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Request: 3-wheeled walker (L7L 1C4) - Looking for 3-wheeled walker. Request: 4 sets cushions (L7L 1C4) - These are to tie to wood kitchen chairs. Minimum 4 sets, If you have mire I'll take them as we may havw to add chairs. Many thanks. Request: 4 cushion sets (Burloak and Lakeshore) - These are for wooden kitchen chairs. Would prefer neutral shades but not particular so long as condition is good. Pick up anytime. Request: Hard of hearing telephone (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking for a telephone for hearing impaired elderly lady. Thank you Request: Trundle bed (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking for a trundle bed when my granddaughters come to visit. Request: Painting of a sailing ship (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking for a large painting of a yacht or sailing ship Request: Free-standing baseball net (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - My granddaughter has started playing basketball. If you have one you no longer use I'd love to take it off your hands. Thank you. Request: Basketball shoes (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Ladies size 9. My 11 year old has switched from Soccer to Basketball. Before I invest in shoes I want to know how she likes it. Thanks. Request: Microwave rice steamer (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - I'd be thrilled to take this off your hands if you no longer use the rice steamer. Thank you. Request: Sewing thread (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - I lost a lot of my sewing thread and buttons during a recent move. If you no longer sew I would be so grateful for anything you can gift to me especially thread. In anticipation thank you so much. Request: Christmas tree odd request (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - I have (had) a beautiful 6' tree. When putting it up this year we discovered that the top section is missing. If you are planning to retire your tree I would very much appreciate you thinking of me. Merry Christmas. Request: Walker for senior (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking for folding walker with seat. Request: Small dog (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking to re-home a small dog? If you know of a senior who can no longer look after his/her best friend or anyone who cannot keep due to allergies my family would be over the moon to welcome it into our loving home. Puppy mill pooches also most welcome.🐕🐈 Request: PlayStation 2 (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - I was blessed to receive a Plataion 2 for my granddaughter when she comes to stay. I realize this item is more or less obsolete but it serves a purpose. In looking for some games and a controller as the second one doesn't work. Many thanks. Request: Large cibtaiber (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Looking for a sizable container in which to keep dog food. Thank you. Request: Driver's habdbook (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - If you have a current copy of the Ontario Driver's Handbook my granddaughter would be thrilled to take it off your hands. Thank you. Request: URGENT: Wheelchair needed (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - My adult son had a baseball accident. Broke knee in 3 places. Need wheelchair for about 6 weeks. Can anyone help? Thank you. Request: Moderator (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Had to change my phone a few weeks ago and for some reason I am no longer receiving Trash Nothing emails. I have to clicK on the app to check offers. Any suggestions on how to easily rectify?? Request: Cat climbing post. See below. (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - One of the platforms on my cats' climber has broken. If you have a large one no longer being used Reilly and Athena would love to play on it. Quick pick up from tomorrow. Not available after 3 p.m. today. Thank you. Request: Shorts/tops size 12 g. (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) - Need summer shorts/tops for my granddaughter who is spending the summer with me. Size 12. Request: Wallpaper trough/Expndng Rod (Appleby Line/Lakeshore Burlington) Received - Plan on sprucing up my granddaughter's bedroom. Need trough and smoothing spatula. Also 4' expanding curtain rod. Immediate pick up. Thank you. Request: Ghost Whisperer DVD series (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - Looking for the above series for my granddaughter. Request: End table for living room (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - Not particular as long as it's in decent shape. Photo would be welcome. Thank you. Request: Tree box (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - Looking for a box large enough to store a 6' Christmas tree that comes apart. The one I have is too dilapidated to use again. Request: Aloe Plant (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - The Aloe plant I've had for years has finally quit. I've not have success with starting new shoots. Would be so grateful to receive one from my fellow recyclers. Thank you. Request: Small breed dog (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - If anyone out there is looking to find a forever home for a small dog because you may have had to place a Senior in a nursing home or have become allergic or for any other reason... look no further. Tender Loving Care is waiting Request: Scarf Clip (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - These clips were all the rage a time ago. They're designed to aid in arranging scarves in different ways. If you have any in your jewellery box taking up space I would love to have them. Many thanks. Offer: Wooden bread box (Appleby/ Lakeshore) - Light coloured wood