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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Kitchen table (Bents Green S11) - White formica. Old but sturdy. Approx. 114 cms. (45 ins) long by 79 cms. (31ins.) wide. Two fold-in flaps, so it would fit in a car.
Offer: Cooking accessories (Bents Green S11) Withdrawn - Patent veg slicer (hardly used), biscuit shapes and icing nozzles
Offer: Small Table (Bents Green S11) - Glass top, chrome legs which will unscrew. Size: top 14+ inches (37 cms.) square. 13+ inches high. Undamaged.
Offer: Dressing table (Bents Green S11) - Mid-brown wood. Fair condition. Adjustable mirror. 152 cms (60 ins) long by 43 cms (17 ins) front to back. Two big, four small easy-sliding drawers.
Offer: 3-Piece Suite (Bents Green S11) - 3-seater sofa and two armchairs. Covers much faded but not torn. Frame still solid. Can't find a fire certificate.
Offer: Large Painting (Bents Green S11) Gifted - A good print of a van Gogh landscape, in a light wooden frame. Good condition. 100 cms. long.
Offer: Large chest of drawers (Bents Green S11) - Well preserved polished top. Reasonable condition. Height about 84 cms. Length 107cms.
Offer: Large tablecloth (Bents Green S11) - White cotton damask. 70 x 84 inches. Reasonable condition. Offer: Girl's dressing table (Bents Green S11) - Attractive girl's dressing table, height to table top 67cm., 100cm. wide, plus mirror 63 cm. high. Two drawers. Plus stool if wanted.
Offer: Paper for drawing on (Bents Green S11) - Quite a lot of large plain paper suitable for children to draw or paint on Offer: Large metal cooking pot (Bents Green S11) - Le Creuset, cast iron. 4 pint size, turquoise.. Old but still good.
Offer: One upright chair. (Bents Green S11) - Old but solid. Seat pushes up for new cover.
Offer: Binoculars (Bents Green S11) - Small, 12x. Pentax. Good condition and with lens caps and case. Offer: Storage trunk (Bents Green S11) - Cane, round-topped, about 3 feet (90 cms.) long. Good condition.
Offer: Meat mincer (Bents Green S11) - Vacuum-sticks to table top. Hand operated. Little used.
Offer: Table, small and round (Bents Green S11) - Old but still shiny.
Offer: Cat scratching post (Bents Green S11) - Used but in good condition. With top platform - makes side table if ignored by cat!
Offer: Smrall bookcase (Bents Green S11) - Handmade, old, 4 shelves. 40 inches high, 22 wide. Offer: Electric sewing machine (Bents Green S11) - Singer electric sewing machice with all its bits. Old but works. Offer: Boxes for slide photos (Bents Green S11) - Several boxes for slides (transparencies). Good condition. Take one or more.
Offer: Wedding hat (Bents Green S11) - Hat for wedding etc. 'Phase Eight.' Brown straw.with decorative ribbon.. Good condition.Bents Green.
Offer: Large floor cushion (Bents Green S11) - Fairly good condition. Non-removable cover. Filled with softish beads.
Offer: Box for storing photo transparencies (Bents Green S11) - Plastic box containing slide holders, takes about 400. Also small flat, square boxes for 200.
Offer: Large floor cushion (Bents Green S11) - Floor cushion, 30 ins. (75cm.) square. Brown, patterned Filling is beads. Decent condition. Offer: Metal Wine Rack (Bents Green S11) - Black metal. In two, so 2×6 bottles. Offer: television (Bents Green S11) Gifted - Television in good working order. Sony, 26 inch flat screen. About 10 years old. Offer: Child's car booster seat. (Bents Green S11) Gifted - Good condition - outgrown by grandchildren. Offer: Wedding hat (Bents Green S11) - Bride's mother hat, worn once, light brown straw with decoration, in own box. You can see photos here: Offer: Two mahogany wardrobe doors (Bents Green S11) - Two doors from an antique (?) mahogany wardrobe. Each 67 by 22 inches. Good condition and with nice detailing. Offer: Large antique-style wardrobe (Bents Green S11) - Dark wood, with decorative beading, double hanging space, shelf and generous drawers.