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Offer: particle board shelves (Teaneck, NJ) - shelves made of particle board
Photo of free particle board shelves (Teaneck, NJ)
Request: old phone books for vermiculture (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - yes, I feed them to worms and turn them into fertilizer . . . you’re welcome to some compost for your plants if you like Offer: reusable canvas bags (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - I have at least 100 reusable bags made of canvas and other materials. You are welcome to as many as you’d like. Offer: empty prescription bottles (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - Does anybody have any use for old prescription bottles with safety caps. I have plenty, and I don’t think they can be recycled. Request: pots for plants (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - Pots for plants of any size and of any material. My plants are constantly multiplying and in need of transplanting. Request: flower pots (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - My houseplants are reproducing like crazy and need new pots to live in! Any type of flower plant you want to get rid of will be accepted, small, large, plastic, clay, I’ll take them off your hands. Request: plastic pots (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - any size plastic pots . . . will take them off your hands Offer: TV (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - 24-inch
Photo of free TV (Teaneck, NJ)
Request: horror movies DVD or VHS (Teaneck, NJ) Expired - just hooked up an old DVD/VHS player to an old TV and want to try it out with some old horror movies Offer: record cabinet and old records (Teaneck, NJ) Gifted - records and cabinet Offer: TV (Bogota, NJ) Expired
Photo of free TV (Bogota, NJ)
Offer: TV (Bogota, NJ) Expired - TV, cathode not flat screen, works well, free to someone who has a use for it
Photo of free TV (Bogota, NJ)