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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Pet stairs (Germantown) Gifted - 2 steps. Made of sturdy plastic. Comes from pet friendly home. Shoes so you can see size of stairs.
Photo of free Pet stairs (Germantown)
Free: Lactose free half and hslf (Germantown) Gifted - Bought by mistake. Never opened. Dated 4/19.
Photo of free Lactose free half and hslf (Germantown)
Free: Nonperishable food (Germantown) Gifted - Nothing expired
Photo of free Nonperishable food (Germantown)
Free: Vase (Germantown) Gifted - Glass vase. Medium size. Brand new. No chips or cracks.
Photo of free Vase (Germantown)
Free: Chocolate milk 1% (Germantown) Gifted - Unopened half gallon dated 2/15
Photo of free Chocolate milk 1% (Germantown)
Free: Fresh produce (Germantown) Gifted - See picture. Must pickup tomorrow
Photo of free Fresh produce (Germantown)
Free: Office tray (Germantown) Gifted - Grey mesh. Excellent condition
Photo of free Office tray (Germantown)
Free: Body wash and soap (Germantown) Gifted - Coconut and papaya. Brand new. Never opened.
Photo of free Body wash and soap (Germantown)
Free: Popcorner snack packs (Germantown) Gifted - 9 small bags of sea salt flavor
Photo of free Popcorner snack packs (Germantown)
Free: Ant dust (Germantown) Gifted - 2 containers. Never opened.
Photo of free Ant dust (Germantown)
Free: Puppy training wall pads (Germantown) Gifted - There are 2 of these. I plan to split them up so 2 people can have them.
Photo of free Puppy training wall pads (Germantown)
Photo of free Puppy training wall pads (Germantown)
Free: Dried fruit packs (Germantown) Gifted - 12 unopened snack bags
Photo of free Dried fruit packs (Germantown)
Free: Foot spray powder (Germantown) Gifted - Brand new. Never opened. Walmart delivered the wrong item today.
Photo of free Foot spray powder (Germantown)
Free: Nonperishable food (Germantown) Gifted - Box of food
Photo of free Nonperishable food (Germantown)
Free: Daisy cottage cheese (Germantown) Gifted - 24 oz. Open but not used. Dated best by November 14.
Photo of free Daisy cottage cheese (Germantown)
Free: Mini Hanging file folders (Germantown) Gifted - See picture
Photo of free Mini Hanging file folders (Germantown)
Free: Fruit, vegetables and dry food (Germantown) Gifted - Bag of fruit and vegetables. Box of non perishable food. Free: Fence latch (Germantown) Gifted - NOT for wood fence. Has a key on both sides. Note: already assembled.
Photo of free Fence latch (Germantown)
Free: Pine-sol (Germantown) Gifted - 100 ounces. Never opened.
Photo of free Pine-sol (Germantown)
Free: Kings Hawaii rolls (Germantown) Gifted - Unopened savory butter rolls
Photo of free Kings Hawaii rolls (Germantown)
Free: Plastic container with handle (Germantown) Gifted - One end of the handle sticks up but the box is still functional. Needs a good cleaning.
Photo of free Plastic container with handle (Germantown)
Free: Small bowl (Germantown) Expired - Plastic bowl. Cute snowman design.
Photo of free Small bowl (Germantown)
Photo of free Small bowl (Germantown)
Free: Travel coffee cup (Germantown) Gifted - Pink ribbon
Photo of free Travel coffee cup (Germantown)
Free: Bunch of cables etc (Germantown) Expired - 1 phone cord. 1 coax cable. 1 splitter. 1 Dell power supply. 1 ac power adapter. Other various wires. Take all.
Photo of free Bunch of cables etc (Germantown)
Free: Photo box (Germantown) Gifted - Pretty wine design. In excellent condition.
Photo of free Photo box (Germantown)
Free: Plastic hangars (Germantown) Gifted - Maybe 60 or 70. Not sure exactly. Some new and some used but all in good condition.
Photo of free Plastic hangars (Germantown)
Free: Dixie cups (Germantown) Gifted - Open bag. Probably 300 to 400 cups left.
Photo of free Dixie cups (Germantown)
Free: Prevail disposable underwear (Germantown) Gifted - Opened bag. Unused. 9 pair xl
Photo of free Prevail disposable underwear (Germantown)
Free: Chairs (Germantown) Gifted - 2 chairs. Dog food not included.
Photo of free Chairs (Germantown)
Free: Living room chairs (Germantown) Gifted - 2 heavy duty chairs
Photo of free Living room chairs (Germantown)