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Offer: Soap powder (Pebsham TN40) - I didnt know soap powder had sell by date. But this has never been opened. Xxl box soap powder from lidl. I use the pods now. I would think its ok, hasnt been anywhere damp. To be collected Offer: 2 seat pads (Pebsham TN40) - Hi I ordered 6 dining chairs. Fabric seats. 2 of the seat pads came slightly damaged so I was able to get replacement. Any use to anyone Shame to put in bin. To be collected
Offer: Alcohol (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - My neighbour had a clear out and gave me this unopened bottle of beefeater gin. I do drink gin but pink gin and flavoured. Its an old bottle but I googled and if it's not opened it's fine. 112cl bottle. Might be good to make sloe gin. To be collected
Offer: Chair (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have 6 very good condition imitation leather dining chairs in chocolate brown Must be collected Can be collected straight away
Offer: Lg cardboard box (Pebsham TN40) Withdrawn - I have a big cardboard box with egg case packing and paper. May be good to someone. To be collected
Offer: Blow up mattress (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Been cleaning out my cupboard and come across a double inflatable mattress that I dont need. Got another also that I will keep. It's in very good condition and has a proper under lining. Suitable for camping or those extra guests staying at xmas. Use with an electric pump and it will be ready to use straight away. Can be flattened for storage. To be collected Offer: Slate placemats (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Have 4 large good condition black slate place mats. To be collected
Offer: Garden bench (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - This is a handmade large garden bench. Given to me by neighbour years ago. It has been painted several times . Needs a bit of TLC. The top bit where it was carved is coming away, so just needs sawing down, sandpaper and painted. Good sturdy legs. Needs to be collected. It's very long and heavy because of the legs. Fancy a DIY project!
Request: Gardener (Pebsham TN40) Received - I'm after someone who loves gardening, mowing grass etc. Got a large garden, own petrol mower etc, but unable to do it due to my health, would someone be able to help out. Maybe come round and have a chat Request: Hose pipe (Pebsham TN40) Received - If anyone has a spare garden hose pipe, I need about 5ft-6ft to add to my existing hose. Bexhill area please Request: Hedge trimmer (Pebsham TN40) Received - Looking for a hedge trimmer, electric or battery. My partner can collect it as I dont drive. Thanks . Preferably bexhill area or near by Offer: Wooden garden planter (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I bought this other wk, leg damaged in transit. Company given me refund. If this is any use to anyone. It needs to be assembled. Maybe u can fix the leg? To be collected
Offer: Bench (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have a painted wooden bench with iron legs. One slat at the front is missing. I've had this years, so it's been to and fro to different houses! To be collected
Offer: Toshiba 22" tv (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have a good condition working Toshiba 22" TV. Ideal for guest room or small lounge. I used to use it in spare room. Comes with remote control. Bought in Christmas 2017. East setup on TV. To be collected
Offer: Light weight petrol mower (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - My son mows my grass for me, but I want to change my mower. Last cut was done in late autumn. So it will probably need a petrol change. I have quite a good size garden, which it cuts for. Comes with grass collector on back. I will see if I can find the manual but if not, can go through with you , how to start mower etc. To be collected
Offer: Wheat and lavender heat pads (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Have 3 heat pads. You pop them.in microwave for few minutes and they ease your pains. Nothing wrong with them, I just need bigger ones for my all over pain. To be collected Like new, one still in packet
Offer: Ceramic quiche dish (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Very good condition ceramic quiche/flan dish. Dinner plate size. To be collected
Offer: Plates and bowls (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have 4 plain bowls and 4 embossed bowls. The embossed are named. Quite deep bowls, so can be used not just for pud! To be collected
Offer: Metal food heaters (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have two metal food heaters that I used to use when cooking a curry or Chinese. You place tea lights inside and the dishes on top. I used to have them on dining table, so food was served on the table. To be collected
Offer: mugs (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have 2 large latte mugs, 2 butterfly mugs . Very good condition. I also have a meerkat mug and a pink flower mug if you want them. To be collected
Offer: Bath towels (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have 4 large bath sheets aqua 4 bath towels aqua. The bath towels are like new because hardly used. The bath sheets bit faded because lots of washing. lovely and soft fabric. 100% cotton. Lovely condition. I've changed my colours of my towels. I usually take old towels to my vets for the poorly animals, but these are like brand new. To be collected
Offer: Pigeon deterrent spikes (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Plastic pigeon deterrent spikes with silicon gel glue also. Keep those pesky pigeons away. Attach to windows ledges etc. The silicon adhesive is toxic free. To be collected
Offer: Office Supplies (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Going through my cupboards and having clear out. I have a plastic box full of office bits , pens, pencils, note books, rubber bands etc. Any use to anyone. To be collected
Offer: Chair (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Have one wooden chair suitable for office or study. Good condition. Folds flat for storage. To be collected
Offer: Solvent based glass painting paints (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have lots of bottles of glass painting paint. Theyve been opened but can still be used. Lots of different colours. These are solvent based. Get crafty and paint some glass! You paint on glass and then bake low in oven to have the paint set. Use with relief outliner that you can buy from craft shops. To be collected
Offer: Silk emulsion paint (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have a brand new 5litre tin of b and q Valspar silk emulsion paint in Beach hut blue.. It's a lovely subtle shade of blue, quite light. You wdnt see the colour if I took picture on the walls. Take a look in b and q at the colour chart. I bought 2 for the room, but it wasnt used. To be collected Offer: Textile (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have a good condition XL 3-4 seater cream throw , few marks on it but on underside so you cant really see. Thick material , can be washed in washing machine. To be collected
Offer: Carrier bags (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - I have so many plastic carrier bags that need to get rid of, I also have quite a lot of the aldi large bags , that are quite strong. Taking up too much space in my cupboards. Any one want them! To be collected Offer: Walking stick (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Have 2 purple flower extending walking sticks. Hard handles. To be collected Offer: Walking stick (Pebsham TN40) Gifted - Have 2 purple flower extending walking sticks. Hard handles. To be collected