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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: books (New Scotland) - See pic
Photo of free books (New Scotland)
Offer: Dry erase board (New Scotland) Gifted - 3’x4’
Photo of free Dry erase board (New Scotland)
Offer: Christmas misc (New Scotland) Gifted - Stockings, lights
Photo of free Christmas misc (New Scotland)
Offer: Misc videocassettes (New Scotland) Gifted - And a few cassette tapes
Photo of free Misc videocassettes (New Scotland)
Offer: 2-drawer file cabinet (New Scotland) Gifted - Tan, some rust on top Offer: Horse rain sheets (New Scotland) Gifted - Please enlarge picture for details
Photo of free Horse rain sheets (New Scotland)
Offer: 3-in-1 chair (New Scotland) Gifted - Never used
Photo of free 3-in-1 chair (New Scotland)
Offer: Mini lights (New Scotland) Gifted - 2 sets. Approximately 6 feet long each Request: Farm/Garden/Animal implements (New Scotland) Expired - New to this and could use almost anything that you aren't using anymore. Request: Oven Rack(s) (New Scotland) Received - If you are getting rid of an old oven we could use a few racks around our farm. Offer: High Chair (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Expired - good condition, Ikea high chair Offer: Egg flats (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Expired - 8 packages 12 in each
Photo of free Egg flats (Bethlehem/New Scotland line)
Offer: Ikea High Chair (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Expired - Comes apart for easy storage
Photo of free Ikea High Chair (Bethlehem/New Scotland line)
Offer: Ikea high chair (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Expired - Used Offer: One box of tiles (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Expired - Beige
Photo of free One box of tiles (Bethlehem/New Scotland line)
Offer: Small bunch of copper/brass? (Bethlehem/New Scotland line) Gifted - Not sure which
Photo of free Small bunch of copper/brass? (Bethlehem/New Scotland line)
Offer: Lawn fertilizer (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - 1/3 bag
Photo of free Lawn fertilizer (Bethlehem/New Scotland)
Offer: Black-eyed Susans (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - You dig them up - they are yours Offer: Bottles (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - Spice bottles and salt/pepper bottles with corks. As pictured
Photo of free Bottles (Bethlehem/New Scotland)
Request: SCOBY for kombucha (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Received - I need a starter scoby Request: Egg cartons 12 pack (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Received - 12 pack only pls Request: Rulers - any length (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - 12 or 6 inch best Request: Cranium Connect-o-Round Game (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - For after school program. This game is no longer made. Offer: Electrolux vacuum bags (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - Fits Epic model, maybe others. About 50 of them Offer: Old marbles - clay (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - Maybe Civil war? Offer: Table and headboard (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - Table is kitchen type - oval and under a blue tarp Headboard is full size 77 Waldenmaier rd Feura Bush Offer: Laundry sink (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Expired - Needs cleaning
Photo of free Laundry sink (Bethlehem/New Scotland)
Offer: Misc. furniture (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - Offering 2 tables, a metal plant rack/table(?) and a headboard. Sorry - at this point I only have pic of one table.
Photo of free Misc. furniture (Bethlehem/New Scotland)
Offer: Black Henna (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - 2 Unopened Boxes Light Mountain brand Offer: Rainbow Black Henna (Bethlehem/New Scotland) Gifted - 2 Unopened Boxes