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Offer: Biscuit tin (Baldock) Gifted - Biscuit tin in style of an old radio. No biscuits in it. Got for Xmas but have no use
Photo of free Biscuit tin (Baldock)
Offer: Laundry basket (Baldock) Gifted - White Landry basket. Made from mdf. We have got a new smaller one.
Photo of free Laundry basket (Baldock)
Photo of free Laundry basket (Baldock)
Request: New swapping group in baldock (Baldock) Received - Hi all, I’ve set up a new swapping face book group for baldock called ‘baldock swap shop’. It’s a bit different from free cycle in that it’s supposed to be for things like toys and clothes. It’s based on honesty, in that if you request something then you post something to give to another person. It should be kind of the same value eg a joules dress taken = a yummy dress listed. Or a bike given away = a trike etc.It’s hard to value things but I have found people are very honest so will self moderate. Welcome everyone 🙂 this is a closed group for people to swap/ share things they no longer need with each other. I set this group up for several reasons: 1 a to try and do my bit to reduce the amount of unwanted and unused toys going into landfill each year 2- toys, clothes and house stuff costs us a lot of money - let’s keep some of it in our pockets away from big companies. Let’s just exchange things, let’s not spend any more money 3 - to take the stigma out of giving each other second hand gifts. 4 - to reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink This is an experiment so anyone who wants to help with the admin or how this page works is more than welcome :) Offer: Plastic cover for iPhone 8 (Baldock) Expired - Transparent iPhone 8 case for the back, does not protect the glass
Photo of free Plastic cover for iPhone 8 (Baldock)
Offer: Barbecue (Baldock) Expired - Black kettle barque. Handle at top needs gluing and it’s a bit rusty.
Photo of free Barbecue (Baldock)
Photo of free Barbecue (Baldock)
Offer: Bird bath (Baldock) Gifted - An old slightly rust bird bath Offer: Bird bath (Baldock) Gifted - An old slightly rust bird bath Offer: Bird bath (Baldock) Gifted - An old slightly rust bird bath Offer: Barbecue (Baldock) Expired - Black kettle barque. Handle at top needs gluing and it’s a bit rusty. Offer: Barbecue (Baldock) Expired - Black kettle barque. Handle at top needs gluing and it’s a bit rusty. Request: Table loom (Baldock) Expired - I would like to get back into weaving. Anyone got a loom they don’t want anymore? Offer: Blue mat (Baldock) Gifted - Blue doormat that has been inside a garden storage box but is completely dry just a bit dirty. Might be useful for someone
Photo of free Blue mat (Baldock)
Offer: PlayStation driving seat thing (Baldock) Gifted - To put PS4 steering wheel on
Photo of free PlayStation driving seat thing (Baldock)
Offer: Used bathroom tiles (Baldock) Gifted - Fair few unbroken bathroom tiles. Removed as doing up bathroom. Still has grout on the bottom of them
Photo of free Used bathroom tiles (Baldock)
Offer: White bath handle (Baldock) Gifted - White handle was in bathroom. No longer need it. It’s a bit rusty in one place
Photo of free White bath handle (Baldock)
Offer: Old wood bathpanel (Baldock) Gifted - Wood bath panel removed as doing up bathroom
Photo of free Old wood bathpanel (Baldock)
Offer: Plastic garden storage unit (Baldock) Gifted - Plastic storage unit probably about 4ft long. The top hinge is not closing properly but I expect it could be fixed as only just happened! When the top is down keeps everything dry. Getting rid as it’s too big for our garden.
Photo of free Plastic garden storage unit (Baldock)
Offer: Foldable shower screen (Baldock) Gifted - Foldable shower screen. Needs to be wall mounted at the side. In reasonable condition but does need a good clean
Photo of free Foldable shower screen (Baldock)
Offer: Large mirror (Baldock) Gifted - Wood frames mirror large
Photo of free Large mirror (Baldock)
Offer: Wood wall cupboard (Baldock) Gifted - Wood wall cabinet with drawers
Photo of free Wood wall cupboard (Baldock)
Offer: Laundry basket (Baldock) Gifted - Small wicker laundry basket. The lid is a bit broken but comes off
Photo of free Laundry basket (Baldock)
Request: table loom at least two shafts (Baldock) Expired - Hi all I would like to start weaving again so I am asking if anyone would donate a table top loom. At least shafts please :) thank you in advance Offer: Blue tooth speaker not working (Baldock) Gifted - Blue tooth speaker not working. Maybe someone can fix this?
Photo of free Blue tooth speaker not working (Baldock)
Offer: Delongi coffee machine. (Baldock) Gifted - Delonghi coffee machine. In working order but it’s noisey. Probably need descaling. Does ground coffee with a milk froth arm. We have a new one so no longer need it. Offer: Good wood doors (Baldock) Expired - 4 doors that were a bathroom cabinet. The frames are made of solid wood but have been in the garden for a few months. Thought it might be of use to some clever wood workers!
Photo of free Good wood doors (Baldock)
Offer: Sand and water table (Baldock) Gifted - A toddlers sand and water table with toys. It’s quite faded having been outside all the time. It does need a clean! But other than that it’s all good. Includes trowels and water wheel that attaches to the top. I won’t have time to clean it so please only pick up if you are ok with this.
Photo of free Sand and water table (Baldock)
Offer: Toddler white plastic step (Baldock) Gifted - White and green plastic toddler step from ikea. Used but in good condition Offer: Pink potty (Baldock) Expired - Clean but used pink plastic potty Offer: Broken paving slabs (Baldock) Expired - Broken paving slabs as see in the picture
Photo of free Broken paving slabs (Baldock)
Offer: Iron needs new chord (Baldock) Expired - Iron that works but needs new chord, do not offer unless you will replace the chord as it has broken wires!!!!!