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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Glass shelves (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Large piece of beveled glass for bureau or table: 16 3/4 in by 25 1/2 in. (No picture- one corner has a small chip) 2 shelves for medicine cabinet: 13 in by 4 in. 2 shelves for medicine cabinet: 18 in by 5 in.
Photo of free Glass shelves (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Garment rack (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - White metal garment rack. Has been disassembled already, so no picture. But in perfect condition. Free: Vintage movie screen (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Working condition. Screen collapses and folds up for storage.
Photo of free Vintage movie screen (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Hangers (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Colorful wire and plastic hangers. Also wooden pant/ skirt hangers.
Photo of free Hangers (Springfield (Delco))
Photo of free Hangers (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Name tags (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - About 20 of the ones you hang around your neck, with the stretchable neck attachers. Also 10 clip on type, and 7 wallet size holders.
Photo of free Name tags (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Luggage tags (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - For travel bags or briefcases
Photo of free Luggage tags (Springfield (Delco))
Free: 2 puzzles (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Triangular puzzles, pretty tricky!
Photo of free 2 puzzles (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Christmas paper (Springfield (Delco)) - Christmas paper for crafters, maybe? Large bag of Christmas paper and small bag of smaller scraps. All used, but perfect for crafts. ( or people like me who save paper to wrap smaller gifts).
Photo of free Christmas paper (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Veils for play (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Communion veils, but Could be used for play as princesses?
Photo of free Veils for play (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Tray table tops (Springfield (Delco)) Withdrawn - No legs for them. All 3 are the same.
Photo of free Tray table tops (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Shower assists (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Used but have been washed with bleach.
Photo of free Shower assists (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Spool of weedwacker string (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Black and Decker spool , AF-100-BKP, not used. Got a different weedwacker and this one doesn’t fit.
Photo of free Spool of weedwacker string (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Linksys router (Springfield (Springfield (Delco)) Withdrawn - Model WRT160N. Never used. Free: Metal screen protector (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Don’t have the screws though. Used on a screen to protect from pet claws. Free: Plastic snack table (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - White with black design Free: Tray table tops (Springfield (Springfield (Delco)) Withdrawn - No legs for them. All 3 are the same.
Photo of free Tray table tops (Springfield (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Headphones (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Various computer headphones, and a couple with a radio(need batteries), and an earbud case. Free: Various light bulbs (Springfield (Delco)) Withdrawn - Two 48 in fluorescent bulbs, 2 globe bulbs, 3 black light bulbs
Free: Westinghouse Iron (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Old Westinghouse iron. Works fine. Good condition. Spray and steam. Face needs cleaning but does not stick. Free: 2 sofa pillows (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - They don’t match our colors anymore. Shades of Green and beige. Free: 2 puzzles (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Triangular puzzles, pretty tricky! Unfortunately missing one piece on one of them, that will make it even harder!
Photo of free 2 puzzles (Springfield (Delco))
Free: 2 card games, and 2 puzzle games (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Miles Bornes(French game) , but has English instructions also. 5 Alive card game, Tangram , and Tangoes Free: Tea lights and lighter (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Half used bag of tea lights ( about 50 remain). 3 click lighters Free: Key chain collection (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Random key chains , please take all. Free: Advent speakers (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Speakers , maker is Advent I don’t know anything about them. About 10.5 inches high. They have been in a closet for 20 years. There is a compartment for batteries also.
Photo of free Advent speakers (Springfield (Delco))
Photo of free Advent speakers (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Vintage instruction bochures (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - How to brochures from Channel, Mr. good buys, and Hechinger. Maybe somebody collects these? Almost the whole series from Channel.
Photo of free Vintage instruction bochures (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Desk chair (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Swivel chair, very good condition, just needs some cleaning in the arms.
Photo of free Desk chair (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Coffee table (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Coffee table Very sturdy. Top has some wear. 54 in long, 23 in wide, 16 high. Shelf underneath.
Photo of free Coffee table (Springfield (Delco))
Photo of free Coffee table (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Plastic pill bottles (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Bag of plastic medicine bottles, clean and no labels. For crafts maybe?
Photo of free Plastic pill bottles (Springfield (Delco))
Free: Egg cartons (Springfield (Delco)) Gifted - Empty egg cartons for anyone who has chickens, and can use them for eggs. Or for crafts, etc. I have 12 of them.
Photo of free Egg cartons (Springfield (Delco))