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Request: Shelves (Princeton) - Any simple storage Shelves, looking for kitchen or living room organizing. Thanksin advance. Request: Shelves / Storage Cubes (Princeton) - Any lightweight shelves or storage options please. Thanks. Request: Shelves (Princeton) - Hi, I'm in need of plastic shelves or any lightweight Shelves. Thanks for reading. Offer: Small Couch (Princeton) Gifted - Lightweight. Corner piece. Easy to move around.Perfect for small/kids room or dorm. Pick upat downtown Princeton
Request: Storage Shelves or Cubes (Princeton) - Hi, may I know if anyone has extra storage cubes light weight or plastic or wire shelves they are not using anymore. Thanks in advance. Request: Storage (Princeton) - ISO lightweight boxes for storage like sterilite storagecontainers. Thanks in advance. Offer: Couch single piece (East Windsor) Gifted - Comfyand lightweight. Pickuptoday.Moving
Offer: Bed side Table Lamp (East Windsor) Gifted - Pick up today . Moving Offer: Standing room lamp (East Windsor) Gifted - 2 light holders. Pick up today . Moving.
Offer: Cushioned MetalChair (East Windsor) Gifted - Single. Pick up today . Moving.
Offer: Bedside table (East Windsor) Gifted - Pick up today. Moving.
Offer: Dining Table & 4 Chairs (East Windsor) Gifted - Oval Dining Table with 4 Chairs. Dines 6 people or more.Table comes apart for transportation. Moving. Need to be picked up by Saturday afternoon.
Request: Moving boxes (East Windsor) Received - In need of few more moving boxes. Looking for Small/Medium or Large moving boxes. Thanks. Offer: Moving clearance (East Windsor) Gifted - Pick anything you like for free. Doll house, adult bike and child carrier, multitude of games and puzzles,Halloween clothes and other items, photo frames kids booster chair, easel and more! Corner of Yorkshire and Devonshire Drive East Windsor , 5PM today.
Offer: One bag of kids shoes (East Windsor/ Princeton) Gifted - Size 7 through 10. Slip one, winter boots and sneakers. Please respond with estimated date and time of the pick up. Thanks Offer: One bag of children's clothes (East Windsor/ Princeton) Gifted - 6months through 3 years.Please respond with the estimated date and time of pick up.Thanks. Offer: One bag of clothes (East Windsor/ Princeton) Gifted - Adult sizes small-medium. Casual and semi formals. Please reply with the estimated date and time of pick up. Thanks. Offer: Curb Alert- Monitor (East Windsor/ Princeton) Gifted - Yorkshire drive, East Windsor
Offer: Huffy Rock it Toddler Bike (East Windsor/ Princeton) Gifted - With support wheels. Much loved. Functional. See picture.
Request: Peace Lily (East Windsor/ Princeton) Received - If anyone moving/remodeling wishing to get rid of one, I would love to collect one for a Mother's Day gift. Thanks! Request: Indoor plants (East Windsor/ Princeton) - Looking for indoor house plants if anyone has new plant shoots or offsprings to share. Offer: Stroller (East Windsor) Gifted - See pictures. Please state in the reply when you can pick up. Thanks.
Offer: Kid's Table (East Windsor) Gifted - Kid's table
Offer: Toddler bed Wooden (East Windsor) Gifted - See pictures. Pick up before this evening snowstorm preferred. Thanks.
Offer: Photo holder (East Windsor) Gifted - Cute photo holder with some magnets on the back. Could attach on a refrigerator door. Magnets need to to be reset.
Offer: Children seat (East Windsor) Gifted - Britain Boulevard 70- Retired. Offer: Coffee Maker (East Windsor) Gifted - See pictures. Let me know what day/time me you can pick it up in the first response. Thanks.
Request: Study Table (East Windsor) - Looking for a simple study table. Foldable or one that can be taken apart to carry easily. Thanks Offer: Headphones (East Windsor) Gifted
Offer: Bubble spa (East Windsor) Gifted - Please include possible pick up day and time. Thanks