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Request: Lawn Roller (Fisher Heights) - Does anyone have a lawn roller they are no longer using? I would gladly take it off your hands. Thank you. Request: 8.5 X11 display (Fisher Heights) - Would anybody have two 8.5 X 11 free stand display boards like in the picture? I am looking for two. Thank you.
Photo of 8.5 X11 display (Fisher Heights)
Request: Label Maker (Fisher Heights) Received - Did you buy a label maker, thinking it was a good idea at the time. Has that same label maker been sitting in your cupboard or desk since, then unused. Well I can take it off your hands and put it to good use, becaause I have a good idea myself. Offer: Child's book bag (Fisher Heights) Withdrawn - One blue ripstop nylon book bag, with padded, adjustable straps.
Photo of free Child's book bag (Fisher Heights)
Request: Bicycle pump (Fisher Heights) Withdrawn - Hello everyone, I am looking for the end part for a bicycle pump. The young ladies living next to me broke their pump and are desperate to get it repaired. If you have a fairly decent spare pump lying around unused, I will take that also.
Photo of Bicycle pump (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Earth Hub (Fisher Heights) Withdrawn - Looking for contact info for Earth Hub Ottawa. I have several years of pill bottles and eg cartons to donate. Offer: Apple Style writer (Fisher Heights) Gifted - A vintage Apple style writer, complete with all periphials and installation discs., to give away. Won't respond before Friday. Offer: Walker (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Somebody on this site, was looking for a mobility walker for a short person. Did you find one? If not I have recently come into possesion of one. I am guessing it would be for a person aroung 5-5'4" feet tall. Offer: Recumbent bike (Fisher Heights) Withdrawn - 2008 PT Fitnesss recumbent bike, everything works except the pulse monitor. wire is pinched and needs splicing. Designed for people 5"10 and under. Will have to help carry thwe bike out of the basement. Loookling for an upright exercise bike. Fair trade applies.
Photo of free Recumbent bike (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Wood for campfire (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Planning a camp/backyard fire this lonf weekend? I have a large bag full of end cuts leftover from pallets. Lots of Maple and Cherry hardwood pieces, which should burn long and hot. Offer: Inner tubes (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Two inner tubes 1-26X1.25 and 1-26X 1.5, both j=have been patched but hold air no problem Just c\don't have a bike they fit anymore. Offer: Pallets (Fisher Heights) Withdrawn - I have two wooden pallets, (32" X 44") to give away. In front of the ghargae at 51 Sunnycrest Dr, garage is behind the house on Zena St.
Photo of free Pallets (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Vintage fishing reel (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Any collectors of vintagwe fishing reels in the group. I have a Shakespeare model no.1924 (pk) Direct Drive reel to give away. Requires a complete overhail and is missing several screws..
Photo of free Vintage fishing reel (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Pallets (Fisher Heights) Expired - I have two wooden pallets, plus a bunch of leftover cuts to give away.The loose stuff is small enough to break easily. There is a lot of Cherry and Maple hardwoodf, would be ideal for a campfire.
Photo of free Pallets (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Camp firewood (Fisher Heights) Gifted - I have a bag full of hardwood end cuts, that would be ideal for your camp fire or backyard fireplace. Lots of cherry and maple, majotrity of pieces less than 12 ". Plus lots of kindling tp get the firew started.
Photo of free Camp firewood (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Scrap wood (Fisher Heights) Expired - I have a pile of castoffs from old wood projects. A real mix bag left over from cut up pallets. No picking thru the pile must take everuything.
Photo of free Scrap wood (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Spark plugs (Fisher Heights) Expired - NGK TR5-1 spark plugs new. Bought them for an 88 Ford Ranger, got rid of truck still have plugs.
Photo of free Spark plugs (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Apple Tree (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Please Read Carefully: I have a grafted Apple Tree (five varities) that was attacked by rabbits two years ago and has struggled since. It is producing blossoms but might be a few more years before it produces any fruit. I am replacing it thia year with a Cherry tree. If anyone wants the old tree before I compost it let me know.
Photo of free Apple Tree (Fisher Heights)
Request: Planters (Fisher Heights) Expired - Hello folks. I am in need to four large planters 18" in diameter, 12 " deep. I am going to try growing peppers dfoe the first time this year. Thank you in advance for reading my post. Request: Broken jopgging stroller (Fisher Heights) Expired - Does anyione have a broken, 3 wheel jogging stroller thy would like to give away. I am looking for one to convert to a bicycle trailer. Thank you. Offer: Used Ink cartridges (Fisher Heights) Expired - Are there any schools, groups or churches that collect used ink cartridges in the Merivale Baseline area? I have maybe 20 used cartridges to give away, not sure where to take them. Offer: Furnace Filter (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Like new furnace filter, 16"X25"X1". Does work with out fiurnace. Request: weights (Fisher Heights) Expired - Looking for 5 and 10lb weights for my home gym. Plastic coated ones preferred if at all possible. Thank you.
Photo of weights (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Chinese Tablet (Fisher Heights) Gifted - I picked this cheap Chinese tablet from Wish on a whim. I wasn't what they advertise, so I complained and got my money back. Now I have a cheap Chinese tablet to give away. It is an Android 4.2.2 with 2 GB of Ram, It can't be upgraded (I tried). It is EXTREMELY limited on what it can do. If there is anyone out there who wants a cheap Chinese tablet,as a paper weight. Let me know. This tablet is so crappy it is no longer supported by Android or Google. It cannot play videos, won't stream, forgety Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms. forget games it takes a minute to respond to movements in a game. Cannot access Google or Outlook to check email, Once all the system requirements are loaded the total memory available is less than 1 gb The camera is even crappy. unless you have a way to upgrade the processor. I repeat this is a DOOR STOP or PAPER WEIGHT
Photo of free Chinese Tablet (Fisher Heights)
Photo of free Chinese Tablet (Fisher Heights)
Offer: Mini LED Projector (Fisher Heights) Gifted - Mini LED projector. 320p resolution. Projects image 2.5 meters. Fits in the palm of a large hand. Colour is black.
Photo of free Mini LED Projector (Fisher Heights)
Photo of free Mini LED Projector (Fisher Heights)
Request: Exercise bike (Fisher Heights) Received - Looking to see if anyone has a recumbent bike they would to get ris of. Needed to help avoid surgery thru exercise.
Photo of Exercise bike (Fisher Heights)
Request: Exercise bike (Fisher Heights) Expired - If anyone has an exercise bike sitting in the corner not be used, I would appreciate the gifting of it. Need to keep my legs in shape over the winter months. Thank you. Request: Power Supply (Fisher Heights) Expired - I am in need os a power supply for a Dell 760 slim PC tower. It is an AC255AO-OO. Ytrying to fix it up for a friend.
Photo of Power Supply (Fisher Heights)
Photo of Power Supply (Fisher Heights)
Offer: PC for parts (Fisher Heights) Gifted - It has been sitting around collecting dust for a few years now. Needs a new CPU and spome RAM.
Photo of free PC for parts (Fisher Heights)
Request: Power Supply (Fisher Heights) Expired - Looking for a power supply for a Dell Optiplex 760. Fair trade.