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Request: Enid Blyton Famous Five (EH15) - Does anyone have any Hardback copies of Enid Blyton" The Famous Five," ?1950's not new paperbacks. Request: The Lady Magazine (EH15) - Does anyone have any copies old or new of "The Lady"? Offer: Various Books (EH15) - "Diana" - Her true story by Andrew Morton. "Between Extremes"by - John McCarthy & Brian Keenan, "Sophia Loren" by A.E.Hotchner, "A dog's life" by Peter Mayle, " My Story" by Susan Boyle. "Crying with laughter" by Bob Monkhouse, "Laid bare" by Gail Porter( my story of love,fame and survival" Hard backs. excellent clean condition.Can be left outside for pick up. Please e-mail if interested. Offer: Hurricane spin scrubber (EH15) - Hurricane spin scrubber replacement heads. Tried to get a handle, no luck,so now giving the replacement heads away to someone who is lucky enough to have the HANDLE! Offer: Bark Control (EH15) Gifted - Aid to stop your dog barking,Still in box , new pick up Portobello. Request: Tartan dog coat (EH15) Withdrawn - I am in need of a Red if possible but any colour, for an adult Patterdale Terrier. Posting and keeping my fingers crossed.Thank you. Offer: Do you have a Pug? (EH15) Withdrawn - Double Duvet cover. White with cute pugs on it. Sorry no pillowcases. Good clean condition. Pick up Portobello from garden. Offer: Lille healthcare shaped pads.x 25 (EH15) Withdrawn - Have 3 packs of the above e-mail me for more details of the product. Unopened packs ,pick up Portobello Garden Offer: Pug dog single downie cover. White (EH15) - Single size White with cute wee pug wearing bow ties! Could be used for cushions etc. Washed folded and ready to be picked up from garden a.s.a.p. Offer: The Lady Magazine (EH15) Withdrawn - Does anyone have any copies old or new of "The Lady"? Offer: Garden chair (EH15) Gifted - Green fold up garden/picnic/caravan/festival? Comes in a bag with a carry strap, very light t.o carry Can be seen in my ground flat garden in Portobello. Oh! an a hole in the arm rest for your can or glass. Offer: Ladies White blouse (EH15) Withdrawn - Lovely white blouse 18 + short sleeves, Washed and pressed ready to go. Pick up in Portobello, ground floor garden. Offer: Glenmore sweater (EH15) Withdrawn - Cream with green diamond pattern across chest. Large 80%wool. 6 inch zip. Unisex. Perfect condition Can be picked up from my ground floor garden. Request: Hurricane spin scrubber (EH15) Received - I need a handle for a Hurricane spin scrubber, does anyone have one they are not using? Thanks in anticipation Offer: Gardening Magazines (EH15) Withdrawn - Does anyone have any copies of any Gardening Magazines? Request: Old copies of "The Lady." (EH15) Withdrawn - Wanted any copies of "The Lady". They has stopped making this delightful magazine. Offer: Mosqueto net (EH15) Withdrawn - Bought as a bed drape. Could be this or other use? Request: Poo-Pourri (EH15 Edinburgh) Received - 1) Mastermind hard back Quiz book. 2)Diana, Princess of Wales by Lady Colin Cambell. 3) Googlebox hardback, Information on all the families. Offer: 4 books (EH15) Gifted - Who's who in British History? Very thick book in new condition. 870 pages filled with great information. Diana in Private by Lady Colin Campbell, a must for any Princess Diana fan. Hard back Mastermind quiz book with answers 460 pages, every subject just right for "lockdown " Quiz nights? Gogglebox Annual, all your favourite Families, with details of their history and home life.As new Good "lockdown" reading, take your mind of the present situation. Request: The lady magazine (EH15) Withdrawn - Does anyone have back copies of Lady? Offer: 3 books (EH15 Edinburgh) Withdrawn - Diana in Private,( Princess Diana )written by Lady Colin Campbell Hard back Mastermind with 2,700 questions and answers. Gogglebox the official Companion to the hit TV featuring all the families you saw on TV. Request: Gardening answer Magazines (EH15 Edinburgh) Received - Magazines with "no seeds" Who was giving them away- Musselburgh location. I should have e-mailed when I saw them.! If this is you please e-mail me. Thanks Angela P.S. If anyone else has Gardening Magazines please e-mail me Offer: Your's Magazines (EH15 Edinburgh) Gifted - Twice monthy magazine. only read once. Various topics/ from a Virus free home. Offer: Books (EH15 Edinburgh) Gifted - 1) Mastermind hard back Quiz book. 2)Diana, Princess of Wales by Lady Colin Cambell. 3) Googlebox hardback, Information on all the families. Offer: Bed hand-rail (EH15) Withdrawn - Bed hand rail support. Very easy to install, goes under the matress and secured with straps. Very handy if require help gettting out/into bed. Offer: White phone with large numbers (EH15) Expired - Am reposting after non-contact from member who expressed interest. Offer: Large numbers phone (EH15) Expired - White and ready to just plug in Offer: You need a good laugh (EH15) Expired - The sound of Laughter by Peter Kay Request: any plants for garden (EH15) Expired - Lilac, wisteria, honeysuckle etc Request: 500 Piece jig saw puzzles (EH15) Expired - Has anyone got any jig saw puzzles 500 pieces fits my table top