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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 2 wardrobes (NW2) Gifted - Hi there! We are giving away 2 wardrobes in good condition. Will be great if you can collect it before the 20th of November. I live in Cricklewood (NW2) Thank you
Request: Desktop (NW2) - Hi there! I live in NW2 and I’m looking a desktop similar to the picture. If anyone is giving away one please contact me. Thanks!!!
Request: Turntable (NW2) - Hi there! I’m looking for a turntable so if anyone’s giving away one please contact me. Thank you!!! Request: Phone (NW2) - Hi there! I’m looking for a phone that I can install Whatsapp’s, it doesn’t matter which brand, model or size, I just need that works for using ws. Thank you! Request: Rollerblades (NW2) - Hi!! I’m looking for a pair of rollerblades in good condition size 5 (38). Starting this new activity! Thank you!!!! Debbie Request: Electric Heater (NW2) - Hi!! I’m new in London and I’m looking for a electric heater in good condition to bring home. If you have an extra one, please contact me!!!! Thank you!!!! Debbie Request: Tall Floor Lamp (NW2) - Hi there! I’m new in London and I’m looking for a tall floor lamp! I live in NW2 so we can move around! Thank you!! Debbie Request: Projector (Wood Green) - Hi there! Anyone giving away a projector in good and working condition? I’m needing one to use during my classes. Many thanks!!! Offer: Sofa bed (Wood Green) Gifted - Sofa bed, excellent condition Must go before Wednesday. Wood Green area Offer: Bag of mixes toys (Wood Green) - Could work if you work with kids (Childminder,etc) Wood Green Area Must go before Wednesday Thanks! Offer: Chair (Wood Green) - 4 chairs Wood Green area Must go before Friday Request: Turn table (Wood Green) - Hi there! I’m looking for a turn table in working condition. Does anybody giving away one??? Please contact me!!! Many thanks Debbie Request: Moving boxes (Wood Green) Received - Hi everybody!!! I'm looking for moving boxes as soon as possible,If anyone has a spares and want to give away will be great for me. TIA xx Debbie Request: Baby Trainers (Wood Green) Received - Hi Everybody! Does anyone giving away some baby trainers in good condition? Between sizes 19-22? For a little boy? Many thanks Debbie Request: TurnTable (Wood Green) - Hi there!!! I'm looking for a turntable if anyone is leaving free one, please contact me!!!! Many, many thanks!!!!! Debbie Request: Keyboard (Wood Green) - Hi there! I'm looking for a keyboard in good condition, I want to give to my son as his first one, and introduce him to the music!!! It will be appreciated (really, really) Many thanks Request: King size bed frame (Wood Green) - Hi there!!! We are looking for a king size bed frame in good condition. We live around Wood Green. Please send me a message if you can help us :) 07711281781 Debbie Request: Turntable (Wood Green) - Hi there!! Im looking for a turntable. It has to work!!! Thanks