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Offer: various size foam core - various size foam core. used on one side. great for school projects or to make yard sale signs. Offer: adult diapers Expired - two bags size large and xlarge Offer: plastic caps for art project Expired - i've been collecting plastic caps for a school art project for almost 2 years now. various sizes, colors, shapes. Offer: ice packs Expired - at least 10 reusuable ice packs Offer: wrapped utensils Expired - grocery bag full of wrapped plastic utensils. Offer: condiments Gifted - large bag of sorted out into baggies condiments: syrup, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce, dips, and many more. all new within this year. Offer: bath items Gifted - various bath bombs, powders for bath, a bottle of vagisil Offer: seashells Expired - Germantown pick up Offer: pill bottles Expired - all size, no labels Offer: adult diapers Expired - size large Request: training pee pads Expired - neeeeeeeded Offer: adult diapers Expired - XL Prevail brand Offer: terry bath robe Expired - beige, xl, with a stain or two. still has life in it. Offer: egg crates Expired - right now i only have one egg crate, but if you would like me to save them for you, i will. please just let me know. thanks. Offer: disposable utensils Expired - we have accumulated a plastic grocery bag full of individually wrapped eating utensils. pick up or we will try to find a soup kitchen or church that can use them. thanks. Offer: plastic grocery bag of condiments Expired - we have accumulated at least one plastic grocery bag of restaurant condiments: soy sauce, duck sauce, hot mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, honey mustard, and more. hate for them to go to waste. Request: pee pads Expired - any size Offer: 4 ice packs Expired - the disposable kind. Offer: reusable ice packs Expired - 4 reusable ice packs Request: pee pads Expired - pee pads Offer: random tire rim Expired - don't know where it came from, but it was in my storage closet. do not know size. only thing i can see it being used for is a tiny outdoor fire pit. germantown patio pick up. Offer: dog bed stuffing Expired - great dog bed with inferior fabric. matched my comforter. current dog likes to scratch and it tears easily. you could repair so stuffing stops coming out or you could take out stuffing and make new bed. otherwise it goes in the landfill. let me know. i will keep it at least until the end of january unless someone take it. happy new year! Offer: many boxes Gifted - not broken down. all sizes, sturdy. Offer: three styrafoam coolers and reusable ice packs Expired - two small, one medium. five ice packs. Offer: good boxes for moving or storage Expired - one taker backed out. another taker, i can't find your email. if you read this, please let me know. i had boxes for more than one, but now i have all of them for you. they are ready now. near great seneca and clopper. please let me know as soon as possible. thank you. Offer: several great moving boxes Expired - i keep accumulating them. i wont stop posting them until they are gone and used. i must reuse, reduce, recycle and i hope you will too. Offer: 3 boxes Expired - good size and sturdy for moving or storing stuff. Request: puppy training pads Expired - always in need Offer: sturdy boxes great for moving or storing Gifted - also have a few random size prime boxes if you like. need them out of my living room. Offer: 3 sturdy boxes Expired - good size. covid-free home if that makes a difference.