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Request: Wine/Beer Makein Equipment (Orford WA2) - IF anyone out there has any equipment knockin about no longer needed let me know please Folk. thanks Request: Egg Tray Boxes (Orford WA2) - im afre a few egg boxes if ny one can spare ant the k=large trays i need more of, a little project im doing . thanks Offer: Shredded Paper (Orford WA2) - Big Bag of shredded paper Ideal for guinea pigs hampsters,rabbitts for Nesting etc Save money and use this , im in orford .wa2 ty Request: Beer/Wine Equipment (Orford WA2) - Please if anyone has given up or equipment stored not being used, i can collect,as wanting too try make my own.ready for my Sons Weddding next year. thanks i Request: Lavender Plant (Orford WA2) - i had a big bush given me last year but didnt survive. Has any one got a plant spare or cutting. be a big help.. Thankyou Offer: Shredded Paper (Orford WA2) - Ideal for Rabbits,Guinea Pigs,Hampsters,save a lot on bedding for them .etc. wa2 orford collection. ty Request: mason jars (Orford WA2) Withdrawn - if anyone has any Mason Jars lying in cuboards collecting dust ,i can make good use of them. i can collect and in orfordso anywhere thats not too far. thanks Request: 12 & 2gauge Copper Wire (Orford WA2) Withdrawn - im after the size 12 and 22 copper wire for a project if anyone has any please. thanks. Request: Valet Stand (Fearnhead WA2) - Just to make my disabilities a bit easier if anyone has one no longer used. Thank you Request: Air Stone Pipe (Orford WA2) Withdrawn - Need some air pipe similar pipeing people use for there Fish Aquarium Tanks too the pump.if any one has a length please,its for a xmas project. thanks for lo.oking Request: Shelf screws and Plugs (Orford WA2) Withdrawn - Im wanting too put a small Floating Shelf up but the Bracket is metal so needs a Descent Plug/s n Screws too hold it on the wall.the Screws are approx 1 inch and ana a 1/4 or 1/2 inch long... i think . :O) im limited getting out n about but need get this shelf up for more storage space. Thanks in Advance Request: Old Speaker (Orford WA2) - hi Ive bought a Echo input Alexa for my room upstairs but too connect it too a speaker it needs a 3.5mm ouput as too work.. it does work for Bluetooth speaker but thats me next step up too buy one. so if anyone can help and lives locally too Orford warrington id be much obliged. Thank you Request: fish pump (Orford WA2) - im just after a small indoor fish pump that will run a small pipe line into a bucket,for a few baby goldfish out the pond so they will have oxygen,anything will do as long as it works..one of the fish tank aquariums Pump if any one has one doing nothing. i can return it when fish get bigger too go in pond.im in Orford wa2 . thanks Offer: Large Bag of Plastic Coat hangers (Fearnhead WA2) - pick up is Orford wa2 email me for info . thanks Offer: Bag of Coat Hangers (Orford WA2) - lots message me if interested, wa2 collection ... thanks Offer: Shredded Paper (Orford WA2) - Ideal for Guinea pigs, rabbits.Hampster Bedding.there a big bin bag full,message me for pick up,im in Orford. Thanks Request: Mint Plant/cutting (Orford WA2) Received - if anyone has a small sprig they can let me have too start me off please,be highly appreciated ,im in orford wa2 Cheers Request: lavender (Orford WA2) Received - Has anybody got a bit of lavender cutting or plant that they could give me please,mines died,n it really helped me sleep when dried out and in a bag. much appreciated in advance Thankyou. Request: Kitten scratch pad (Orford WA2) - ive only got the 1 kitten and in need of a scratch post please im in orfordcan collect thanks Offer: clothes hangers (Orford WA2) - LOTSof them if any one wants them wa2 orford pick up . thanks Request: compost (Orford WA2) - Has any one got any Potting or similar Left over soil compost as im just short of a project too finish in the garden.would really be appreciated.. Thanks in advance.. Request: fish transporter (Orford WA2) Received - Im in need of something too be able transport a few small pond fish in a car a few miles,a large bucket with a lid on,o similar, or if someone has a proper fish transporter i could borrow..im in orford can collect. thanks Offer: GUINEA PIG rabbits etc bedding (Orford WA2) - i have a large shredder n every month i fill it uo with all the crap that comes in post. this would make great bedding for hampsters n stuff shame throw it away .Big bag full here if u want it,Orford wa2 thanks Request: Garden/greenhouse plants (Orford WA2) Received - Hi Has anyone got approx 3 tomato plants, and approx 12 Sweet pea plants please. and any border/basket plants please. Ive sown my tomato seeds n sweet peas and they havent germinated. come up.gutted,me i can have them collected, around warrinton,im in Orford . Cheers in advance. ps-willing too Donate Offer: Pine Wood (Fearnhead WA2) Gifted - A broken pine bed and the bits in the picture is whats free except the draw.there too good throw away as good pine pieces for someone who can make use of it .please email me if interested. thankyou
Offer: Office swivel chair (Orford WA2) Gifted - this is all ok bar one piece of the structure below the arm rest needs glue or tape it usually stays where it is but ive got my retirement chair out early lol,and useing that so comfy for me back hehe.anyway its been outside this weekend so little damp just needs a warm room for few hours,gas lifted /swivels loads of life left in it. please email if you want it . thanks,
Offer: 2 Garden Chairs (Fearnhead WA2) Gifted - just need a wipe down there green plastic. 2 of them email me if interested. not broke loads of life in them. thankyou.
Request: Garden Canes (Orford WA2) Received - has anyone got a few canes i need some for my tomatos. thanks orford wa2 Offer: Shredded Paper ideal for Hampsters bedding guinea pigs etc s (Orford WA2) Gifted - Shredded Paper ideal for Hampsters bedding guinea pigs etc will have some every 6 weeks the amount of crap come through my letter box haha.. saves buying bedding for the pets.or use it too compress into them blocks you can use on a log burner or open fire. email if interested Request: disability walker (Orford WA2) Received - if any one has one not being used please,really need one now as dont feel safe on me stick especially in this wind. thanks