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Offer: Brand New Rice Cooker (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - Hello - my wife and I have a brand new Continental Rice Cooker (20 cups), which has never been removed from the box. It is as shown in the attached image.
Offer: 6 foot Christmas Tree with Stand (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - Hello Freecyclers - we have an extra Christmas Tree. It is not misshapen, even though it looks like it is in this photo. It is just that we hadn't straightened the branches out. Nothing wrong with it - at all. We also have some Christmas ornaments if some one is interested.
Request: Unicycle (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - Hello there - this may be a long shot, but I am wondering if anyone has a unicycle that they are not using. This is for me, so it will need to be an adult size. I have developed an interest in unicycling and would like to see if I have the stamina to learn how to ride. Thanks in advance. Offer: Kitchen Table - Solid Oak (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - Round table with two leafs which make it into an oval. Excellent condition. Can seat 6 - 8 comfortably.
Offer: Basketball Net, Outdoor (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - Adjustable height, has a broken backboard on the left side, but have used for last couple of years with a brace on it.
Request: Traxxas R/C Battery (Kitchener (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Withdrawn - I recognize that this may be a long shot, but my son's battery pack for his Traxxas R/C truck is malfunctioning, so I am wondering if someone out there has one that they are no longer using. Thanks Offer: Car Rooftop Carrier (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - Good shape, older rooftop carrier. I have been using it as a wood storage bunker for the last few years but no longer need it. It measures approx 52" L x 38" W x 22" D.
Request: Traxxas R/C Battery (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - I recognize that this may be a long shot, but my son's battery pack for his Traxxas R/C truck is malfunctioning, so I am wondering if someone out there has one that they are no longer using. Thanks Offer: Desk Chairs (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) Gifted - We have two desk chairs that are in perfect condition. We no longer have room for them.
Request: Wet Vac (Kitchener (Forest Hill)) - My wet vac "gave up the ghost" the other day. I would be grateful if someone has one that they no longer need. Offer: Pre-lit Christmas Tree (Kitchener) Gifted - 7.5 foot tall Noble Fir pre-lit Christmas Tree - all the lights work, except for the top section. You may be able to get them working, I never fiddled with it too much. Comes with original box, but as you will learn it doesn't all fit nicely back in the box.
Offer: Concrete Patio Stones (Kitchener) Gifted - 18" x 18" square concrete patio stones - approx 40 available. Brick pattern. Forest Hill part of Kitchener
Offer: Landscaping Stones - hexagon (Kitchener) Gifted - We have approx 70 to 80 square foot area of red landscaping stones.
Offer: Landscaping Stone (Kitchener) Gifted - Mixture of Landscaping Stones - approx 6 wheelbarrows full of clear stone with broken orange brick. If interested, I will help load into truck or utility trailer.
Offer: Educational Toys for ages 7+ (Kitchener) Gifted - Four educational experiment type toys for ages 7+
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Offer: Another ceiling light (Kitchener) Gifted - Formerly in a bedroom. Holds 2 incandescent bulbs. Looks great.
Offer: Ceiling Light (Kitchener) Gifted - Used ceiling light, formerly in a bedroom. Looks great, but has a small scratched area on it. You can see the scratch area in the bottom right of the photo. Light works great and holds 2 bulbs.
Request: Boys Bicycles (Kitchener) Received - Looking for two boys bicycles (boys 12 and 14). Stroke of bad luck last fall, my 14 year old had his new bicycle lock cut and bike stolen from in front of Forest Heights Library, while my 12 year old had his bicycle stolen out of our back yard. No result from Police Report. If you have a reasonable bike that you are not using, we would be glad to use it. Minor repairs, I am capable of doing to fix them up. Thanks in advance. Offer: Used Bolle Ski Helmet - Youth (Kitchener) Gifted - Hello - we have an adjustable Bolle Ski Helmet that will fit youth. Approximately ages 10-13.
Offer: 4 Foot Long Fluorescent Ceiling Fixtures (Kitchener) Gifted - I have 3 ceiling fixtures which each hold 2 four foot long fluorescent bulbs. One works perfectly well and has a plastic cover (as I just took it down today). The other two may work, but I do not know, even though they look to be in great shape. I also have 4 - four foot long fluroescent bulbs that go with them. Offer: Fish supplies (Kitchener) Gifted - My son is about to dismantle his aquarium and he has dried fish food flakes, water dechlorinator and beneficial bacteria for the fishtank. Offer: Programmable Light and Appliance Timer (Kitchener) Gifted - Made by Intermatic. Although it is a few years old, it was lightly used and never let us down. It still has the original packaging with instructions and it looks like the one shown here: Offer: Ceiling Fan (Kitchener) Gifted - This ceiling fan works fine, but it is an older style that no longer suits our house.
Request: Baby gate for small dog (Kitchener) - Hello - my family is eagerly waiting the arrival of our first puppy dog (ever). We are wondering if anyone has a baby gate (or similar) that we could have or borrow for a few months while the puppy gets used to the house. Just to keep her from heading down the stairs. Your consideration of this request is appreciated. Request: Small-Medium Dog Accessories (Kitchener) - Hello, my wife, kids and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new (first) dog. It is a Miniature Schnauzer. We would be grateful if anyone has a small kennel or other small-medium size dog accessories, such as dog water bottle and walking leash, which they no longer need, or other items we have not even though of. Best Regards, Greg Offer: Stack of books for children ages 8-??? (Kitchener) Gifted - Free to a good home a stack of about 20 books read by our boys. Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and several more.
Offer: Zipfy Mini Luge - snow sled (Kitchener) Gifted - Lightly used. As shown in this link :
Offer: Zipfy Mini Luge (Kitchener) Gifted - Lightly used - great for kids. :
Request: Floor jack and car jack stands (Kitchener) - Hello - I am looking to work on a vehicle and could use a floor jack (not scissor type which comes with an auto) and jack stands. If you have either of these items, I would make good use of them. Offer: Ornamental Plate Wall Hanger (Kitchener) Gifted - Great looking metal ornamental plate wall hanger. It is 54" tall and holds for plates. We used it for a few years but no room anymore.