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Offer: Padded swivel office chair (DA15) Gifted - In good condition, fully functional
Photo of free Padded swivel office chair (DA15)
Offer: Medium size suitcase (DA15) - A bit scruffy but fully functional
Photo of free Medium size suitcase (DA15)
Offer: 3 pallets (DA15) Gifted - For wood project most of the wood in great con dotion
Photo of free 3 pallets (DA15)
Offer: Blue swivel office chair (DA15) Gifted - Needs a bit of a clean but all functional
Photo of free Blue swivel office chair (DA15)
Offer: 2 pallets (DA15) Gifted - 2 pallets good for an upcycle project Offer: Padded sun lounger (DA15) Gifted - Plenty of life in it needs a little clean. Been in the shed.
Photo of free Padded sun lounger (DA15)
Offer: 2 pink pallets (DA15) Gifted - I have 2 painted pink pallets of which i stand my pots on. They are in good condition. I can supply the paint used to repaint as the pots when moved about have taken some of the paint off. A large vehicle or car needed to collect. Let me know if you would like the paint or not on reply thanks
Photo of free 2 pink pallets (DA15)
Offer: Grey slate tiles (DA15) Gifted - I have 7 tiles maybe for a craft project
Photo of free Grey slate tiles (DA15)
Offer: Broken paving slabs (DA15) Gifted - I have a good few of broken paving slabs for crazy paving perhaps
Photo of free Broken paving slabs (DA15)
Offer: 4 large seat cushions (DA15) Gifted - In lovely condition
Photo of free 4 large seat cushions (DA15)
Offer: Garden Trolley (DA15) Withdrawn - Plenty of life left in it
Photo of free Garden Trolley (DA15)
Offer: Foldable small animal run (DA15) Gifted - Can be attached to a small animal house. Collection only.
Photo of free Foldable small animal run (DA15)
Offer: Large garden screening (DA15) Gifted - Collection asap. Good condition large coverage.
Photo of free Large garden screening (DA15)
Offer: Double sprung mattress (DA15) Gifted - Very good condition ready for collection asap. Thanks
Photo of free Double sprung mattress (DA15)
Offer: Samsung Theatre system (DA15) Gifted - We have if anyone can fix it. The above with 5 surround speakers. The CD/DVD door wont open. Only 2 years old. Bagged up ready to leave outside for anyone who wants it. Offer: Little Tikes bench seater (DA15) Gifted - Weathered but usable. Has a split on the side see picture. Collection asap outside ready for you.
Photo of free Little Tikes bench seater (DA15)
Offer: Double sprung mattress (DA15) Withdrawn - Good condition, ready to collect now
Photo of free Double sprung mattress (DA15)
Offer: 2 metal stacking racks (DA15) Gifted - Not sure what they are but used them in the garden for stacking pots and training ivy up the fence. Bit rusty but very strong and sturdy
Photo of free 2 metal stacking racks (DA15)
Offer: Large wood wall mirror (DA15) Gifted - 4ft x 3ft. Can be hung either way. Collection only.
Photo of free Large wood wall mirror (DA15)
Photo of free Large wood wall mirror (DA15)
Offer: Large wooden wall mirror (DA15) Withdrawn - 6ft x 4 ft. Can hang either way. Collection only. Will fit in a car with seats folded. Check your measurements before replying. Thanks
Photo of free Large wooden wall mirror (DA15)
Photo of free Large wooden wall mirror (DA15)
Offer: ADLER Type Writer (DA15) Gifted - Would anyone be interested in collecting this? Its 70s and has always been kept well and in its carry case.
Photo of free ADLER Type Writer (DA15)
Offer: Pink lamp shade (DA15) Expired - In nice condition
Photo of free Pink lamp shade (DA15)
Offer: Slim shelving unit (DA15) Gifted - Movable shelves collection asap
Photo of free Slim shelving unit (DA15)
Offer: Small wood shelves/shoe rack. (DA15) Gifted - Collection asap thanks
Photo of free Small wood shelves/shoe rack. (DA15)
Offer: IKEA display cabinet (DA15) Gifted - 6ft H 18"W 16"D. Want gone today if possible or by tomorrow night. Have no room for it.
Photo of free IKEA display cabinet (DA15)
Offer: Display cabinet (DA15) Withdrawn - IKEA. I stained it and in the process of getting it back to its original state with just a scower and fairy liquid but I just don't have the time to do it. It's in great condition once you put some elbow grease into it. 6ft tall both a ft w and d. Collection asap would be most helpful to me. Thanks
Photo of free Display cabinet (DA15)
Offer: Large green wheelie bin (DA15) Gifted - No longer needed. All functional
Photo of free Large green wheelie bin (DA15)
Offer: Next mango tv bench (DA15) Gifted - A few minor scratches on top but all ok otherwise
Photo of free Next mango tv bench (DA15)
Offer: Mens clothes S/M (DA15) Gifted - Black sack full of Nike, McKenzie and more. Please let me know a time for pick up. Thanks Offer: 140 muticolour bling rings (DA15) Gifted - Various sizes ideal if you are making tree gifts or crackers
Photo of free 140 muticolour bling rings (DA15)