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Request: clock wanted (60402) - looking for a clock for home Request: blender (60008) - looking for food blender Request: Clothes Steamer wanted (60008) - Looking for clothes steamer Request: tv (60008) - looking for a tv mine broke Request: Vacuum needed (60008) - preferably bagged one but not necessary any vacuum that works will do thanks Request: mattress protector zippered (60008) - looking for queen size mattress protector Request: microwave (60008) Withdrawn - looking for microwave or toaster for bread Request: microwave or oven (60008) - looking for microwave or small oven Request: women cloth size large (60008) - pant size 16 Request: Men winter jacket (60008) - looking for men winter jacket size Large or Xl Offer: Time magazine new (60008) - have Time Magazine Request: stapler, office supply (60008) - Looking for stapler and office supplies like highlighters, markers pens notebooks Request: Women winter coat wanted (60008) - Size Large or Extra large Request: stuffed animal (60008) - looking for stuffed animals or toys Request: stuffed animals (60008) - stuffed animals or toys for kids Offer: Brookfield zoo tickets (60008) Withdrawn - Ihave 2 tickets to Brookfieldzoo. expires Dec 31 Request: Boy pants size 14 to 16 (60008) - boy pants size 14 to 16 Offer: CD cases (60008) - i have cd cases i never used Request: men winter jacket XXL (60008) Withdrawn - Looking for men jacket XXL or sweatshirt Request: stapler wanted (60008) - i had 2 of them but they are both broken. in need of one stapler thank you Request: dresser (60008) - dresser for home Request: Shower chair for elderly (60008) - Looking for a shower chair for elderly person Offer: New time magazine (60008) Gifted - Magazine
Request: men winter jacket (60008) - size Large or Xl for men Request: a Laminator (60008) - Looking for a paper Laminator Offer: Entertainment book 2019 (60008) Withdrawn - Premier savings 2019 greater Chicago area edition still has some coupons inside free to anyone who wants it Request: men jacket large or xl (60008) - looking for winter jacket size Large or Xlarge for winter Request: warm mist humidifier (60008) - looking for a warm mist humidifier for bedroom Request: medicine cabinet (60008) - with mirror preferably Request: suitecase with wheels (60008) - Looking for suitecase with wheels or big duffel bag