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Request: office desk chair (Dartford) - Hello freeglers i am after a comfortable office desk chair for my son who is struggling to do schoolwork. He suffers from back pain and his current chair is very old and not really giving him the back support he needs. Thank you! Request: Hoover (Dartford) - Help! My Hoover has just died on me. Does anyone have an old working Hoover that they no Longer need? Request: Coat hangers (Dartford) Request: Dog grooming table with arm (Dartford) - Hi freeglers. I am after a dog grooming table with arm to attach to dog collar. Thanks Request: Dog grooming table (Dartford) - Dog grooming table with 2 attachments Request: Kitchen chrome tap (Dartford) - I am after a chrome kitchen tap with a pull out sprayer to replace the one i have. The tap is dripping and apparently its costs the same to replace the ceramic washer as the price of a new tap! I already posted this but a couple of freeglers thought this was an offer rather than a want so i am reposting. Thanks Freeglers!
Request: Chrome monobloc kitchen Tap (Dartford) - Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps Monobloc Dual Lever Chrome with pull out sprayer
Request: Platstation or xbox (Dartford) - Wanted any condition for my son aa i cannot afford new one. If you have one that is no longer used we would be very grateful Request: Dog grooming table (Dartford) - I am after a Dog grooming table with 2 loops as i am struggling to groom my wriggly cavapoo! Thanks Freeglers!
Request: Dog grooming arm (Dartford) - Any condition as long as it's functional - Thanks freeglers
Request: Jam jars with lids (Dartford) - Hi freeglers. I would love some jam jars as I want to make some jam. I am happy to pick up even 2 or 3 jars if you live in west Dartford. Many thanks! Request: Laptop tray (Dartford) - Hi freeglers I am after a laptop tray for my son who is bedridden. Ideally adjustable with a ledge to support a laptop. Many thanks.
Request: Batwing pillow (Dartford) - Hi freeglers! I am after a batwing pillow for my son who is bed ridden. Any condition! Thanks!
Request: Jam.jars (Dartford) - If anyone has any jam jars as I would like to start making jam. Thank you freeglers! Request: Dog grooming table folding (Dartford) - Any condition as long as it has the noose thing to keep doggy in position. Thanks!
Request: Wooden dining table +6 chairs (Dartford) - Wooden dining table and 6 chairs Request: Step machine (Dartford) Received - My daughter is desperate for a step machine if anyone has one they no longer use