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Offer: Slow cooker (north Fort Pierce) - Crockpot type. Last used about a year ago, worked perfect. Pretty dusty, nothing a little soap and water won't clean up. Request: Gas leaf blower (Fort Pierce) - Please let me know if you have one laying around. Thank you. Request: Business desk (Fort Pierce) - I'm looking for a decent looking functional business desk, preferably with some storage and printer space. Mine is too small for my needs and will be offered upon replacement. Request: Two+ windows, outside door, wood (Fort Pierce) - I'm wanting to enclose a screened room. If you have recently renovated and not destroyed windows or door during removal, I can take it off your hands. Thank you. Request: Internet modem for Xfinity (Fort Pierce) - I need a working modem for internet. The one I bought doesnt work sowell and I cant return it. Please let me know if you have one that is not needed. Thank you. Request: Wheeled cart (Fort Pierce) - Please let me know if you have a wheeled cart you no longer need. I’m throwing a party for my grandson in two weeks and his would make things so much easier. Thank you! Request: Memory foam rug (Fort Pierce) - I’m looking for a comfortable rug for my larger dog to lay on. All this rain has started arthritis activity and she doesn’t want to get on or off the bed anymore. Offer: curb alert - maytag dryer (Fort Pierce) Gifted - just put out by curb - OLDER Maytag dryer. Just stopped working. Last two loads got loud and didn't dry well, then just wouldn't turn on. 2836 iroquois ave, 3rd house north of Saint Lucie Blvd in Fort Pierce. Probably will be gone by tomorrow. Request: WARM Coats, Furs, Sweaters (Fort Pierce) - To be recycled between homeless people and pets. This weather is super cold. If you have items that you were planning to donate or just don't use, please consider sharing with those in need during this time. Thank you. Offer: wii games for children (Fort Pierce) - Does anyone still use WII? I have a few games I bought for my grandson but never used or used once or twice. Gave the WII away before we moved but found these games that I missed. Message me for more info. Request: Airbrushing supplies (Fort Pierce) - I'm looking for paints and/or stencils to use with an airbrush that was given to me. Can't wait to see what I can make. Thanks in advance! Request: Lounge chair or Hammock (Fort Pierce) - Just moved up here and would love to find a decent comfortable lounge chair or hammock. Can't seem to find them in thrift stores and regular retail they're just too expensive. Request: Grill (Fort Pierce) - I'm looking for a gas grill in decent condition. Had to throw ours away because of rust.