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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Concrete hearth (BN25) - Fireside hearth. Concrete. Collect seaford
Photo of free Concrete hearth (BN25)
Request: Wallpaper Steamer Stripper (BN25) - If you please have a spare that works I’d be grateful thank you. Offer: Plastic plant pots (BBN25 2pg) - Bin bag full
Photo of free Plastic plant pots (BBN25 2pg)
Offer: Glass tv stand 100cm (BBN25 2pg) Gifted - Used condition but good.
Photo of free Glass tv stand 100cm (BBN25 2pg)
Photo of free Glass tv stand 100cm (BBN25 2pg)
Offer: Basin 800 wide from ikea (BBN25 2pg) Gifted - Crazing in basin! Fits 800 vanity but best for garden in my opinion.
Photo of free Basin 800 wide from ikea (BBN25 2pg)
Request: Waterbutt & Stand (BN25) Received - Hi If anyone has a spare I’d like to put it to good use please. Thanks Offer: 3+2 brown leather sofas (BN25) Gifted - Great condition. Free must go today or tomorrow morning.Can’t deliver
Photo of free 3+2 brown leather sofas (BN25)
Photo of free 3+2 brown leather sofas (BN25)
Offer: Epsom printer (BN25) Gifted - Working. Paperfeed sometimes sticks but goes. Ink ok.
Photo of free Epsom printer (BN25)
Offer: Breeze blocks new (BN25) Gifted - Left over from job.
Photo of free Breeze blocks new (BN25)
Photo of free Breeze blocks new (BN25)
Offer: 3 white plastic garden chairs (Seaford) Gifted
Photo of free 3 white plastic garden chairs (Seaford)
Offer: Child’s chair for table (Seaford) Gifted - It straps to a normal dining chair so no need for high chair. Thanks
Photo of free Child’s chair for table (Seaford)
Request: Tumble dryer (Seaford) - I can collect at your convenience if you have a working tumble dryer available please? Mine just packed up. Thanks Offer: Cabin bed (Seaford) - Can’t find doors so open under for baskets/trays. Damage to top bit but will be unseen when mattress on. It’s far from perfect but may have further use. Seaford central collection. Thanks
Photo of free Cabin bed (Seaford)
Photo of free Cabin bed (Seaford)
Offer: Shelf brackets (Seaford) Gifted - Any good to anyone for shed perhaps?
Photo of free Shelf brackets (Seaford)
Offer: Small Hardboard sheets (Seaford) Gifted - 3 sheets 2.5’ sq + 2 smaller ones.
Photo of free Small Hardboard sheets (Seaford)
Offer: 3 feet square underlay offcut (Seaford) Gifted - Any good before it goes in bin? Thanks
Photo of free 3 feet square underlay offcut (Seaford)
Request: Car booster seat (Seaford) - I can collect any time and would be grateful. Thanks Offer: Solid pine doors internal (Seaford) Gifted - Solid pine doors internal 757x1977 & 760x1970. Only 1 door photo. Other door 1930 style.
Photo of free Solid pine doors internal (Seaford)
Offer: Bricks from storage heater (Seaford) Gifted - Collect from garden near Tesco seaford.
Photo of free Bricks from storage heater (Seaford)
Offer: Packing boxes and bubble wrap (Seaford) Gifted - All boxes folded down. Mostly Medium size.
Photo of free Packing boxes and bubble wrap (Seaford)
Request: Sewing Machine - Working (Seaford) - I have begun to make my curtains only the tiny sewing machine I have access to won't go through the fabric, does anyone have one I could borrow please and once my project is complete I can then pass the machine on? Thanks for considering my request. Offer: OLD Kitchen corner cupboard (Seaford) Gifted - Would suit garage perhaps? Collect central Seaford, must be gone by Friday please. Please say when you can collect in your reply if interested otherwise its the tip! Thanks
Photo of free OLD Kitchen corner cupboard (Seaford)
Offer: Pine Corner TV UNIT (Seaford) Gifted - Painted cream. In a sorry state, needs attention but can be brought back to use! Its bulky and heavy please come prepared. I need it gone asap so please only respond if you can collect from central Seaford in the next 2 days. Thank you
Photo of free Pine Corner TV UNIT (Seaford)
Offer: drill stand (Seaford) Gifted - collect central seaford please
Photo of free drill stand (Seaford)
Offer: magic broom (Seaford) Gifted - Collect central seaford, works but not so magic in my opinion. Thanks
Photo of free magic broom (Seaford)
Offer: loft ladder (Seaford) Gifted - Due to none collection offered again. Please state when you can collect. Thank you
Photo of free loft ladder (Seaford)
Offer: Loft ladder (Seaford) Gifted - Loft ladder. Missing fixings to attach into loft but u may be able to buy them. Collect central seaford. Thanks
Photo of free Loft ladder (Seaford)
Offer: Curtain track 115cm wide (Seaford) Gifted - Pull cords to side fully working not needed now. Thanks
Photo of free Curtain track 115cm wide (Seaford)
Offer: White plastic blind 76 wide (Seaford) Gifted - 170 drop. Any interest collect central seaford please. Thanks
Photo of free White plastic blind 76 wide (Seaford)
Offer: New Pillar Cold Tap (Seaford) Gifted - Only 1, no hot tap, hope its of use to someone. Collect from Central Seaford please. Let me know in your reply when you can collect please..
Photo of free New Pillar Cold Tap (Seaford)