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Offer: polystyrene coving (Coleraine BT51) Withdrawn - Hiya I have some coving left over, it just might help someone out. Some mitred corners etc, thought I would offer this instead of putting it in the skips. GVquH
Offer: ink refill for printers (Coleraine BT51) Withdrawn - As seen on photographs, 1 bottle is a flusher it's as I'm sure you know is the bottle which looks pink. Doing a bit of clearing out and wondering if someone could use this.Also got other wee bits, syringe and the wee needle as seen on photos.
Offer: spine bars for paper work (Coleraine BT51) Withdrawn - Black, Blue & Red, doing some clearing out and wondering if someone could use these rather than putting in recycle skip.
Offer: Carlite bonding & carlite finishing (Coleraine BT51) Withdrawn - I have almost a bag of bonding left plus some finish. Also a couple other small bags of gypsum and mortar if any good to anyone. A bit out of date possibly but should still do its job. Thanks and God bless Patricia Offer: Lagging for pipes (Coleraine BT51) Withdrawn - Black lagging which was used for my copper pipes, which is now not required. If anyone interested please let me know.
Offer: 2 old Formica worktops (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - Hiya, I have a couple of old Formica bench worktops, were given to my daughter some years back but she has now brought them back as she doesn't need them. They were indoors for quite awhile but had to put them outdoors as couldn't store anymore, Offer: rubble (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - Hiya I have some rubble which is available to anyone needing to fill in.... mainly brick & other bits of debris suitable for filling in. Offer: Old wood (Coleraine BT51) - I have some old wood that could do for bonfires or the like, here for the taking. old larder door, wee cot end, sides of larder etc. Also a big piece of woodchip. Just message me & I will give you directions. Many thanks. God bless Pat Offer: 15 inch LG TV/PC (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - LG 15 inch TV/PC switches on etc but as I have no remote can't say other than that. Colour silver, will leave it on here until Thursday then will have to take it to a skip. If any good to anyone, you are most welcome, thank you for reading. Offer: various (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - I have a Candy dishwasher which I have got replaced as it developed a fault.... if anyone has or is electrical minded, you have a cheap dishwasher lol Also have a very sturdy box that my new one came in, if interested as it can come in handy for storage or moving home.
Offer: various (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - This dishwasher was purchased a year ago, but developed a fault where the water was coming in and going straight back out again.... Got a specialist from the company to sort it, to find next morning floor was flooded.... on his second visit he decided to replace it quoting there is a part missing???? My mind boggles here, it worked for a full yr, so part couldn't have been missing. If you are a person with know how, you could fix this machine, well looked after. COST £200 NEW. Also have a extremely sturdy box that it my replacement came in if any good to anyone.
Offer: Various (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - A selection of items, offering before take to charity shop or skip...... told there is a loose wire in the turntable and possibly guitar, I don't know how to check these lol they are for play station 2. other items are as seen. Thank you for looking anyway :-D Offer: various (Coleraine BT51) Gifted - Guitar Hero....... DJ Hero Turntable..... 1 x white toddler toilet seat.... 1 x blue toddler seat.... 1 x Execook food chopper 1 x toy cash register..... anyone can have the lot or you can select what if anything you do want..... God bless Request: guest bed or bed settee or bunk beds (Coleraine BT51) - Can I be forward here to ask if anyone has either of items mentioned above.... reason being.... my family of 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters have had to return home as they are in between houses. I did give them blow up beds but when they have animals, your guess :-) but now have no spare items to sleep on.... any of the above would be greatly appreciated God bless Pat x Offer: black contiplas wood. (Burnside) Gifted - There is still some of this black wood available for whomever would like it, plus two old white doors. Offer: Some black Contiplas wood for free (Burnside) Gifted - I have some black Contiplas wood, some not used but most has been from cabin beds, shelving, etc ATT!!------ THE WHITE, TEAK AND OLD WOOD FOR FIRE HAS JUST BEEN TAKEN THIS AFTERNOON. Blessings Pat Offer: some black & white contiplas wood. (Burnside) Gifted - I have quite a lot of this wood, some not used but most has been from cabin beds, shelving, etc there are also a couple pieces which were pull out desk tops. i could possibly sell it but if someone gets use from it, then so be it. just let me know. The teak wood won't have the runners though. Blessings Pat Offer: Mixture of old wood suitable for choppin (Burnside) Gifted - I have a pile of wood if anyone is interested in having it, it would come in handy for kindling etc. Also have a couple of old white doors, if would like to have them for firewood too. First come, take what you want!!