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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Book shelves (El Dorad) - Looking for bookshelves for our expanding collection. Just about anything will do. Request: Scrap yarn (El Dorado) Expired - I’m looking for random scrap yarn— the bits and pieces that you have leftover from a project. Any color, but I need it to be worsted weight acrylic or polyester. Any length. Free: Black walnu (Eld) Expired - The black walnuts are falling and our tree has produced well. If you want them to feed to your squirrels or to crack for eating, shoot me a message. There are plenty for all. Free: Moving boxes (El Dorado) Expired - 5 medium moving boxes, really good condition. Free: Packing Mater (Central El Dor) Expired - Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic air pillow things and paper Free: Moving and packing mater (El Dorad) Gifted - Packing boxes of various sizes and packing materials such as paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Free: Mask making supplies (East Woodland) Gifted - Cotton fabric, nose pieces, and a little elastic. I also have more cotton fabric in addition to what is in this bag. Free: Compost tumbler (East Woodland) Gifted - It’s old, but still useful.
Photo of free Compost tumbler (East Woodland)
Free: Pile of T-shirts (East Woodland) Gifted - These have been used for crafts so not suitable for wear. But they are still suitable for rags or more crafts. Some just have the sleeves cut off. I can’t use this many rags and I don’t want to move them with us.
Photo of free Pile of T-shirts (East Woodland)
Free: Denim for crafts (East Woodland) Gifted - Lots of denim jeans and pieces for crafts. Free: Water bath canner (East Woodland) Gifted - Room for seven pints. Well used but can still get more use out of it. Stains on the inside are hard water deposits. Free: Kirby vacuum accessories (East Woodland) Expired - Carpet shampooer and all sorts of attachments to fit the G4 model. Also other things like a dust bag and the inserts and other hoses and attachments. Free: Old sheets (East Woodland) Gifted - A stack of old sheets that are too worn or stained for use as bed linens or other projects, but could be used to cover plants or as a drop cloth. Some twin sized and some full.
Photo of free Old sheets (East Woodland)
Request: Moving boxes (East Woodland) Expired - Need any size. I don’t want to use produce boxes because of possible bugs. Free: Moving boxes (East Woodland) Gifted - 8 medium- small moving boxes. Still have a move or two left in them. Free: Under bed storage drawer unit (East Woodland) Gifted - 11” high 75 1/2” long 18” deep Some scuffs and one drawer comes off the track easily
Photo of free Under bed storage drawer unit (East Woodland)