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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Cycling helmet (Leamington spa CV31) Received - Hi I've voulentered for the NHS and am using my bicycle to get around. Realised I should probably be doing this with a helmet! Please leave outside the door for me to collect!! Offer: Support Coronavirus (Leamington spa CV31) - If anyone at all needs any support over the coming weeks please contact me. I am more than willing to go shopping or support people who can't leave their houses in any way I can. I am a local teacher and DBS checked Louise Request: Maths & English workbooks (Leamington spa CV31) Received - I'm looking for any ks3 maths or English Workbooks I don't mind if they're half completed Thanks 😀 Request: A level and GCSE study guide (CV31) Received - Any English literature or language study guide GCSE or A level please!!! Request: Bicycle (CV31) Received - I'm looking for a working adult bicycle please. Mine was stolen and I'm quite lost without it Offer: Curtains (Leamington spa) - Curtains Approx 2m drop Kfoely design Think lined
Offer: 26x1.9 iner tube (Leamington spa) - Bicycle inner tube 26x1. 9
Offer: Bags (Leamington spa) Gifted - Stuffed bag of shopping bags
Offer: Radio control car (Leamington spa) Gifted - Brand new radio control car
Offer: 2x smart watches (Leamington spa) Gifted - I don't have chargers so not sure if they work sorry. Please feel free to take them and see what you can do One is Pebble and the other is unbranded
Offer: Thin inner tube (Leamington spa) - Thin bicycle inner tube See pics
Offer: Curtain hooks (Leamington spa) Gifted - 2 unopened packs of curtain hooks
Offer: Door handles (Leamington spa) Gifted - New silver door handles
Offer: Light shade (Leamington spa) Gifted - Paper light shade. Clips closed to form a full shade
Offer: Lamp stand (Leamington spa) Gifted - Very pretty lamp stand
Offer: Bedding (Leamington spa) - Mixed bedding 6pillow cases Pink flat under sheet Duvet cover
Offer: Bags (Leamington spa) Gifted - Stuffed bag of shipping bags
Offer: Lemon juicer (Leamington spa) Gifted - Lemon juicer with container
Offer: Takeaway cups and bottles (Leamington spa) Gifted - 2x bottles and a Costa take away cup
Offer: Water bottle with filters (Leamington spa) Gifted - Small water bottle with 3x filters. Never used
Offer: Decorative glasses (Leamington spa) Gifted - 5x decorative glasses For tea lights or for drinking - work for both!
Offer: Silver working toaster (Leamington spa) Withdrawn - 2slice working toaster Silver Offer: Light (Leamington spa) - Think it's for a motorbike as it had a wire with it. Sorry can't be more informative !!
Offer: Extractor fan (Leamington spa) Gifted - Bran new extractor fan
Offer: Carpet grip -1m approx (CV31) Gifted - Brand new carpet grip for edging by a door Brand new
Request: Bird bath (CV31) - Hi I'm looking for a bird bath please Request: Candles (CV31) - Looking for some medium/large candles please. And colour or style!! 😊 Offer: 2x free guest pass Breedon Spa (Castle Donnington) Gifted - I have 2 free guest passes for Breedon priory health club No expiry date on them Can be used for a full day in the health club
Offer: Bicycle lights and shoe clips (CV31) Gifted - Selection of xuje lights with attachmenta and bike shoe clips
Offer: Running pace monitor (CV31) Gifted - Working pace monitor Button on the side isn't great but functions still work Comes worh heart rate monitor and charger