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Request: Bike for kid w/training wheels (Fortuna/eureka area) Expired - Five year old birthday girl hoping for a sturdy bike with training wheel to learn to ride. We can pick up anywhere but especially in the Sohum or Fortuna/ferndale areas— but can come to other places too! Need by 5/28 birthday. Gender if Nike not a concern but hoping for giftable condition or easy to refurbish. Thank you!!! Request: Toilet seats (Fortuna/eureka area) Expired - We’re creating 3 natural,composting eco toilet systems and need a few study, nice quality toilet seats for their construction. Wooden would be extra great bit any in sturdy nice shape would work. Thank you!!! Request: Portable/travel crib (Fortuna/eureka area) Expired - Looking for a packable travel crib, in very very clean and good quality condition, for a special needs newborn baby in the family! Request: Microwave, for a teen (Anywhere in Humboldt/Mendo) Expired - Helping my teen find the essentials for their new place :) any size small Or large great as long as works well and not gross :) Request: Ukelele for 9 year old’s Xmas (Anywhere in Humboldt/Mendo) Expired - Santa would love to gift a functional uke to a budding young musician, or smaller sized (acoustic guitar would probably work?). Thank you! Request: Composting toilet (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) Expired - Looking for a composting toilet, any style. Or parts to make. Can pick up! Request: Twin mattress and box springs (Anywhere in Humboldt) Expired - Need two total, twin box springs and mattresses. I have mattress covers so don’t need to be in great shape, just useable! Request: iPad for a kid-older/very used ok (Anywhere is Humboldt) Expired - Looking for an iPad so that a young kid can install some apps to work on a few skills that their teacher wants them to focus on over the summer. Our current older, kid iPad is now so old that it won’t accept updates or download the educational apps the teacher gave us a free code for… anyone got any size or age of iPads that we could try? I think the iOS update we need it to be able to do is 10. 🙏 a little cracked screen or something would be no prob! Request: Astroturf or any fake grass (Anywhere in humboldt) Expired - For art project….. roll or sections or anything! Request: Black, white, red leftover paint (Anywhere in Humboldt) Expired - My family is creating an artistic installation, and needs leftover paint, anything could Erik but especially black, white, and red….🙏 Request: Black & white checker vinyl remnant (Anywhere in Humboldt) Expired - My family artist is creating an installation for an “Alice in Wonderland” themed event and needs black and white checkered/squares flooring— a vinyl remnant would be perfect! Anyone have one leftover from a kitchen project maybe? 🙏 Request: Kid swim stuff -waterwings, goggles (Any Humboldt porch pick up) Expired - 3 year old and 7 year old need inflatable water wings and swim goggles! 🙏 Request: Any bookshelves cubbies organizers (Any Humboldt porch pick up) Expired - Trying to organize our kids rumpus space, could use any kind of free standing book cases, shelving units, organizer cubbies…All their books and toys will be do much happier or in big floor piles! Thank you! Request: Carpet, vinyl, ? flooring remnants (Anywhere in Humboldt) Expired - Re-doing a trailer for an elder to retire in and looking for a fresh floor option for her, anything 10’ by 10’ or larger would work! Doesn’t have to be brand new as long as no odors or scary stains. Thank you!!! Request: Dresser for little girl (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) Expired - Looking for solid wood, functional dresser to repaint and hold two little sisters worth of clothing. 🙏 Request: Outdoor shower diy items (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) Expired - Trying to create an outdoor shower… looking for on demand water heater, plumbing, shower head etc! 🙏 Request: Composting toilet (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) Expired - Looking for a composting toilet, any style. Can pick up!