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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Double Socket (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Double Socket never used.
Offer: " x Cabled Extentions Leads (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - These are available again, Any use to you. Thanks for looking. not sure length, maybe 2mtrs & 1 metre.
Offer: Various connectors & cables (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Collection of Cables etc. Any good to you.
Offer: Tool Roll (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have a tool roll no longer needed, if of use to anyone.
Offer: Reclining Sofa Mechanism (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - Replacement Recliner Mechanism, online videos on how to fit. any use to you.
Offer: BT Adapters (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Bt B/B adapters, any use to you.
Offer: Pair of adapters (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - Are these adapters any use to you.
Offer: Various adapters (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - 3 x adapters, can you make use of them.
Offer: Cabled Adapters (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - 2 x cabled adapters.
Request: Bubble Wrap (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Does anyone have any spare Bubble wrap any kind will do, Its for DIY projects. Thanks. Offer: Bacofoil Dispenser (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Plastic Easy Cut Dispenser, No Longer needed, Refills available most Stores. Saves you a bit of money.. &Keeps it out of Landfill...! Thanks for looking. Je3d
Offer: Chilli Plant (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - I have a Green Chilli Plant with growing Chillies if anyone can use it , I don't like chillies ,so it will just get composted. Thanks for looking.
Offer: Ceiling Lights (Flamborough YO15) Withdrawn - Triple Chrome Ceiling Light Fitting. Just replaced it was working fine when taken down by Electrician. Comes with 3 Bulbs with fitted Dust covers.
Offer: Bathtidy (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - Spring loaded bath-end tidy shelves, no longer needed. Thanks for looking.
Offer: Plastic carpet protector (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - A small piece of carpet protector, About 2ft x 1-1/2-ft any use to you? thanks for looking.
Offer: Small length Hosepipe (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - About 6ft length hosepipe, Thanks for looking Fair Offer Policy applies Offer: Dog Bed (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - Dog bed, removable cover, looks thin but is quite firm,Thanks for looking.
Offer: Fancy Wall Bricks (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have 16 Fancy Wall Bricks, if of use to anyone. Thanks for looking.
Offer: Small lengh Hosepip (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - About 6ft length hosepipe, Thanks for looking Offer: Raised Toilet Seat with Frame (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - This Item is clean & in good condition. No longer needed. Thanks for looking. Offer: Bird Feeders (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - 4 Fat ball & Suet Feeders. Just need a good scrub. Thanks for looking Offer: Table Lamp (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I Have a nice Double Table Lamp. Works fine, but has No Shades. Offer: Bird Water dish (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have a Plastic Bird Water Dish fits most metal Feeders.
Offer: Circular Saw (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have a Circular Saw, Works Fine, no blade.
Offer: A Lamp (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have A Lamp No longer needed. No Shades. Works Fine Thanks for looking. Offer: white flower Table light (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - This is a lovely Lamp, but some of the flowers have stopped lighting up, It really needs an Electrician to look and see if its fix-able ,then safe to use. So if you are Qualified & know what you're doing, its here waiting Be such a shame to throw it out.
Offer: Kids Disney Laptop tray (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - Kids Disney Laptop tray, showing Winnie & Tiger. Red back ground, also has Drinks holder & Lamp. its got a pink padded underside, with handle & zip to remove for washing. Thanks for looking. hardly used. Offer: Ingelnooke Log Maker (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - This uses pre-soaked paper, shredded stuff. looks like Paper Mache after you've filled it ,squeezed it,, then leave it to dry, you'll have paper log like bricks to use on you're Log burner/fire etc. I no longer have then strength or space to use it.will add a picture later. Thanks for looking. Offer: George Forman Grill (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have A Large G.F.Electric Grill, Hardly used. With drip tray & Plastic scraper. No Manual though. Should instruction on line. Will add Pics Later. Thanks for looking.
Offer: Glass Splashback (Flamborough YO15) Gifted - I have a 75cm x 60cm approx., Clear Glass Splashback, good condition with ready drilled screw holes. Having problems loading photo, sorry. Thanks for looking.