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Request: Girls school backpack (Christchurch) - Girls school backpack wanted. Fit for A3 size note. 20l or more. Thank you so much. Request: Off cut fabric (Christchurch) - Hi, If you work with fabric, and have off cut even bits, may I have it please? I would like to have natural materials as cottons and linens. Thank you. Request: Child car booster seat 15-36kg (Christchurch) Withdrawn - Hi , My little one grows so quick and I am looking for car booster seat 15-36 kg. If you won't need any more, could we use it, please? Thank you. Request: Cotton fabric (Christchurch) Expired - Hi I am looking for some cotton fabric with kiwianna or any suits for the child and any size okay. I suppose I could have the material which the rest of your project. Thank you. Request: Roman blind (Christchurch) Expired - If you doesn't use your Roman blind, may I have it, please? Request: Sewing trash (Christchurch) Expired - Thread, domestic sewing machine foot, needles, etc any. If you doesn't use, I would like to have things for sewing. Thank you. Request: cd player (Christchurch) Received - If you have free CD player, please. Request: Opawa school uniforms (Opawa) Expired - I am looking for used opawa school uniforms. Any size from size4. If your child is out growing, could you give it my daughter who will start school next year. Thank you. Request: sewing machine (st.martins) Expired - If you have no longer need sewing machine, may I have it, please? Thank you. Request: sewing machine (st.martins) Expired - If you don't use any more, please! Request: Numicon (st.martins) Expired - My child need Numicon. Please. Request: Garden Water Timer & Sorker Hose (st.martins) Expired - If someone have free Garden Water Timer & Sorker Hose, could you please contact! Thank you Request: life jacket (st.martins) Expired - needs life jacket for adults and child. Request: sewing machine (st.martins) Expired - wants a sewing machine. Request: bar stool (st.martins) Expired - I want extra bar stool for visitors. Request: vaccum cleaner (st.martins) Expired - Do you have a spare? It is Just broken my one. Request: ants killer (st.martins) Expired - too many ants in the house. need the ants killer. Request: flower pot (st.martins) Expired - two big flower pot wanted.(no plastic) Request: Dehumidifier (st.martins) Expired - Do you have an extra Dehumidifier for me? Request: camping table & chairs (Opawa) Expired - Someone have a Camping table and Chairs? Request: plastic plates, bowls, knifes & spoons (Opawa) Expired - For kids party, Could you give us plastic plates, bowls, knifes & spoons,please? Request: Kids Wooden Table & Chair (Opawa) Expired - Someone has Wooden Kids Table & Chair? Request: Audio speaker (St. Martins) Received - small Audio speaker for computer or TV Request: Freeview box (St. Martins) Received - My Freeview box doesn't work. Do you have one for me? Request: bubble wrap sheets (St. Marthins) Expired - I am looking for big bubble wrap sheets. If you have good condition new or used, please contact me! Thank you.