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Offer: Utensil tray (V0R 1X7) Expired - madesmart brand Used, very good condition
Photo of free Utensil tray (V0R 1X7)
Request: Small tins (V0R 1X7) Expired - Small tins with lids from your used up candles, please
Photo of Small tins (V0R 1X7)
Offer: Pasta bowls ***GABRIOLA (V0R 1X7) Gifted - Set of 7 pasta bowls, all identical. Perfect condition
Photo of free Pasta bowls ***GABRIOLA (V0R 1X7)
Offer: Windmill palm fronds (V0R 1X7) Expired - I have today just trimmed about 20 fronds from my palms here on sunny, sub-tropical GABRIOLA. Anyone want them for weaving, other crafting, whatever? They are due to be chipped this weekend, so time is of the essence. Offer: Bromine tags - GABRIOLA (V0R 1X7) Expired - Bucket of bromine tabs for hottub/pool
Photo of free Bromine tags - GABRIOLA (V0R 1X7)
Offer: Queen hide-a-bed sofa (V0R 1X7) Gifted - Queen-sized with spring mattress. Pretty comfortable, for your guests. YES, you will indeed have guests again sometime soon! Not the cleanest, but cushions are all removable and machine washable. *** GABRIOLA ***
Photo of free Queen hide-a-bed sofa (V0R 1X7)
Request: Trays for dehydrator (V0R 1X7) Expired - I have a 20-year-old American Harvestor Snackmaster dehydrator for which I would like to get extra trays. Can’t buy new ones, because the manufacturer changed the tray sizes some years ago🙁. Mine are 13.5” in diameter. Does anyone out there have any that they do not use any more, please? Thank you Offer: Hummingbird feeders (V0R 1X7) Expired - 2 of them. On GABRIOLA
Photo of free Hummingbird feeders (V0R 1X7)
Offer: Wood bedroom suite, double-size (V0R 1X7) Expired - This is for a project. I have started refinishing it, but no longer have access to a work space, so it needs to go. Made in Canada From real hardwoods by Pepplar, in 1956 Bed frame, low dresser and highboy all in excellent condition Offer: PerkyPet hummingbird feeder parts (V0R 1X7) Expired - I have a brand new red plastic top and bottom for a standard hummingbird feeder. The glass bottle, sadly, is no more. So if you want these to perk up an old feeder I will happily pass them on to you. Alternatively, if you no longer want your own hummingbird feeder of this type, I will take it off your hands.😊 I am on GABRIOLA
Photo of free PerkyPet hummingbird feeder parts (V0R 1X7)
Offer: sand box (V0R 1X7) Gifted - LittleTykes plastic sand box with cover On GABRIOLA Offer: Plastic plant pots (V0R 1X7) Expired - Lots, in various sizes. These are the kind that you buy plants in from the nursery. Also a few small ceramic pots