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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Vintage Calculus books (Rogers Park) - Advanced Calculus, 1934; Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus, 1934
Offer: Vintage do-it-yourself books (Rogers Park) Gifted - Mechanix Illustrated How-To-Do-It Encyclopedia, 1961; Fun with a Saw, 1961
Offer: Hunt's cookery (Rogers Park) Gifted - 65 new formulas, 53 variations, for main dishes, gravies & sauces
Offer: 3 small vintage cook books (Rogers Park) Gifted - The Metropolitan Cookbook, 1924; Mary Dunbar's New Cook Book, 1933; Old Favorite Honey Recipes, 1945
Offer: USDA Home & Garden Bulletins (Rogers Park) Gifted - 4 Family Fare food management and recipes, 1955, 1960, 1968
Offer: 1950s electric roasting cookbooks (Rogers Park) Gifted - Westinghouse Roaster-Oven and Infra-Red Broiler Grid book, 1954; General Electric Automatic Roaster Instruction and Recipe Book
Offer: Making fun of the 1970s (Rogers Park) Gifted - The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan-Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s, 2006; 70s Dinner Party, 2016
Offer: Vintage operetta in 3 acts (Rogers Park) Gifted - The Pastry Cook and the Pirate, MCMXXIX
Offer: Vintage cookbooks (Rogers Park) Gifted - Modern Homemaker's Cookbook, 1950; Fond du Lac Woman's Cookbook, 1915
Offer: Vintage garden book (Rogers Park) Gifted - Better Homes & Garden Book, 1954
Offer: 8 vintage coloring books (Rogers Park) Gifted - Good for cutting up for collages, overcoloring as some pages have been colored in. A Maze of Months; Color with Crayons; Dogs (wet brush brings out the color); Favorite Nursery Rhymes to color; Farm Color-by-number; September; Picture Hunt; ABC Coloring Book
Offer: 3 vintage children's spelling books (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1944 The Pupil's own Vocabulary Speller Grade 7; 1964 Using Good English; 1964 Skills in Spelling, Book 4
Offer: 2 vintage children's joke books (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1963 Jokes and Riddles; 1957 Your own Joke Book
Offer: 4 vintage children's dictionaries (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1948 Words; 1962 My Little Dictionary; 1963 The Golden Happy Book of Words; 1962 the Golden Picture Dictionary
Offer: 9 vintage small paper project books (Rogers Park) Gifted - Let's Draw; Things to Make; Connect the Lines; Games and Puzzles; My Coloring Book; Mazes; Crayon Fun; Dots; Let's Color;
Offer: 5 books to use for projects (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1960s-1970s children's books for reading or drawing in or cutting for projects
Offer: 3 vintage math books (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1920 Hamilton's Essentials of Arithmetic; 1952 Knowing about Numbers; 1958 Learning to use Arithmetic
Offer: Vintage children's book (Rogers Park) Gifted - 1960 twin book
Offer: Neck massage equipment (Rogers Park) Gifted - Plug in neck massage piece, probably best for a thicker neck
Offer: Cross country skiis (Rogers Park) Withdrawn - Late 1970's Cross country skiis. Boots Womans size 8.5-9 or 41. Skiis, made in West Germany and poles fit height 5'10".
+4 +3 +2
Offer: Men's winter boots (Rogers Park) Gifted - Size 11, Timberland Men's boots
Offer: Vintage teapots (Rogers Park) Gifted - Large ceramic teapots, no chips
Offer: Need holiday lights? (Rogers Park) Gifted - LED indoor/outdoor holiday lights - 9 boxes of pink lights; 4 boxes of blue lights and 3 boxes of green lights
Offer: Playmobil Nativity scene (Rogers Park) Gifted - Just in time for the holidays.
Offer: Winter boots (Rogers Park) Gifted - Size 8.5 Blondo women's boots. Lace up front and a side zipper. Waterproof
Offer: 3 Miele L/L boxes of vacuum bags (Rogers Park) Gifted - Unused bags in boxes
Offer: Ducks and swans (Rogers Park) Gifted - Assortment of ceramic swans and duck pots
+2 +1
Offer: McCoy pots (Rogers Park) Gifted - Two McCoy plant pots, no chips
+2 +1
Offer: Barbeque set (Rogers Park) Gifted - Ekco barbeque utensils in original box from about the 70s, missing one piece
Offer: Woman's boots (Rogers Park) - Brown leather, flat heeled woman's boots, zip up the side, size 81/2 or 39