks new (BN25) Gifted - Left over from job.
Offer: 3 white plastic garden chairs (Seaford) Gifted
Offer: Child’s chair for table (Seaford) Gifted - It straps to a normal dining chair so no need for high chair. Thanks
Request: Tumble dryer (Seaford) - I can collect at your convenience if you have a working tumble dryer available please? Mine just packed up. Thanks Offer: Cabin bed (Seaford) - Can’t find doors so open under for baskets/trays. Damage to top bit but will be unseen when mattress on. It’s far from perfect but may have further use. Seaford central collection. Thanks
Offer: Shelf brackets (Seaford) Gifted - Any good to anyone for shed perhaps?
Offer: Small Hardboard sheets (Seaford) Gifted - 3 sheets 2.5’ sq + 2 smaller ones.
Offer: 3 feet square underlay offcut (Seaford) Gifted - Any good before it goes in bin? Thanks
Request: Car booster seat (Seaford) - I can collect any time and would be grateful. Thanks Offer: Solid pine doors internal (Seaford) Gifted - Solid pine doors internal 757x1977 & 760x1970. Only 1 door photo. Other door 1930 style.
Offer: Bricks from storage heater (Seaford) Gifted - Collect from garden near Tesco seaford.
Offer: Packing boxes and bubble wrap (Seaford) Gifted - All boxes folded down. Mostly Medium size.
Request: Sewing Machine - Working (Seaford) - I have begun to make my curtains only the tiny sewing machine I have access to won't go through the fabric, does anyone have one I could borrow please and once my project is complete I can then pass the machine on? Thanks for considering my request. Offer: OLD Kitchen corner cupboard (Seaford) Gifted - Would suit garage perhaps? Collect central Seaford, must be gone by Friday please. Please say when you can collect in your reply if interested otherwise its the tip! Thanks
Offer: Pine Corner TV UNIT (Seaford) Gifted - Painted cream. In a sorry state, needs attention but can be brought back to use! Its bulky and heavy please come prepared. I need it gone asap so please only respond if you can collect from central Seaford in the next 2 days. Thank you
Offer: drill stand (Seaford) Gifted - collect central seaford please
Offer: magic broom (Seaford) Gifted - Collect central seaford, works but not so magic in my opinion. Thanks
Offer: loft ladder (Seaford) Gifted - Due to none collection offered again. Please state when you can collect. Thank you
Offer: Loft ladder (Seaford) Gifted - Loft ladder. Missing fixings to attach into loft but u may be able to buy them. Collect central seaford. Thanks
Offer: Curtain track 115cm wide (Seaford) Gifted - Pull cords to side fully working not needed now. Thanks
Offer: White plastic blind 76 wide (Seaford) Gifted - 170 drop. Any interest collect central seaford please. Thanks
Offer: New Pillar Cold Tap (Seaford) Gifted - Only 1, no hot tap, hope its of use to someone. Collect from Central Seaford please. Let me know in your reply when you can collect please..
Offer: Fisons Seed Spreader (Seaford) Gifted - I don't need this, is it of use to someone? Let me know when you can collect it please. Thank you