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Free: tennis balls (Glenrothes KY7) - 6 balls for use with dogs, found by my dog while out walking but he does not actually play with them. I can deliver within the Glenrothes area.
Photo of free tennis balls (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: golf balls (Glenrothes KY7) - 11 golf balls found by the dog, all are in fair condition and would be suitable for practice. I can deliver within the Glenrothes area.
Photo of free golf balls (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Picnic Bowls (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - 4 pack, never been used, made of hard plastic would suit camping or picnic trips. 6inch diameter.
Photo of free Picnic Bowls (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Holy Moments (book) (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - This is a religious inspiration book left for me by a visitor but not my kind of thing so offering it here.
Photo of free Holy Moments (book) (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free Holy Moments (book) (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: pouffe footstool (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Brown leather pouffe 26"x21"x18" high, stitching still intact and wooden feet have a plastic stud inserted for easy glide on all surfaces. 20+ years old but still plenty of life left in it. Older style fire label intact (see picture)
Photo of free pouffe footstool (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free pouffe footstool (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free pouffe footstool (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free pouffe footstool (Glenrothes KY7)
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Free: 3 cardboard boxes (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - 35cm x 30cm x 40cm high Originally held 12kg of dog food so quite sturdy, I have not flat-packed them.
Photo of free 3 cardboard boxes (Glenrothes KY7)
Request: Bring on the empty horses (book) (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - David Niven's second volume of his autobiography. Free: Work shorts (36 inch) (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Still have the label on and never been worn, size 36 inch waist with multiple pockets as befitting work shorts.
Photo of free Work shorts (36 inch) (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Balls for dogs (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - 9, Duncan found 2 more, balls in the bag all suitabe for dogs to play with, some are a little bit chewed but still OK.
Photo of free Balls for dogs (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Cherry tree root cutting (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - My cherry tree has pushed up a new tree from one of its roots, I will be digging it out as soon as the weather allows but offering here before it goes in the brown bin. **This is a blossom tree with lots of pink flowers and the berries produced are for the birds only** Free: Gents beach shorts (XL) (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - 4 pairs of shorts, they have been worn when I was in Hawaii but in the drawer since I got home. Extra large but with elasticated waist and a drawstring they should fit any waist from 36 up to 40 inches. The red and blue have an inside pocket and the other 2 pairs have a rear outside pocket.
Photo of free Gents beach shorts (XL) (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Gents watch (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Requires an 'AG1' button cell battery. Free: Crocosmia bulbs/plant (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Suitable for transplanting now this will expand every year as new bulbs get added. I am not sure of the variety but you can see from the pictures it is a good mix of red and orange in among the green fronds.
Photo of free Crocosmia bulbs/plant (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free Crocosmia bulbs/plant (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Ski gloves (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Crivit brand, size 8.5 Used but still useable, machine washable.
Photo of free Ski gloves (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Leather gloves (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Asda/George brand, size large/extra large Plenty of life left in them, just too big for my hands.
Photo of free Leather gloves (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: 25cm diameter glass light shade (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - 25cm dia X 16cm high, translucent white glass (I think) shade, looks a bit like a flying saucer.
Photo of free 25cm diameter glass light shade (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: 35cm diameter Light shade (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - 35cm dia X 17cm high, it has a wire frame with a thin cloth cover which can be removed to wash or even to dye to suit your decor.
Photo of free 35cm diameter Light shade (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: 15cm diameter Light shade (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - 15cm dia X 21cm high, light brown basket weave shade.
Photo of free 15cm diameter Light shade (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Acer computer monitor (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Acer model no. AL1916W, screen measures 16inches wide by 10inches high, power and PC cable included. Monitor was working last time I used it but the power switch was a bit temperamental.
Photo of free Acer computer monitor (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Reciprocating power saw (not working) (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Powerbase Excel from Homebase, article number 508284 I think water go into the motor and it no longer works and I don't have the knowledge to try to fix it. Come with hard carry case but no blades, they are standard and can be found anywhere that sells that kind of thing.
Photo of free Reciprocating power saw (not working) (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Microwave (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Works well but has been in storage so will need freshing up before first use. George Home (Asda), 700watt, model number GDM001b-18 No instructions but easy enough to work out how to use. Turntable plate included.
Photo of free Microwave (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free Microwave (Glenrothes KY7)
Photo of free Microwave (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Carpet cleaner (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - Older model Vax carpet washer, model VRS15W. It has been in storage for a while but still in full working order and comes with instruction booklet.
Photo of free Carpet cleaner (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Swivel chair (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Definitely has seen better days, the arm rests have been taped up and the riser does not stay all the way up but this padded office swivel chair might be useful to someone.
Photo of free Swivel chair (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: 2 Pillows (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Well used but may be of use for pet bedding.
Photo of free 2 Pillows (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Jogging pants size XL (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Given to me as a gift but not the kind of this I wear so passing the gift on. There are no labels on of any kind so no way of knowing the maker or origin.
Photo of free Jogging pants size XL (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: 8 inch frying pan (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Some marks to the non-stick coating and it is about 30 years old but has been in use up to last week and plenty of life left in it, I was just gifted a brand new one.
Photo of free 8 inch frying pan (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Washer tool (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - This tool is for making washers or holes in all sorts of material but was originally made for using with thin sheet metal up to about 1mm thick. It has a set of punches to go with it. There are punches with no holes that fit and holes that have no punches to fit but the block is not hardened so suitable holes can be made if needed. May suit an engineering apprentice.
Photo of free Washer tool (Glenrothes KY7)
Request: Electric hair drier (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - Must be working please but any model or age will do. Free: 2 Torches (Glenrothes KY7) Expired - 2 torches, both take 2AA batteries and both work but the on/off switches can be a bit dodgy.
Photo of free 2 Torches (Glenrothes KY7)
Free: Pukka organic t-bags (Glenrothes KY7) Gifted - 9 individually wrapped organic and caffeine free t-bags. A delicious balance of sweet fennel, roast chickory & cardamom. Expiry date is 01/2024
Photo of free Pukka organic t-bags (Glenrothes KY7)