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Request: Wooden pallets (New England) Received - If anyone has a pallet or two going free I’d be eager to take them off your hands, I want to deconstruct them and use the slats to build some garden shelving. I can collect any time, maintaining social distancing. Thanks for reading. Offer: Brown leather armchair (New England) Gifted - Comfortable tan coloured large leather armchair offered. It has cat scratch damage as pictured, but would be great with a throw, or if you don’t mind the scruffy bits! Collection only - I can’t help carry/load it as I’ve recently had surgery and I’m on crutches. You may need a van or roof rack or an estate car and some rope.
Photo of free Brown leather armchair (New England)
Photo of free Brown leather armchair (New England)
Request: Office Chair (New England) Received - Does anyone have an office style swivel/gas lift chair they can offer me please? I’ve recently had hip surgery and have been told I need to sit on a higher computer chair than the one I currently have. It doesn’t matter what state it’s in as it’s going in my workshop, as long as it’s reasonably high, preferably a gas lift one so I can set the height to what’s most comfortable. I can collect pretty much any time at all, as I’m not back at work for a while yet. Thank you Request: Water butt (New England) Received - If anyone has a garden water butt to rehome, I’d love to take it off your hands please. I can collect any time at all, thanks for reading. Offer: Garden shed (New England) Gifted - Wooden garden shed 8’ x 6’ - dismantled and ready to collect. It needs a bit of tlc but it would be ok for an allotment or similar place. Collection only. Request: oil filled radiator (New England) Received - Does anyone have an oil filled radiator surplus to requirements please? I can collect any time, thanks for reading. Offer: Office Desk (New England) Gifted - Large office desk with wooden top, metal modular stand, and hole in the top to feed cables through. This is heavy and will need to be brought down the stairs - I cannot help with this so perhaps two people need to collect! I would like this gone as soon as possible. Collection only from New England - just to reiterate, I cannot assist with the carrying as I have chronic back and hip pain!
Photo of free Office Desk (New England)
Offer: metal filing cabinet (New England) Gifted - Grey metal filing cabinet - three drawers of different sizes. No key but it is unlocked. Collection only from New England.
Photo of free metal filing cabinet (New England)
Offer: Filing/document cabinet (New England) Gifted - Two tone brown metal filing cabinet with lots of shallow drawers. Collection only from New England
Photo of free Filing/document cabinet (New England)
Offer: Wall Cupboard (New England) - Double wall cupboard with light beige doors and white carcass Collection only from New England
Photo of free Wall Cupboard (New England)
Request: Small offcut of thin rubber (New England) Received - I’m looking for a small piece of thin sheet rubber that I can cut with scissors, to make two circular seals out of, each approx 4” diameter, for a leaky caravan water container. Colour not important! I can collect any time. Thanks. Offer: Label Printer (New England) Gifted - Brother P-touch label printer - works perfectly - instructions included - needs cartridges but have included the empty ones so you know what you need to buy. Collection from New England Offer: Knitting needles and needle bag (New England) Gifted - I’ve got a bunch of old assorted needles, mostly the old imperial size plus double end needles, a needle gauge, an ancient stitch counter and all in a fabric needle storage bag ( like a large pencil case with a side pocket) Collection only from New England Offer: Vape Liquids (New England) Gifted - 5 bottles of vape liquids, assorted flavours, one unopened and the rest part used. Various strengths. Collection from New England Offer: Table top fridge (New England) Gifted - This is a table top fridge I’ve used for camping, and now I’ve upgraded to a caravan I no longer need it. Working well last time I used it - will need a clean down as it’s been stored in the shed. Collection only from New England area of Peterborough Offer: Flat screen TV (New England) Gifted - Luxor flat screen tv 21” - no remote so will have to get a universal remote for it. Collection from New England. Request: old caravan fridge for parts (New England) Received - I’m looking for an old caravan fridge - doesn’t need to work as I’m only after the shelves and door racks! I can collect any time over the weekend or next week apart from today. Fingers crossed! Request: Aqua roll/caravan water barrel (Peterborough) Received - If any one has a 40 litre Aquaroll or similar type of fresh water tank for a caravan sitting about gathering dust in your shed or garage, I’d love to take it off your hands. I have the handle for rolling an aquaroll, just need the barrel! I can collect any time after Thursday. Thanks for reading. Request: dart board (New England) - Does anyone have an unloved dart board sitting around? I’ve just started playing again and really need to practice! I can collect most times! Thank you! Offer: Children’s wardrobe unit (New England) Gifted - Pine children’s wardrobe with two hanging rails inside, plus shelves and three drawers on the side. This has been dismantled. You will need to be prepared to help carry the parts down the stairs.
Photo of free Children’s wardrobe unit (New England)
Offer: desktop PC (New England) - Dell desktop pc with keyboard and mouse - I have removed the hard drive so you will need to add one. There is a sound bar with it but dont know if it works. Offer: Dell desktop pc - New England (New England) Gifted - Dell desktop pc with mouse keyboard and soundbar (soundbar not checked) - I have removed the hard drive so will need replacing. Collection only. Request: Wanted - small bit of Mastic Tape - New England (New England) - I'm after a small amount of mastic tape to fix a bit of my caravan myself to save some money, I was hoping not to have to buy a big roll when all I need is about 50cm of the stuff! If anyone has some lurking in their shed or garage, I would be really appreciative of it! Thank you.