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Request: microwave/household items (Nashville) Expired - Hello! I was looking to see if anyone had a microwave that they wanted to give to a good home...honestly my husband and I would put to use everyday. We also just got married and moved into a new home, so if there any household furniture or general items that someone wants to get rid of then I'm your gal! Thanks so much everyone Request: Art canvas (Doylestown) Expired - Looking for someone who has any extra art canvases or canvas boards. I know it's kind of a long shot but hey :) Offer: Half large bag of cat food etc (Doylestown) Gifted - Poor little kitty had to be put down, so I have items (cat food, treats, new litter box, catnip etc) to give away ASAP. Thanks :) Request: Cat litter and/or litter box (Doylestown) Expired - I recently rescued a cat and am in need of supplies (Im a hard working girl, but on a tight budget!). If you have extra items that you want to get rid of, let me know :) Offer: Lazy Boy Reclining couch and love seat (Doylestown) Expired - Currently downsizing and looking to get rid of big furniture. Offer: La-Z-Boy Couch and Love seat (Doylestown) Expired - Reclining La-Z-Boy couch set- we are currently downsizing and want to give these away. Both the couch and the love seat are in good condition, but have general wear and tear Request: Queen sized bed frame (Doylestown) Expired - My current bed frame sadly just broke (due to old age...) Looking for a new one, preferably in great condition. Thank you!