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Free: Motorcycle Boots (Greenlake in Seattle) Gifted - Hein Gericke size 46 euro Velcro close, fits big calves and comfortable with lots of life left. Best I’ve had but had to retire so…..
Photo of free Motorcycle Boots (Greenlake in Seattle)
Request: Air fryer (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Capable of frying taco shells I assume that works-advice appreciated. Igor Request: Slow cooker large (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Similar to KitchenAid Request: Stereo speaker wire (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Need some loud speaker 2 conductor wire. Whatever lengths you don’t need Request: Yamaha or Roland working keyboard (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Playable for accomplished pianist. I realize this is a big ask, but there’s one in a closet somewhere. Thanks, Igor Free: Custom coffee table (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Professionally made large table planned as on floor dining for 4, we’re old so it is a great large (39 x 39 x 15.5”) coffee table too large for current space. We will help you load and loan a dolly. Question? . So nicely made it deserves you.
Photo of free Custom coffee table (Greenlake in Seattle)
Free: 36" modern Samsung tv (LCD) works (Greenlake in Seattle) Gifted - corner of Latona and 55th NE 98105. Fits in most trunks, can be lifted by one person. Request: Any Bluetooth keyboard (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Working, desktop, folding. Any or all sizes with normal size keys My pudgy fingers need it for texting on phone. I wore out a small folding on which was great, but I’m not traveling as much so larger would work also. I’m Igor Crook in greenlake, provider of prompt polite precise pick up. Thanks Request: Bluetooth keyboard (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Color doesn’t matter, Free: New Yorker mag (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - 12” stack, I get one every week. This could be a regular thing. Try it you’ll like it. Request: Bluetooth keyboard (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Color doesn’t matter, Request: recumbent trike (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - Old unbalanced cyclist needs…..a head injury robbed me of balance. I was an enthusiastic user of Two wheels and stationary biking bores me when the rain stops. I would even happily borrow or share one and devise quick change setup. Thanks a lot. Oh, if you want I can be reached at 360.520.9840
Photo of recumbent trike (Greenlake in Seattle)
Request: Bidet with water (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - I can remove it and rePlace for you Free: Two sheets styrofoam (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - 9/16” x 63”x44”violet foam-came with a package. Also flat corrugated same width and length. Request: audio equipment (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - updating my antique modest system, looking for a better receiver, speakers, turntable, equalizer and what have you. Age not important, good quality will be appreciated and used with respect and gusto. Thanks, Igor Request: Apple TV version 4 or newer (Greenlake in Seattle) Expired - I have an older one, which I will pass on. I need the updates on version 4 or newer.