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Request: Plastic airplane models (farmington, NH) - 1:32 scale; F-18 HORNET, early version, Mig-29, Mig-27, any condition. 1:18 scale F4U CORSAIR, any condition. Request: 1:48 f-16 (farmington, NH) - 1:48 scale F-16 plastic model. Rear half can be damaged/missing. Request: 1:18 and 1:32 scale model parts (farmington, NH) - F4U CORSAIR any condition-1:118, A-d SKYRAIDER-1:32, MIG-29-27-23-1:32. also F-16-1:48 scale Request: Plastic air plane parts (farmington, NH) - F4U CORSAIR 1:18 scale.Damaged is acceptable, even if back third or so is mangled/missing. A1D SKYRAIDER 1:32 scale. any condition. MIG-27 1:32 any condition. Request: Aircraft models-1:32 scale (farmington, NH) - Mig-23,27, 29; 1:32 scale. A1D SKYRAIDER, 1:32 scale ANY condition! Request: damaged model request. (farmington, NH) - 1:32 scale, F-86 plastic model even damaged, MIG-27, MIG-29. 1:18 scale, F4U CORSAIR, even damaged, F-86. Request: f-18 hornet (farmington, NH) - F-18 HORNET, 1:32 scale, (preferably an old version). Any condition-can be missing wings,vertical stabilizers. Request: F4U corsair (farmington, NH) - F4U corsair, 1:18 scale, any condition, even broken. back third or even half can be missing. same for tanks etc. Request: F-86 SABERmodel (farmington, NH) - F-86 saber model, two sizes, 1:32 scale, 1:18 scale. any condition, even broken. must have both wings. main canopy Request: Airplane models; 1:18-1:32 scale (farmington, NH) - Looking for (ANY CONDITION) F-18-1:32 scale, MIG-29-1:32 scale. Request: Mig-29, 1:32 scale (farmington, NH) - Looking for any Mig-29 in 1:32 scale. ANY condition! Request: 1:32 scale F-18 (farmington, NH) - Wanted 1:32 scale F-18 "any" condition . Request: 1:18 scale F4U corsair (farmington, NH) - Want a 1:18 scale F4U CORSAIR plastic model in any condition, even with back half damaged or missing Request: old or damaged plane models (farmington, NH) - Looking for old and or damaged plastic air plane models; F4U CORSAIR-1!, x2 1:18 scale, A1D SKYRAIDER 1:18 scale x2+, F18 1:32 scale, MIG-29 1:32 scale, MIG-23 or 27 1:32 scale, Request: F-16 1:48 scale (farmington, NH) - I am looking for a plastic model of the F-16 in 1:48 scale. "ANY" condition. Also Mig-29 in 1:32 scale. ANY condition. Also F-18 (any version) in 1:32 scale. ANY condition. Request: 1#@ scale airplane models any condition (farmington, NH) - I am looking for the following models in 1:32 scale, Mig -27, Mig-29, F6F hellcat, A1D SKYRAIDER. In 1:18 scale, F4U Corsair A1D SKYRAIDER, F6F Hellcat. "Any condition eve broken up is OK! eassonfam@yahoo.com Offer: 240 volt AC Air conditioner (farmington, NH) - This is a large 240 volt AC, large window Air conditioner purchased in Tennessee for full home cooling. While it is forty years old it has been used intermitingly during some summers. It does need freon recharging. Request: 1:18 scale F4U corsair,1:32 scale A1D sk (farmington, NH) - I am looking for a 1:18 scale F4u CORSAIR and a !:32 scale A1D sky raider. Any condition ! Even broken, missing parts ! Request: 1:18 scale F4U corsair,1:32 scale A1D sk (farmington, NH) - I am looking for a 1:18 scale F4u CORSAIR and a !:32 scale A1D sky raider.