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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: IKEA bookshelf(?) (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Approx. 3x3’ beige; solid, good condition.
Offer: “Husband” beanbag pillow (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Beige, very good condition, pet-free home. By Yogibo, very comfortable.
Offer: Floor lamp standing (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Close to 6’ tall, 10” wide. Shade inside the ornate wicker lacing is soft yellow. Very cool, works perfectly, lightbulbs included, just no space for it.
Offer: Flash give—wall mirrors (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Good condition, must be picked up today (Sunday). Take one, two, or all three.
Offer: Steam iron (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - It works
Offer: Braun food processor (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Works great. Two small chips in exterior of clear plastic part, doesn’t affect performance or integrity. Porch pickup.
Request: XBox 1S games (Briarcliff Manor) - Two boys need games! Request: Pizza stone (Briarcliff Manor) - Love making pizza, don’t have the right equipment. Also wishing for peel and cutter. Request: Dart board backing and darts (Briarcliff Manor) - I have the dartboard but need the backing. I also have no darts! Would be interested in either, but if any fix up is involved I’ll never get to it, so must be in good condition. Thanks!! Request: Graphing calculators (Briarcliff Manor) - One or two needed for high school math Offer: iPhone 6Plus case (Briarcliff Manor) - Otter Box dark blue. Two piece. Super ultra protection. Porch pickup.
Request: Ladder (Briarcliff Manor) - Seeking a ladder 6-15 feet high in safe condition. Thanks! Request: Darts, dartboard backing (Briarcliff Manor) - I have the board, just hoping for a set of working darts in good condition and a board to protect the wall. Thanks! Request: Clarinet case (Briarcliff Manor) - Young musician needs new case for his grandfather’s 60-year-old clarinet... whose case is also 60 years old, and quite broken! With much appreciation for anyone who may help. Request: Ripstik (Briarcliff Manor) - Seeking a ripstik for my son. If you have one, it would make him very happy. Thank you! Offer: Enuresis kit (Briarcliff Manor) Gifted - Never used. To help kids/adolescents with bed wetting. Top of the line, rather expensive. Offer: Piano bench (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Must be picked up Sunday 11/26. Monday morning the sanitation crew arrives. Solid. Old. Not pretty. Opens up for storage. Works perfectly. You will play piano. Offer: Dining table, dresser (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - UPDATED 11/25: Taken: Dresser Table comes with benches. 24” High, 36” wise, 54” Long. Expands to I don’t know how much more. Very VERY solid. Real wood. Medium brown. Legs must come off for moving. Dresser is 51” wide, 18” deep, 29” tall, mirror adds 44”. Mirror slides off for moving. Two-person job, bring your own help please. Dresser and table can fit in a Subaru Outback. I am not available for helping move or load (but I can hold doors open and make helpful comments). One steep flight of narrow stairs without a landing. Must bring your own wrench for hex nuts to unbolt legs of table. Not sure diameter of hex nuts so adjustable wrench advised. Dresser is pressed wood. Very heavy. Deadline for pickup is Sunday afternoon. Take one or both. Offer: Plates and side dishes (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Sunday evening deadline for pickup. 10.5” and 7.5” diameter. Six large, ten small. Given by a good friend from his mother, in a time of need. Used lovingly. One has a magic genie if you prepare the right food for it. Offer: Serving bowl (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Brings good luck. Deadline for pickup Sunday evening. Offer: Kitchen knives (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Deadline for pickup Sunday evening. Gifted by good friends in a time of need. Passing it on. Offer: kitchen stuff and a lamp (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Some rust spots on standing lamp. Works great. Take some or all. Deadline Sunday evening. Given to me by good friends in a time of need, passing it along. Request: Bar stools (Thornwood, Westchester) - For new home, on a budget. Request: Skateboard (Thornwood, Westchester) - My son lost his beloved skateboard to a car recently and still haven’t found a replacement... might you have one? Request: Mountain bikes (Thornwood, Westchester) - Sons fell in love with mountain biking over the summer. Have 1, 2, or 3 mountain (not hybrid) bikes to part with and make two boys + dad very happy? Ok if some work needed. Request: Skateboard (Thornwood, Westchester) - 11-year-old son lost his beloved skateboard to a car--is heartbroken and would be grateful for a replacement Offer: Game for xbox360 (Thornwood, Westchester) Gifted - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Was gifted to me; I assume it works; looks clean. Porch pickup. Request: Lefty baseball glove (Thornwood, Westchester) - Good condition, size 11 or larger. Request: Iron & ironing board (Thornwood, Westchester) - In working condition please, thank you Request: Soccer goals (Thornwood, Westchester) - For back yard use. One or two. Can be a little bigger than pictured, but not by much. You'd make two soccer-loving boys in a new apartment very happy!