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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Baby Change Pad (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Baby change pad with straps. As new. philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Baby Change Pad (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Hanging baskets (Old Markham Village) Withdrawn - Two plastic hanging baskets - philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Hanging baskets (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Spice Jars (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Collection of spice jars - philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Spice Jars (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Boot Mats - Rubbermaid (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Two Rubbermaid boot mats - colours as shown - philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Boot Mats - Rubbermaid (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Hose Pipe Connector (Old Markham Village) - Hose pipe connector - 4 feet length. Old Markham Village - philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Hose Pipe Connector (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Rubber Boot Trays (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Three Rubbermaid boot trays. Get ready for winter!
Photo of free Rubber Boot Trays (Old Markham Village)
Offer: French Dictionary (Old Markham Village) - Larousse Dictionary - French/English and English/French in good condition. philwbrown@sympatico.ca Offer: Drainage Stones (Old Markham Village) Withdrawn - A few pounds of drainage stones - unused and small size granular. Contact philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Drainage Stones (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Infant high chair (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Wooden infant high chair. Two of our grandkids ate here! philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Infant high chair (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Winter Mats (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Three Rubbermaid winter mats for your boots. - philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Winter Mats (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Garden hose pipes (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Green garden hose pipes - one long - one short. Old Markham Village. Contact philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free Garden hose pipes (Old Markham Village)
Offer: File Folders (Old Markham Village) Withdrawn - Legal size hanging file folders in assorted colours in a plastic holder. Like new. Also file folders and holder in standard size. philwbrown@sympatico.ca
Photo of free File Folders (Old Markham Village)
Offer: Pine CD Tower (Old Markham Village) Withdrawn - Pine veneer CD tower from Ikea in great condition. About 45 inches high (adapted from the original store bought model). Holds about 90 CDs. Contact philwbrown@sympatico.ca Offer: Vintage Wooden High Chair (Old Markham Village) Expired - Pine coloured vintage wooden high chair in great condition. Two of our grandchildren ate their way through infancy in this chair. You need to tie a scarf or something similar around the infant's waist to help prevent them from slipping out. As is. Will leave at end of driveway to assure physical distancing. Old Markham Area. philwbrown@sympatico.ca Offer: Snow Shovels (Old Markham Village) Withdrawn - Two hand snow shovels over two feet across - one blue - one black with solid wooden handles. Good quality and in good condition. Just don't need them anymore. Will put at end of driveway so physical/social distancing is respected. Old Markham Village. Email me at philwbrown@sympatico.ca Offer: 30 Size 3 Huggies Diapers (Old Markham Village) Expired - Our grandkids grew too fast! 30 size 3 Huggies Diapers with a small assortment of others. Email me at philwbrown@sympatico.ca - Old Markham Village Offer: Fisher Price Activity Centre (Old Markham Village) Expired - Fisher Price Jolly Jumper Activity Centre - great for up to 10 months. One small piece missing. My grandson just grew out of it. Great condition but cannot warranty or guarantee. Old Markham Village . Phil at philwbrown@sympatico.ca Offer: Outdoor Tomato Plant Cages (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Eight outdoor tomato plant cages to help tomato plants stabilize and grow. Well used but still functional. For outdoor use. Markham Village area. Call 647 462 6920. Offer: CD Towers (Old Markham Village) Gifted - Four CD towers made by IKEA, like new. Very smart looking. Holds many CDs. Approx 75 inches tall. Preference is to have one person take all four. Offer: Particle Board (Old Markham Village) Expired - One piece of unused three quarter inch particle board. Approx size 80 inches by 38 inches. Heavy so will need a truck or van to take. Offer: Wooden Work bench (Old Markham Village) Expired - Pine wooden work bench ideal for garage. 62 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 44 inches high. Would need truck or van to transport.