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Offer: Sleeping bag (DA15) Gifted - Clean not used for a few years
Photo of free Sleeping bag (DA15)
Offer: Portable camping loo (DA15) Gifted - Just sitting in shed collecting dust. It has a pump flush. You would need to buy the proper solution or a strong disinfectant for use.
Photo of free Portable camping loo (DA15)
Offer: Drinks Fountain (DA15) Gifted - Used once for wine!
Photo of free Drinks Fountain (DA15)
Offer: Black sack ladies clothing (DA15) Withdrawn - Sizes 10-12 has a drinks fountain included used once. And some toiletries. All goes together. Thank you Offer: Premium vynil planks (DA15) Gifted - Would do a small toilet. 1 pack unopened. Please see photo for coverage
Photo of free Premium vynil planks (DA15)
Photo of free Premium vynil planks (DA15)
Offer: Vaping kit (DA15) Withdrawn - Make your own.
Photo of free Vaping kit (DA15)
Offer: Stair treds (DA15) Withdrawn - Brown striped stair treds for carpet or wooden floors. Full set
Photo of free Stair treds (DA15)
Offer: Girls bits (DA15) Gifted - A bag of bits n bob's for a young girl experimenting with make - up hair etc. Spray hair colours, jewellery other little nic nacs also. Collection Sidcup
Photo of free Girls bits (DA15)
Offer: Tiles & Adhesive (DA15) Gifted - A pack and half of standard size black glazed tiles and a nearly full tub of adhesive
Photo of free Tiles & Adhesive (DA15)
Offer: Paint (DA15) Gifted - All nearly full. Large Magnolia, the other 2 white
Photo of free Paint (DA15)
Offer: Gloss bathroom cabinet (DA15) Withdrawn - 2 1/2 ft w 2ft H. Very heavy will need a vehicle
Photo of free Gloss bathroom cabinet (DA15)
Offer: S/M Rug (DA15) Gifted - I forgot to take measurements before I rolled it up. Black grey and white circles. A little freshen up and it will be lovely.
Photo of free S/M Rug (DA15)
Offer: Wood slats for a double bed (DA15) Gifted - Always useful full set Offer: Bags of duvets pillows sheets (DA15) Gifted - Huge bags of double and single duvets, sheets and pillows. All good and ready for collection. Vehicle needed for these Offer: Large white gloss bathroom cabinet (DA15) Withdrawn - Wall mounted. 2,1/2 ft W, 2ft H. Very heavy vehicle needed.
Photo of free Large white gloss bathroom cabinet (DA15)
Offer: Small wooden table (DA15) Withdrawn - Nice little table ready for collection
Photo of free Small wooden table (DA15)
Offer: Microwave (DA15) Withdrawn - Full working order, cosmetic wear and tear.
Photo of free Microwave (DA15)
Offer: Bootfair Bits (DA15) Withdrawn - I was hoping to do a bootfair but dont have the time, so have a huge bag of stuff for someone who can. Mixed clothing, bed linen and bric brac Offer: Huge bag mens womens clothes (DA15) Withdrawn - There is some bric brac too. All good Offer: Small garden pots (DA15) Gifted - In fair condition, will do the job
Photo of free Small garden pots (DA15)
Offer: Padded swivel office chair (DA15) Gifted - In good condition, fully functional
Photo of free Padded swivel office chair (DA15)
Offer: Medium size suitcase (DA15) Gifted - A bit scruffy but fully functional
Photo of free Medium size suitcase (DA15)
Offer: 3 pallets (DA15) Gifted - For wood project most of the wood in great con dotion
Photo of free 3 pallets (DA15)
Offer: Blue swivel office chair (DA15) Gifted - Needs a bit of a clean but all functional
Photo of free Blue swivel office chair (DA15)
Offer: 2 pallets (DA15) Gifted - 2 pallets good for an upcycle project Offer: Padded sun lounger (DA15) Gifted - Plenty of life in it needs a little clean. Been in the shed.
Photo of free Padded sun lounger (DA15)
Offer: 2 pink pallets (DA15) Gifted - I have 2 painted pink pallets of which i stand my pots on. They are in good condition. I can supply the paint used to repaint as the pots when moved about have taken some of the paint off. A large vehicle or car needed to collect. Let me know if you would like the paint or not on reply thanks
Photo of free 2 pink pallets (DA15)
Offer: Grey slate tiles (DA15) Gifted - I have 7 tiles maybe for a craft project
Photo of free Grey slate tiles (DA15)
Offer: Broken paving slabs (DA15) Gifted - I have a good few of broken paving slabs for crazy paving perhaps
Photo of free Broken paving slabs (DA15)
Offer: 4 large seat cushions (DA15) Gifted - In lovely condition
Photo of free 4 large seat cushions (DA15)