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Request: Old laptop for my birthday (Clarksville) Expired - Hi everyone today is my birthday an wanting an old laptop it can be Windows xp s3 vista 7 anything if it has wifi on it an working if it needs to stay pluged in thats fine i would just really like one to fill out job application do work on it an play games so if anyone has a spare one that would be the best bithday present ever for my 30th anyways its cool if not but i would be so thankful anyways you all have a great day Request: Mico SD card or andriod (Clarksville) Expired - Hi everyone I am in need of a mico SD card because the phone I have only has 1gb storage so I can not download anything or even save pics so if anyone has a spare one that would be great or an old andriod with like 4 to 8gb storage would be great to any help would be great appreciated an I be so thankful anyways have a great day you all Request: Adroid (Clarksville) Received - Hi trying to see if anyone has a spare working android that i could get please does not be active Request: Computer repair (Clarksville) Received - I have no money sense I am on disability an all money goes on rent an bills but I have a laptop with working parts just the laptop shell it's self is damage non working but hard drive is good ram is good I just don't have another shell an know how to fix the hard drive needs a fresh install of windows 8 but its a 500gb hard drive the ram is 8gb if anyone willing to help me fix it for free please contact me on this email or deathdragon89585@gmail.com or on Facebook as Travis Byers please I would like it to be working an thanks have a good day :) Request: Laptop or desktop (Clarksville) Received - Hi everyone I am on disability an have no money but I am trying to build an app so I need a laptop or desktop that can connect to the internet to make my sever an do the codes it does not have to be new or anything but would like it to connect via wifi if laptop any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you all hope you all have a good day an can reach me at this email or at deathdragon89585@gmail.com Thanks :) Request: Futon or twin bed (Jeffersonville) Expired - Hi I moved in with my friend in Jeffersonville Indiana an am in real need of something to sleep on beisides the hard wood floor I would like to ask if anyone has a futon mattress or a twin size mattress they can give it's cool if not an thanks so much Request: Smartphone (Clarksville) Expired - Hiya looking for a good smartphone can be old but if could would like 4 to 8 GB space to replace the one I broke by accident I am on my sister phone now but need one of my own if anyone willing to part with there old one if has creaked screen is fine I am on disability an not much to do beside get on phone does not need be active as I just going use WiFi if anyone willing to help I be so thankful an you all have a great day best way to contact me is thou Facebook messager name is Travis byers Request: Old laptop or desktop (Clarksville) Expired - Hi I am on disability so really can't afford one I used the last of my money on a to good to be true they gave me a laptop they said worked fine an even gave me a2 GB ram cards but when I got home it had no windows or anything an now I am broke an have no laptop to get online to try put in for a part time job to earn a little extra cash so have to walk to the library an its cold so if any has an old working laptop or desktop it would be a great help I am willing to give the laptop an ram card to anyone willing to help if you would I be so happy thank you an you all have a nice day Request: old desktop computer (Clarksville) Expired - AHiya I am on a pc at the lirbary I would like to see if anyone help me with a donated old desktop computer like windows xp an maybe a montior I already have the keyboard an mouse I really need so don't have walk in cold to check my mail sense everything online now I could use it to apply for jobs so don't have to to ask I am on disablty an all my money goes on bills so this would be a perfect gift if anyone could help I be so thankful Request: Roku remote for roku stick (Clarksville) Expired - Would just like use once to get into WiFi settings then can use my phone as remote anyone plz help Request: laptop plz or desktop (Clarksville) Expired - Plz could really use one