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Offer: Rickmansworth School uniform (The Cedars Estate WD3) - 2 outgrown Rickmansworth School branded items to give away - boys' jumper size 30, and boys' blazer size 28. These are small and would suit a Year 7. In good condition. Request: IKEA billy bookcase (The Cedars Estate WD3) Withdrawn - Does anyone have a half size (106cm) billy bookcase in black, in good condition? Thanks! Request: Electric heating pad (The Cedars Estate WD3) Withdrawn - I'm after an electric heating pad if anyone has one they no longer need? Many thanks. Offer: Mini cereal boxes (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have 5 of those little mini boxes of cereals from a selection box going spare (cornflakes, rice krispies, coco pops, rice krispies multigrain x 2). They are within date. Can anyone use these? Request: Weighted blanket (The Cedars Estate WD3) Withdrawn - I know this is a random one but if anyone has a weighted blanket they no longer use, I would be very grateful for it. Offer: Argan oil (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have a 90% full 150ml pump bottle of ORS Essentials Argan Oil to give away - I tried a little (the 10%) and it is too heavy for my fine hair. Can anyone use this? Offer: Hamster food and sawdust (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - Our elderly hamster recently died and I have a quantity of dry hamster food (well within date) and quite a lot of sawdust to give away. Can anyone use this? Request: Desk filing trays (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Does anyone have 2 or 3 desk filing trays, with risers, going spare please? Don't mind what colour as long as they are solid and serviceable. Thanks. Request: Gym ball (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Does anyone have an exercise ball (Swiss ball, inflatable ball) going spare? Any size. Offer: Old makeup (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I've a few lipsticks, mascara and eye liner that I don't use - can anyone use these, e.g. an amateur dramatics department? Offer: Flatscreen TV (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - Offered - a 38" (I think) flatscreen TV, about 8 years old so not the latest model and not HD, but not much used and in very good working condition. With remote but no leads (takes standard SCART etc). Would like gone ASAP - can anyone use it? Collection only please - Cedars Estate. Offer: Valerian root herbal sleep tablets (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I've 2 X bottles of 450mg valerian root tablets going spare. These were brought over from the US but I can no longer take them now. Both bottles have been opened and a few used from each but are both at least 2/3 full, so maybe 150 tablets in total. The expiry date is 3/21 so well within date. Can anyone use these?
Request: Buckets (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - If anyone has any spare buckets, I would be grateful for these. They need to be intact with no cracks or holes, with sturdy handles, and able to be scrubbed clean, as they are for using to transfer live fish in water between tanks in an emergency. Thank you! Offer: Boy's black school socks (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have 11 pairs of boy's school socks, ankle length, would fit up to about age 10 or size 2-3. All in good condition but now outgrown. Can anyone use these? Offer: Scatter Cushions (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - 11 square scatter cushions from our old sofasp - covers a bit grotty but the inserts inside are fine and could be recovered. Can anyone use these? Would like gone asap.
Request: Carpet sweeper (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Does anyone have a good old-fashioned manual pushalong carpet sweeper, in working order, that they no longer require? Many thanks. Offer: BBQ seasonings (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have 3 jars of BBQ or general meat cooking seasonings to offer, as follows: 1 x sealed jar of Schwartz Perfect Shake Moroccan herb and spice blend. This is out of date (12.04.2018 on the lid). 2 x sealed 100g tubs of Trader Joe's BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic. This is from the US and is fabulous on steaks. These are slightly out of date too - December 2018. (Reason for giving these away is that I simply have too many and my US relatives keep bringing me new ones so I have a backlog!) I appreciate that both of these are out of date but from experience, spices don't go off for years and the jars are sealed have been stored in a dark cupboard. Can anyone use these? Request: Working flat screen TV (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - If anyone is upgrading their TV and has one in working order to give away, I'd be keen, thank you. Offer: Scientific American magazines (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have a large pile of old editions of this magazine to give away. Some date back 10 years. The articles may be dated but the science and theories are still relevant so may make interesting reading for the science-minded. Please let me know if anyone can use these, otherwise they will be recycled. Request: ViHS video player (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Does anyone have a working video cassette player going spare please? Request: Desk/gooseneck lamp (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - I'm looking for a slim gooseneck lamp or lightweight anglepoise type desk lamp, or failing that a clip-on light, for craft work, if anyone has one lying around? Request: Electric heating pad (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Does anyone have an electric heating pad in safe working order they no longer require? Thanks. Offer: Ginger travel sickness tablets (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - Bought these last year in Slovenia - only used 1 (of 30). Expiry date 2021, tablets sealed in blister packs. Instructions in Slovenian but basically 1-4 capsules daily as needed (Google translate can help). Can anyone use these? Offer: Pots of garlic butter (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - I have a load of those little pots of garlic butter that come with dough balls - all within date (3 weeks old, spare after a party) and kept in the fridge. Can anyone use these? Offer: Large 2 level hutch (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - Large, wooden guinea pig or rabbit hutch. Handmade, it's several years old and well used but very solid and well made (by a joiner). Roof is felted and weather proof. Small sleeping rooms downstairs, staircase to large upper level with removable perspex front to keep draughts out. This is heavy so would take at least two people to carry it, and a small van to transport (too big for a car in my opinion). Needs a bit of a clean but is in good and useable condition.
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Offer: 12v Automatic Digital Air Compressor (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - In perfect working condition, hardly used. Plugs into car charger socket (not mains). Use for bike/car tyres, air beds etc. Request: Water filter jug (The Cedars Estate WD3) - Does anyone have a water filter jug going spare, Brita or suchlike? Many thanks. Offer: Air Vent timer fan (The Cedars Estate WD3) Gifted - Offered - an AirVent low profile timer fan, 100mm, model no FT100T1. This was recently removed from my bathroom as the motor is not working efficiently, but if perhaps someone can use this for spares. The outer casing is white. Request: 1 litre fridge jug (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - Looking for a 1 litre fridge jug with a lid, the kind that sits in the fridge door, for orange juice or milk... Anyone have one of these sitting around unused? Thank you. Request: Plastic compost bin (The Cedars Estate WD3) Received - My kitchen 'yuk bucket' has broken so I was wondering whether anyone had a plastic compost crock or plastic pedal bin they no longer require... Thanks!