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Offer: Kids' puzzles (Clayton Park) - Six puzzles for kids aged about 2 to 6 or so: one large cardboard floor puzzle of the alphabet with pictures, one wooden puzzle of Winnie the Pooh and friends (large pieces with little handles), one wooden puzzle of sea creatures, three cardboard puzzles. Offer: Humidifier (pink) (Clayton Park) Gifted - Life brand humidifier from Shoppers Drug Mart. Very good used condition, we just don't need it anymore. It looks like this: Offer: Nice lamp but not currently working (Clayton Park) - This would be a project for someone with repair skills. The lamp shade is broken at the spot where it attaches to the base, although the shade is in good shape. The base seems to have a loose connection inside and the bulb doesn't light up consistently. I hate to just throw it out but it is beyond our ability to fix.
Offer: Diaper cream (opened) (Clayton Park) - Both containers have been opened, but are still usable. One container Live Clean Baby ointment (about 1/3 left) and an almost full container of Zincofax (not good for cloth diapers, fine for disposables). Pick up in Clayton Park. Delivery may be possible in some areas. Offer: Various cans of paint (Clayton Park) - Can go separately or as a lot. Please specify which you would like to have. -Glidden Ultra Interior Latex Eggshell (pink beige)(gallon can, 1/2 full) -Behr Interior Semi-Gloss (light blue) (quart, 7/8 full) -Pittsburgh Sunproof Exterior House & Trim Paint 100% acrylic latex primer (1/8 full) -C-I-L Dulux Interior Hallways, Kids' Rooms & Family Rooms, Satin Acrylic Latex (light blue)(gallon can, 1/4 full) -Sico Interior Latex Acrylic Eggshell (Tiles of Florence/orange)(gallon can, 1/2 full) -Sico Interior Latex Acrylic Eggshell (Fried Rice/deep mauve-grey)(gallon can, 3/4 full)
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Offer: G cloth diapers (size adjustable) (Clayton Park) Gifted - These cloth diapers were used, but not by me. They came with a bunch of other cloth diapers and didn't suit my children. These are not appropriate for someone interested in trying cloth diapering for the first time. Best for someone who uses G diapers already. They are only the covers (5 of the covers), no inserts, and only one has the rubber liner. Delivery may be possible in the Halifax area.
Offer: Pocket-style cloth diapers (12-30m) (Clayton Park) Gifted - As with my other lot of cloth diapers, these are well-used and not appropriate for someone interested in trying cloth diapering for the first time. They are best suited to someone who just needs a few more diapers to get to the potty-training phase. There are 14 pocket diapers and 11 inserts (not necessarily the ones that originally came with the diapers), size 12-30 months (approximately). Delivery may be possible in the Halifax area.
Offer: Cloth diapers (12-30 months) (Clayton Park) Gifted - These cloth diapers are well-used and not appropriate for someone interested in trying cloth diapering for the first time. They are best suited to someone who just needs a few more diapers to get to the potty-training phase. :) These are covers for Bummi's/Thirsty's-style diapers. There are 7 covers (1 with Velcro that needs replacing), 5 inserts (not foldable, just flat) and 3 little liners (could also be used as wipes) in a cotton bag. Delivery may be possible in the Halifax area.
Offer: Single mattress (Clayton Park) Gifted - We picked this twin bed mattress up on give-away weekend from a neighbour and have decided we don't need it after all. Our home is smoke-free and pet-friendly, but this mattress has only been with us for a short time so we can't vouch for it. It looks to be in good condition. Our neighbour says it is many years old but has been in a spare room for several years. Delivery may be possible in some areas. No frame, just the mattress. Offer: Mini-scrapbook kit (Clayton Park) - This kit is unopened but many years old. Comes with little frames and stickers with sayings.
Offer: Men's Patagonia shirt, modified (Clayton Park) Gifted - This is a men's medium Patagonia sun shirt that was originally a hoodie. We modified it by removing the hood and now the neck is a bit wide for our purposes.
Offer: Three fabric bags (Clayton Park) Gifted - These are meant to be storage bags rather than carry bags. They have a velcro strap across the top, but they don't close tightly. Only lightly used. Pet-friendly, smoke-free home.
Offer: YellowPages (Halifax) (Clayton Park) Gifted - We received this but won't use it, if anyone needs a copy. Offer: NoseFrida for babies (Clayton Park) - Lightly used, thoroughly cleaned. Comes with box of filters, only two or three ever used.
