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Request: blockboard (Hailsham BN27) Withdrawn - My husband wondered if anyone had a piece of blockboard about 4ft x 2ft used or new so he can put a shelf in his allotment shed. Request: off cut of carpet (Hailsham BN27) - Would any freegler have an off cut of carpet, we have just taken on a rescue spaniel, and nee to lay something down where she comes in and out of the patio doors. We are in Hailsham Request: undercounter or small chest freezer (Hailsham BN27) Withdrawn - My daughter urgently needs a freezer any condition as long as it is working ok. Hers has packed up and she is having to put all her christmas food in her neighbours freezer. She has 2 lots of family coming over for christmas Request: blanket (Hailsham BN27) Received - We have taken on a rescue spaniel and wondered if any freegler had a blanket they no longer used, she seems to have been use to a blanket in her bed. We are in Hailsham Request: Cake Tin (Hailsham BN27) Received - I wondered if any freegler has a 6" or equivalent in cm round cake tin. I have a grandson that is soon to be 16 and he has decided at that age he would still like a birthday cake, but only a small one. I am in Hailsham Request: Mirror with pre drilled holes (Hailsham BN27) - I am wondering if any freegler had a piece of mirror with pre drilled holes to attach to a wardrobe door. It can only be 14" wide (35.5cm) it can be a bit narrower than this though, I omitted to post that it can only be 32" long due to the wardrobe handles. Request: Dressing table mirror (Hailsham BN27) Received - I wondered if any freegler had a dressing table mirror in white, that they werent using anymore it doesnt have to have the side mirrors on it though. Request: rabbit / guinea pig run (Hailsham BN27) - I know if any freegler had a rabbit/guinea pig run they no longer use or are replacing, as my daughters one has given up on her. Request: paste table (Hailsham BN27) Received - My husband wondered if anyone had a paste table he could use in his polytunnel to pot on seedlings and re pot other veg. We are in Hailsham Request: small pet carrier (Hailsham BN27) Received - My daughter has 2 guinea pigs and I am looking for a small pet carrier so they can be transported to me while they are away. I am in Hailsham Offer: cylinder hoover (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - The hoover is in working order, havent used it for quite a while as being in a bungalow an upright is easier. It has been used when we had a dog, so may smell a little doggy , but if the drum is washed out should be fine. The hoover part itself is fairly heavy, and it has a retractable cable. It does come with all its tools as well. I dont have any photo's but anyone is quite welcome to have a look and also see it working even if they decide not to take it Offer: curtains (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - I have 2 pairs of floral curtains. Medium possibly bit heavier than that and lined. width Sizes are: wide 66" (167cm) drop 54" 137cm) each curtain. width 84" (213cm) drop 54" (137cm) each curtain.
Offer: Tablecover (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - Rexine/plastic table cover. Size 110.5cm x 141cm
Offer: Glass topped tables (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - I have 2 small glass topped tables.the glass is not toughened but is thick and has no chips or cracks, the chrome bars are slightly pitted. Sizes: height 34cm width and length 32cm so an actual square height 42cm length 42cm x 32cm
Offer: ladies handbag (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - Brown NEXT Handbag. Good condition inside and out ( NOT LEATHER )
Offer: mouse traps (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - Box of 2 big cheese mouse traps. New item, never been used
Offer: ladies navy shoes (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - These are a flat shoe only worn twice as not cut high enough for my damaged big toe. They are called comfort fit. Size 5 and an E fitting.
Offer: sink plunger (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - This item has never been used
Offer: net curtains (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - I have 2 pieces of net curtain, with a scalloped edge. One piece 5 metres in length Drop 36" (91.5cm) other piece 3 metres in length. Drop 36" (91.5cm)
Request: Small compost bin (Hailsham BN27) Received - We wont be keeping our council garden bin, when you have to start paying in July and wondered if anyone had a small compost bin, surplus to requirements or just replacing Offer: Fish food (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - I gave a home to 8 goldfish, and was also given a large tub of what I can only describe as small fish sticks they are about half inch long. They are in tetra pond tub that says 1.200 kg that may give you an idea of the quantity but they are not tetra pond they were put in that pot to keep the sticks. I havent any idea of how old the fish food is or its quality, but didnt know if anyone wanted them before they are dumped. Offer: Old planks of wood (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - My husband has from his allotment used planks of wood different sizes. it originally came from skinners when they use to put their free wood outside. Please see the photo.
Request: plastic flower pots (Hailsham BN27) Received - My son has rooted some fig cuttings and is looking for plastic flower pots 25cm across the top and 20cm high or there abouts. I am in Hailsham Offer: Runner Bean Plants (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - We have surplus to requirements , runner bean plants, some are in individual pots, some in trays that hold 6 plants. WE ARE IN HAILSHAM. Request: Guineapig/rabbit hutch cover (Hailsham BN27) Received - I wondered if any freegler had a guinea pig/ rabbit cover for 4ft wide hutch that they no longer use Request: plastic flower pots (Hailsham BN27) Received - My husband wondered if any freegler had any plastic flowerpots they no longer use, he has used all what he has to plant off his allotment seedlings, and still has more to pot on. We are in Hailsham. Angela Offer: Devils Claw (Hailsham BN27) Gifted - I have a 1 litre bottle of devils claw, have only used a third, as we lost our border collie last october. Expiry date SEPT 2019 Request: Plastic or metal dustbin with lid (Hailsham BN27) - I am looking for a metal or plastic dustbin with lid for my husband to use on the allotment for storage. I am in Hailsham Request: Decorative slate (Hailsham BN27) Received - I wondered if any freegler had surplus to requirements or taking up decorative slate chippings, doesnt matter what colour or even mixed colour Request: piece of carpet (Hailsham BN27) Received - I am looking for a piece of carpet used or unused (not foam back) to cover a guinea pig cage to protect them from the weather. The cage is 4ft long and the carpet needs to go from the roof down the front of the cage