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Request: perspex (Causewayhead FK9) - has anyone got any Perspex or glass to make a coldframe. Offer: Tableware (Causewayhead FK9) - has any one got any use of the kitchen items in the photo, can drop off local Stirling areas.
Photo of free Tableware (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: glass turntable microwave plate (Causewayhead FK9) - has anyone got a glass turntable plate for a microwave , ours broke. Request: greenhouse glass (Causewayhead FK9) - has anyone got any spare greenhouse glass panes they dont use . I need about six panes. Request: old wrought iron garden chair (Causewayhead FK9) - has anyone got a old wrought iron garden chair that needs refurbished, I need one more to complete a set. no problem to collect. Offer: Three seater sofa (Causewayhead FK9) - cream leather three seater sofa good condition only slight wear on centre seat free to anyone who can use it and pick it up
Photo of free Three seater sofa (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: Double mattress (Causewayhead FK9) - WANTED for a family member double mattress if you have one spare. Offer: TV cabinet (Causewayhead FK9) Gifted - FREE to collect to good to dump, large tv cabinet dismanteled for easy collection.
Photo of free TV cabinet (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: Packing Boxes (Causewayhead FK9) - my son is moving to his new flat next week and needs a few packing boxes. Request: wheelbarrow wheel (Causewayhead FK9) Received - I need a tyre and inner tube or complete wheel for my broken wheel barrow carnt seem to find my size. Offer: free firewood (Causewayhead FK9) - Stripped from inside Caravan , nice clean kindle type wood 1inch x 1inch and 1 inch x 2 inch lenghts of wood also broken up plywood free to collect call or text to 07938672107 for quick reply [Braehead area]
Photo of free free firewood (Causewayhead FK9)
Photo of free free firewood (Causewayhead FK9)
Photo of free free firewood (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: dell laptop charger (Causewayhead FK9) Received - has anyone got fairly old 19.5v 3.34a DELL mains Laptop charger they no longer need. Offer: Single mattress (Causewayhead FK9) Gifted - anyone in need of a single mattress two small stains on one side I think someone may need it or I take it to the dump , I can drop it off local areas only. my contact no is 07938672107 Jim
Photo of free Single mattress (Causewayhead FK9)
Photo of free Single mattress (Causewayhead FK9)
Photo of free Single mattress (Causewayhead FK9)
Photo of free Single mattress (Causewayhead FK9)
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Request: Cardboard packing boxes (Causewayhead FK9) Received - has anyone got any packing boxes for a neighbour moving home Request: Shed roofing felt (Causewayhead FK9) Received - has anyone got any leftover roofing felt they dont need Offer: Books (Causewayhead FK9) - DRIVING TEST BOOKS hope thease books will help someone Pass their test
Photo of free Books (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: camp bed (Causewayhead FK9) - we need a extra camp bed for camping out ASAP if anyone has one they no longer use Offer: double bed base (Causewayhead FK9) Gifted - RED double bed base still of use to someone, folds inhalf to transport Request: Double mattress (Causewayhead FK9) Received - wanted a double mattress for a relation can collect Request: Concrete paving slabs (Causewayhead FK9) - WANTED 2x 2 paving slabs, will uplift them if required about 10. Request: Washing machine (Causewayhead FK9) Received - my daughter in laws washing machine has broken down beyond repair has anyone got one they no longer need, can collect asap. Request: paving slab (Causewayhead FK9) Received - WANTED one 3ft x 2ft paving slab to finish a garden patio, can collect a.s.a.p. Request: double mattress (Causewayhead FK9) Received - WANTED double mattress for a relative , can collect anytime, contact no 07938672107. Request: roofing timber (Causewayhead FK9) Received - wanted a small amount of roofing timber, anykind, planks boards etc to fix a childs outdoor wendy house Offer: bicycle (Causewayhead FK9) - boys bicycle for a young boy to fix small repairs and get on the road, a good wee project
Photo of free bicycle (Causewayhead FK9)
Request: Nappy bin (Causewayhead FK9) Received - nappy bin wanted for a person in need Offer: internal door (Causewayhead FK9) Gifted - 15 pane glass panel door 194cm high x 80.5cm wide x 35mm thick
Photo of free internal door (Causewayhead FK9)
Offer: wheelbarrow (Causewayhead FK9) Gifted - rusty but still does the job, good wheel/tyre , would do an allotment or large garden Offer: kitchen items (Causewayhead FK9) - KITCHEN items knifes forks spoons etc , kettle , tostie may be of use to someone Offer: plantpots (Causewayhead FK9) - greenhouse clearout various plantpots, prefer all to go in one collection