Offer: Kids' blocks (Clayton Park) - This is an incomplete set of mismatched blocks, still lots of fun for building. One small, solid green ball also (for rolling, not throwing). Offer: Ball track toy (Clayton Park) Gifted - This is a fun toy that was kindly given to us by our neighbours when their grandchildren outgrew it. Our kids have enjoyed it but we find it a bit too long when it is set up. This is something to keep in mind for those interested: this is a long toy that does not come apart easily, although it's in pieces now. Comes with balls that roll down the track. Photo shows one part of the track; the others are in the blue bag beneath it.
Offer: Train toys (Clayton Park) Gifted - This is a castle train track with a little extra piece and one little Thomas train. It came to us second-hand but hasn't been used much in our house.
Offer: Queen bed (Clayton Park) Gifted - Queen-size mattress, box spring and metal frame. Missing one wheel but still works fine; we've been using it without for years. Good used condition. This bed is many years old but has been in our spare room. Smoke-free, pet-friendly home.
Offer: Closet organization system (Clayton Park) Gifted - This white metal closet organization system was in a small closet in our house. The dimensions are as follows: -bar across the top: 48" at its shortest up to 74" at its widest -1 small shelf 24 1/8" -1 medium shelf 32" -1 medium shelf 35" -2 small shelves 18 1/8" -1 vertical rod 68 3/4" (With the photos, I have included a picture of what it looked like in the closet originally.)
Offer: Small lidded basket (Clayton Park) Gifted - This small, two-handled basket has a beautiful painting on the lid by an artist from the Valley. The lid is slightly crooked (could possibly be fixed). Smoke-free, pet-friendly home.
Offer: Old iPad 1 (Clayton Park) - This is one of the original iPads, I believe, and it still works although it is very slow compared to newer models. Comes with charging cable and a soft case that was made for it.
Offer: Small mittens (very well used) (Clayton Park) - This pink mittens were used well and are no longer water-proof (see photos), but would still keep small hands warm. Worn by my daughter ages 4-5. Could be someone's back-up mittens, or instead of buying new mittens for the end of this winter.
Offer: Potty training travel toilet seat (Clayton Park) Gifted - Only used a handful of times. The idea is that you put it on toilet seats when you are away from home and have no potty for your toddler. Folds up into its carry bag. Smoke-free, pet-friendly home.
Offer: Baby shape-matching toy (Clayton Park) Gifted - Babies can push the shapes through the right hole into the box. Smoke-free, pet-friendly home. Fair offer policy applies. Delivery may be possible depending on location.
Offer: Pop-up toy for babies (Clayton Park) Gifted - Playskool toy featuring animals that babies pop up by pushing buttons and flipping switches. Fun for babies and toddlers up to around age two. Well-used but still works. Smoke-free, pet-friendly home. Fair offer policy applies. Delivery may be possible depending on location.
Offer: Little Tikes kitchen for babies (Clayton Park) Gifted - This little kitchen has been well-used but still works. It is small, for use by babies and young toddlers. My two-year-old has outgrown it. It still makes noise when you put the little pot on the "burner." Comes with a little pot, pan and ice cubes. Missing the little phone that went on the side. Fair offer policy applies. Delivery may be available depending on location.
Offer: Two pairs of bob skates (Clayton Park) Gifted - We received these from a family member and they are used, but we haven't actually tried them ourselves. One pair is missing a wing nut. Both pairs appear to be in good shape.
Offer: Black & Decker blender base & blade (Clayton Park) Gifted - If anyone is looking for a base for a Black & Decker blender, I have one. I broke the glass part and it's no longer available on the website I use to buy replacement parts. The model number is BL2010BGC. Comes with blade and lid.
Offer: Oster PrimaLatte espresso maker (Clayton Park) - I bought this espresso maker on Kijiji and it works well, but every once in a while, it leaks water on the counter. The leak comes from the water reservoir on the back, so if you keep it empty and only fill it when you want to use it, you should have no problems. I just never remember to do that. I have not had it leak while making coffee. There is a milk steamer on it. It did not come with the manual but I did find it online.
Offer: Nuna Pipa car seat pieces for stroller (Clayton Park) - Just found these parts but we no longer have the Nuna Pipa car seat. On the off chance anyone has a Nuna Pipa infant car seat and would like to have the pieces that allow you to use it with a compatible stroller, we have some to give away.