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Offer: Frame (CT6) Gifted - Collection from Herne Bay. A double bed ottoman frame, perfect for wall mounting and hanging pots for flowers and herbs, etc on. Would look wonderful on a garden wall.
Photo of free Frame (CT6)
Offer: Craft items (CT6) Gifted - Cross stitch charts, cross stitch booklets. Collection from CT6. No time wasters please.
Photo of free Craft items (CT6)
Photo of free Craft items (CT6)
Offer: A4 Sleeves for Ring binders. (CT6) Withdrawn - Quite a few clear A4 sleeves for ring binders, I've been told students still use them and people with knitting patterns. Offer: Speaker stands (CT6) Gifted - Speaker stands 2' high in reasonably good condition, been stored in attic. Herne Bay
Photo of free Speaker stands (CT6)
Request: CD Jewel Cases (CT6) Withdrawn - Would like some empty CD Jewel cases if anyone has some to offer please. Offer: Plastic bags (CT6) Withdrawn - I have quite a few grey and clear plastic bags that I've received items in from ebay. If you are an ebay seller you might be interested in them to send items to your buyers, or you might like them to store other items in. The bags are various sizes from small to large, most still have an address label on, but you can stick another label over or a damp sponge will remove the original label. I know a lot of Ebay sellers now do this. Offer: Christmas tree baubles & tinsel (CT6) Gifted - A carrier bag of christmas tree baubles and tinsel, some of the baubles never used, mixture of medium and small size in different colours and designs. Herne Bay Offer: Iron on prints (CT6) Gifted - Two very large books of iron on prints for embroidery. These were given to me, so a couple of the prints had been cut out, but there are a lot in each book and some are very large, with a mixture of flowers, animals and fruits, children's characters and numbers, etc. Please be aware that these are outlines for embroidery.
Photo of free Iron on prints (CT6)
Offer: Velour Fabric (CT6) Gifted - Lovely fabric, ideal for making animals, soft toys etc.
Photo of free Velour Fabric (CT6)
Offer: Large Cake Tin 10"x10" (CT6) Gifted - Cake tin used once to make wedding cake 10" x 10". Bottom release for easy cake removal, 2 3/4" deep.
Photo of free Large Cake Tin 10"x10" (CT6)
Offer: Assorted Fabric (CT6) Gifted - Bundle of fabric for dressmaking, fancy dress costumes, etc. Lots of different colours and textures including, wedding dress, satin, lace, some in very good lengths.
Photo of free Assorted Fabric (CT6)
Request: Wind up ticking clock (CT6) Withdrawn - Would anyone have an old fashioned wind up ticking clock please, I'm trying to overcome my Tinnitus of a night so I can sleep without sleeping tablets. Thank you for reading my request. Offer: Double Duvet (CT6) Gifted - Double duvet, used a couple of times, as new 10.5 tog. Offer: Large Rotary Line (CT6) Gifted - Large rotary line to offer, just finished using it, so it's still in very usable condition. Offer: Bag full of glass lanterns (CT6) Gifted - I have a bag of small open glass lanterns with little metal wires attached to hang up. They are mostly clear as the colour washed off and they were purchased from Morrisons. Offer: Turf (CT6) Gifted - We have dug up some grass turf from our back garden, a lot of it is in very good condition and has thick slices of soil attached, as when turf is purchased. It's all free and would make a good lawn for front or back garden. We live in Herne Bay and as it's outside our frount can be taken any time, quite a lot to go . Offer: Plastic Garden Chairs & Table (CT6) Gifted - Four plastic garden chairs on offer, one has a little crack at the top, but could be glued together, the other three are in very good condition and very comfortable. Green round table with hole for parasol, well used but might do someone a turn, the legs do become detached for storage in a shed. We need these gone a.s.a.p, so it's a case of who ever can collect quickly can have them. Request: Perennial & evergreen plants (CT6) Expired - I want to change my garden into a more cottage garden setting and wonder if anyone could offer me some perennial or evergreen plants and shrubs. It would be very helpful if it's not too far from Herne Bay area due to petrol costs. I'm also trying to find a wooden bench if anyone has one available. Thank you for reading my request. Request: Fish Pond (CT6) Received - Would like a medium sized fish pond please for my wildlife, if anyone has one they don't want. I have a good colony of Newts, unfortunately because the wildlife pond is rather small, they eat all the tadpoles, this year, so I need a larger pond to accommodate both species. Would appreciate something that would hold approx 400ltr. Thank you for reading my request<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Offer: Three Blueberry bushes (CT6) Gifted - I have three blueberry bushes, one with flowers on and the other two not quite ready to flower. They are in pots, but when collected will be removed from the pots as I wish to keep them. It's a case of the first person who can come and collect them can have them. Please don't waste my time saying they are wanted but can't collect till some time in the the future, I really need them taken promptly.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Offer: Variegated Holly bush (CT6) Gifted - I have a lovely variegated holly bush that needs rehoming, it is in the ground, but has already been moved once and is doing well, pretty sure it will take another move with some tlc. The bush is about 2' high and needs to go a.s.a.p, due to my not being able to have it in my garden, for medical reasons. I'm quite happy to dig and lift it for whoever would like it.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Request: Bush Cherry tomato plants (CT6) Received - Would anyone have a couple of bush cherry tomato plants they could offer me please in the Herne Bay area. Thank you for reading my request.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Request: decking (CT6) Received - Would anyone have a few bits of decking they don't want please, I'm trying to make boxes for Bee and Butterfly friendly plants and would like to make a box for herbs first. Thank you for reading my request.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Offer: Paraffin Greenhouse Heater (CT6) Gifted - In full working order and first person who can collect it can have it. If not taken will be going to the tip, such a shame if it does.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br />
Photo of free Paraffin Greenhouse Heater (CT6)
Offer: Plastic staging (CT6) Gifted - Plastic staging used in greenhouse and shed, free to anyone who would like it. Very strong and useful, but does need a clean, all legs with it, not all the shelves are perfect, but most of them are. Picture shows one still assembled and others not. Can be fitted for various heights.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br />
Photo of free Plastic staging (CT6)
Photo of free Plastic staging (CT6)
Offer: Veg and flower seeds (CT6) Gifted - A large selection of veg and flower seeds, some packets open, quite a lot still sealed. First to collect can have them.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Request: Office chair (CT6) Received - Would like an adjustable office chair please with no arms, due to a bad back after chemotherapy, I've been advised to use one.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Offer: Aloe Vera plants (CT6) Gifted - Three small Aloe Vera plants, two are plants in pots on their own and one pot has two or three small baby plants. Need to go as soon as possible.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Offer: Plant Pots (CT6) Gifted - Lots of plant pots, different sizes and shapes, all plastic.<br><br><br /><br /> <br /><br /> Request: Jigsaw Puzzles (CT6) Expired - Would like a jigsaw puzzle please for adults. Would prefer to collect in the Herne Bay area, don't mind how big, as long as all the pieces are in the box. Thank you for reading my request.